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Build Your Brand in Social Media to Connect with Opportunity


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Build your brand in social media to connect with Opportunity. Use your online persona to create new career opportunities by contributing to your community.

This is a presentation I first gave in 2011. I try to keep it up to date.

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Build Your Brand in Social Media to Connect with Opportunity

  1. 1. Build Your Social Brand @ekivemark To Connect With Opportunity Latest Update July 2012 Total views: 2108
  2. 2. Networking is about Being a Part of the Conversation
  3. 3. Who the heck is he?
  4. 4. You leave a Digital Footprint Why not take advantage of it?
  5. 5. What do you portray?Think about Your Brand
  6. 6. Create Your Persona
  7. 7. CitizenJournalist
  8. 8. But...I don’t have time to keep up
  9. 9. It’s Not like Email ... it’s Real Time
  10. 10. So Relax.
  11. 11. Amplify Your ActivityAt Every Opportunity You read that article.... So share it!
  12. 12. Tread Carefully!Persistent Self Promotioncan be Counter Productive
  13. 13. Don’t talk at meHave a conversation with me
  14. 14. What use is a lousy 140 Characters?
  15. 15. Elevator Pitch Brevity and the art of the URL
  16. 16. Connecting doesn’thave to be hard
  17. 17. Amplify Your ActivityWith a Social Dashboard
  18. 18. Let Your brand flow across platforms
  19. 19. Everything is connected... Establish Your Home and Bring People There
  20. 20. All Roads Lead You Home All Roads Lead You Home - By Scrimshire
  21. 21. Create your own tag cloud from any text to visualize word frequency. Start Over What is TagCrowd? Blog Help Contact Buy T Share is c Choose your text source: A Match Made H in Paste Text Web Page URL Upload File Paste text to be visualized: plain text, 3 MB max F in the Cloud Options: Visualize! Language of text: English Ignore common words in this language Maximum number of words to show? 50 25 - 100 is a good range Minimum frequency? 1 Dont show infrequent words Show frequencies? no Show word count next to each word yes Group similar words? (English only) no eg: learned, learns, learning -> learning yes Dont show these words: Exclude unwanted words. Created by Daniel Steinbock | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Licenses for commercial use
  22. 22. hmmm... Could be better
  23. 23. “Ask not what your communitycan do for youAsk what you can do for yourcommunity” John Miller
  24. 24. Build Your Social Brand @ekivemark To Connect With Opportunity