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#1 Way To Outsource Software Development


Published on match software projects with worldwide teams that are experts in the solution, market and technology.
All teams are reviewed and vetted.

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#1 Way To Outsource Software Development

  1. 1. To Outsource Software Development #1 Way
  2. 2. Problems we face when looking to outsource Finding reliable software providers (worldwide) = hard & expensive Managing an offshore/ nearshore team = headache Wrong team = bad software
  3. 3. An Expert Team Collaboration Support Great Software EKIPA is the #1 solution for all your software development outsourcing fears
  4. 4. Teams from countless providers Why Ekipa? Strict vetting process Best Match Guarantee Collaboration Support
  5. 5. How EKIPA Works Post your Project Choose your Team Contact Your Team Collaborate
  6. 6. Ekipa helps to de-risk software development outsourcing. Webshop Mobile App Website Cloud Solution
  7. 7. Are you looking for a great team to build a great software? Click Here To Access Our Teams Click Here To See How We Work