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Open drug discovery teams alpha flier 1.0-amc


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Open Drug Discovert Teams App - Alpha version 1.0
Document describes the app and what it can do for science.

Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Open drug discovery teams alpha flier 1.0-amc

  1. 1. OpenDrugDiscoveryTeams Dr.SeanEkins CollaborationsinChemistry, AdivisionofCollaborationsinCommunications,Inc. Dr.AlexM.Clark MolecularMaterialsInformatics,Inc.ProjectDescriptionTheOpenDrugDiscovery Teams(ODDT)projectisamobileappprimarilyintendedasaresearchtopicaggregatorofopensciencedataintegratedfromvarioussourcesontheinternet. Theidea was spun out of an ice breaker event at the Pistoia Alliance in February 2012:’-den-roars-at-royal-society-of-chemistry/ODDTexiststofacilitateinterdisciplinaryteamworkandtorelievetheuserfromdataoverload.Initialresearchtopicsincludeareasofchemistryandadjacentmolecule-orientedbiomedicalsciences,withanemphasisonthosewhicharemostamenabletoopenresearchatpresent.For example todate we have included tuberculosis, malaria, Chagas disease and Leishmaniasis, as examples of neglected diseasesand San Filippo Syndrome and Huntington’s disease as examples of rare diseases. HIV/AIDS and Green Chemistryare additional topics included representing a major disease and a research topic of increasing relevance topharmaceutical researchers. TheODDTprojectusesafreemobileappforiOS-baseddevices(iPhone,iPodandiPad)asthehub. The app hasaFlipboard-inspiredinterface which we have taken to the nextlevel,andserversideinfrastructureforhostingdataandvalueaddedservices.Users can endorse tweets which retains themin the content section.Entry Page showing disease and research topics.Icon on bottom left is user Twitter image. The topic consists of tweet-derived factoids:Multiple tabs enable capture of latest factoids: Factoids can be endorsed or disapproved:
  2. 2. Links from origin tweets can be viewed in the app:Endorsement/disapproval is done by tweeting:Chemical data (e.g. molecules or reactions), isdisplayed inline:Theprojectisopentoparticipationfromanyone,andmuchofthecontentisderivedfrompublicsourcesbutisamenabletocommercialdatainput.In future versions the user will be able to select their research topics of interest, correspondinghashtags and images for use in the app. We would like to announce that an alpha version of this app is now availablefor users to access upon request from us for non-commercial uses and under no warranty. In return we ask forconstructive feedback.
  3. 3. Please contact us for further details at: and ekinssean@yahoo.comYou can learn more about the ODDT app at: frequent blogs at and for San Fillipo Syndrome courtesy of Jill Wood