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About health ca_mp

About HealthCamp... Mission, organization, business model, audience and sponsors

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About health ca_mp

  1. 1. About...
  2. 2. Driven by a Question... "How can we rebuild health care on a participatory model using social media, open standards, open source and the best that the web and mobile internet technologies can offer?"
  3. 3. is... A user-organized "un-conference" that brings consumers, health providers, health industry experts and technology professionals together for a one-day event to exchange ideas informally, locally, and openly. Participants themselves provide the content, with break-out sessions they develop themselves and plug into a schedule grid on the day of the event. Anyone can present and host a session in nearly any format.
  4. 4. Is based on Open Space Technology, a simple way to run productive meetings, for five to 2000+ people, and a powerful way to lead any kind of organization, in everyday practice and extraordinary change. http://www.openspaceworld.org
  5. 5. Organization HealthCamp is a grass roots movement. A central non-profit Foundation is being formed to co-ordinate events. The organization is best compared to film or theatre production, where experts with a common passion come together to create an event. Working together the team prepares for, presents and reviews the results from the event. Each event is run independently as a non-profit event. Any proceeds remaining, after covering expenses, are donated to the Foundation to help promote future events.
  6. 6. Business Model HealthCamp has grown to a world-wide phenomenon through the passion of a core group of supporters. The mission of the non-profit Foundation is to act as a catalyst for events that promote Health and Wellness engagement.
  7. 7. Attendees HealthCamp events draw attendees from health care and technology sectors, from the community and government, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, developers, patients and consumers. Events have ranged in size from 6 to 250.
  8. 8. Sponsors Involvement as a sponsor can occur at multiple levels Foundation / Facilities As a Foundation Level Sponsor an organization will be Prominently featured on the and event sites. You will have an opportunity to do a lightning ~$2,000+ Sponsor 30-60 second introduction to your organization at the morning introductory session, Logo placement and link on the event page(s) and guaranteed admission to the event for a limited number of participants. Innovator Sponsor As an Innovator Level sponsor you have an opportunity to do a lightning 30-60 ~$500 second introduction to your company at the morning introductory session, Logo placement and link on the event pages and guaranteed admission for 3 participants from your organization. Supporter Sponsor As a Supporter Level Sponsor you receive a link to to your URL on the event pages, a Sponsor Introduction and thank you at the morning introductory ~$250 session and guaranteed admission for 2 participants. Entrepreneur Sponsor As an Entrepreneur Level Sponsor you receive a link to your URL on the event pages and guaranteed admission for 1 participant ~$100 Friend of HealthCamp Your donation to the event earns your name a place in the the Friends List on the event pages and guaranteed admission for 1 participant. ~$50
  9. 9. Sponsors A selection of Sponsors
  10. 10. Check  out   For details of future HealthCamps
  11. 11. Produced by mscrimshire@gmail.com