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The Open Drug Discovery Teams (ODDT) Mobile App For Malaria                                                               ...
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Oddt malaria poster for figshare


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a poster showing how a mobile app can help with malaria research.

Published in: Investor Relations
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Oddt malaria poster for figshare

  1. 1. The Open Drug Discovery Teams (ODDT) Mobile App For Malaria Sean Ekins1 and Alex M. Clark2 1 Collaborations in Chemistry, 5616 Hilltop Needmore Road, Fuquay Varina, NC 27526, U.S.A., 2 Molecular Materials Informatics, 1900 St. Jacques #302, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3J 2S1.What is Malaria?Malaria infects ca. 200 million people and causes over 1 million deaths per year, disproportionately claiming African children under the age of 5 years. The rapid and pervasive emergence of antimalarialresistance has led to a re-emergence of the disease in areas where it was once controlled. Of particular concern are chloroquine resistant Plasmodium strains, which can result in an increase in malariamortality. Unfortunately, research focused on malaria is largely comprised of disjointed efforts of many academic and other non-profit laboratories distributed across the globe. Medicines for MalariaVentures manage over 50 antimalarial projects in collaboration with over 80 pharmaceutical, academic, and endemic-country partners in 44 countries. We believe there is a need for a new approach tofoster inter-group collaboration to speed up drug discovery and that social media and mobile technologies can play a role. The impact of accelerating the identification and advancement of promisingantimalarial lead compounds through the efforts of a collaborative network of top antimalarial researchers, very simply, can be measured in terms of the potential number of lives saved.The Open Drug Discovery Teams (ODDT) project uses a free mobile app as user entry point The app has a magazine-like interface, and server-side infrastructure for hostingchemistry-related data as well as value added services. The project is open to participation from anyone and provides the ability for users to make annotations and assertions, thereby contributing to thecollective value of the data to the engaged community. The infrastructure for the app is currently based upon the Twitter API and uses Google Alerts RSS feeds as a useful proof of concept for a real timesource of publicly generated content.We now highlight how ODDT can be used as an electronic notebook to share new scientific data on malaria and engage this research community by following #malaria using Twitter andGoogle Alerts. Capture and link to recent news and Diverse content repository Content collected ready papers published worldwide @collabchem for viewing tweets with #malaria B Content from web Blogs used as Open Lab notebooks The App Merges Twitter and Web content seamlessly Recent content endorsed View Molecules in ODDT App Endorse/ disapprove content - curation Content ranked by endorsements View Molecules in ODDT App Add notes when curating View content in App Get ODDT here support it!