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The hunt for incubator space for a small biotech


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Slides describing the state of incubator space in North Carolina for very small biotech companies - A personal perspective on my hunt for a new lab/ office

Published in: Science
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The hunt for incubator space for a small biotech

  1. 1. The Hunt for Incubator Space for a ‘Small Biotech’ in the Triangle,NC Sean Ekins Collaborations Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  2. 2. Moving out of the garage and into a lab?  I have worked in less space than this for 5 years  I have funding and can grow companies-started-garages
  3. 3. What do I need as a virtual and later  Shared lab space to weigh out compounds for shipping to CRO  Perhaps a chemistry hood, biology hood..ultimately would like to do in vitro experiments, analytical resources  Small office of own – room for 2 people could add a few more + interns  Fast Internet  Security – space to grow  Business mentoring + connections to VC, Angels  Sense of community
  4. 4. A Major Biotech state that wants more major companies  North Carolina is home to more than 600 bioscience companies that directly employ more than 63,000 people..  Great quality of life, plenty of space but what about start up labs..
  5. 5. What about the Triangle …No lab
  6. 6. A Popular Incubator..
  7. 7. Offices and labs?
  8. 8. Other…
  9. 9. UNC  For UNC spinouts or companies collaborating with UNC scientists
  10. 10. NC State  Open to companies outside of NC State  Do not have to have collaborators
  11. 11. Duke  Appears to not have an incubator lab?
  12. 12. Other states have affordable labs e.g. CA - LA
  13. 13. CA -Pasadena
  14. 14. CA – San Diego
  15. 15. MI
  16. 16. MA
  17. 17. MA
  18. 18. NY
  19. 19. NY
  20. 20. CT
  21. 21. IL
  22. 22. MD
  23. 23. Take home message  Most of incubators in NC are set up for bigger companies  Getting people to respond is hard, slow  If we want to grow small companies why is it so difficult  Infrastructure is not as well developed as MA, CA  Need to inspire more people to start companies  NC needs to provide resources
  24. 24. What if I could work here in Fuquay Varina?  I live 30 min from RTP, Raleigh  50+ min from Chapel Hill and Durham  Why commute?  What if I found a building here and turned it into an incubator?  Would I be able to attract others to the area?
  25. 25. To Be Continued…. Contact  Sean Ekins, Ph.D., D.Sc.  Email  Phone 215-687-1320