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Leveraging Science Communication and Social Media to Build Your Brand and Elevate Your Career


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Slides from AAPS Careers session by Maren Katherina Preis, Kyle Bagin, Sean Ekins
Provides some clear steps on how you could use social media to help your career.

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Leveraging Science Communication and Social Media to Build Your Brand and Elevate Your Career

  1. 1. #PharmSci36Slide 1 Leveraging Science Communication and Social Media to Build Your Brand and Elevate Your Career Maren Katherina Preis Social Media & Personal Branding Expert Åbo Akademi University Sean Ekins Founder and CEO Collaborations Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Kyle Bagin Digital Media Manager American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
  2. 2. #PharmSci36Slide 2 Session Description • Learn how to share your research globally, and position yourself as an unbiased expert, through the power of social media! Understanding various ways to communicate science can help boost your reputation as a trusted resource and increase awareness of your personal brand. • Knowing which communication methods to use, when to use them, and how to use them effectively are important to establishing a reputation as an expert in your field. Join this interactive session led by experienced science communicators and brainstorm ways to add your voice and expertise to the conversation.
  3. 3. #PharmSci36Slide 3 Who’s active on social media? #GetSocialAAPS
  4. 4. #PharmSci36Slide 4 Maren: Biography and Contact Information • Licensed Pharmacist / Pharmaceutical Technology (PhD 2014) • Worked in dosage form development (pharmacy, university & industry) • Research: Orally-disintegrating dosage forms & 3D Printing of Medicine • Social Media Management, Strategy Coaching & Personal Branding for health coaches, athletes & people from academics • Own coaching & consulting business: Letaform + own lifestyle & fitness brand LiveLikeCatie™ • - • Twitter: @socialme_phd
  5. 5. #PharmSci36Slide 5 Sean: Biography and Contact Information • Clinical Pharmacologist (PhD 1996) • Worked in Big Pharma, Biotech - Drug Metabolism and Toxicology • Uses Machine learning for drug discovery • Works on Rare and neglected diseases • I mostly write grants, papers • CEO of 2 start-up companies both funded by NIH and / or DOD • • Twitter: @collabchem
  6. 6. #PharmSci36Slide 6 Kyle: Biography and Contact Information • Digital Media Manager with the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) • Master’s, Public Relations and Corporate Communication, Georgetown University • • Twitter: @KBag1n • @AACPharmacy on all platforms
  7. 7. #PharmSci36Slide 7 Opening Questions • How often do you use social media now? • How comfortable are you with it? • Which platforms do you use? • What do you currently use your social media platforms for? Have you ever thought about using it professionally?
  8. 8. #PharmSci36Slide 8 Agenda (Learning Objectives) • Explore new opportunities to promote your scientific expertise and build your personal brand. • Compare social media platforms are most suitable for scientists to promote their research and the value/appropriateness of each. • Utilize the “5 minute-a-week Social Scientist Framework” to best position yourself and your science.
  9. 9. #PharmSci36Slide 9 New Opportunities to Promote Your Expertise • Research • Writing • Science • People you want to work with. • Jobs you want.
  10. 10. #PharmSci36Slide 10 Compare Social Media Platforms
  11. 11. #PharmSci36Slide 11 Public vs. Private Life on Social Media • Do you keep them seperate? • Do you merge them? • Pros and cons for both • Can give credibility if you merge them Some people keep them separate on different platforms.
  12. 12. #PharmSci36Slide 12 How to Use Social Media in 5 Min. • Focus on 2-3 platforms • Post pictures • Limit text to 2-3 sentences • Keep it light and interesting • Keep the conversation going: ask questions.
  13. 13. #PharmSci36Slide 13 #GetSocialAAPS • Exercise: Explain what you do in two sentences. • Tell the world about what you do and who you are. • Use the hashtag to get others to share. • Follow up to see how social media can help get the message out.
  14. 14. #PharmSci36Slide 14 Continue your presentation slides.
  15. 15. #PharmSci36Slide 15 Science Communication The Basics: You need to be able to write! papers, tweets.. Express your ideas succinctly and clearly If you can write a paper you can use twitter. Breakthrough moments 1: Started work on Ebola because of a tweet - led to a grant and drugs 2: Wrote an article on live tweeting from conferences 3: Tools for online networking article - science publishing has shifted
  16. 16. #PharmSci36Slide 16 My Key Uses of Social Media • Use LinkedIn to share grant successes, hiring staff to followers • Live tweet from conferences • Expose our research to bigger audience - potential to find collaborators
  17. 17. #PharmSci36Slide 17 Conclusions/Takeaways ● There is no secret sauce to this: You’re the expert for your research—show it! ● There’s no right or wrong, it’s your personal view on your research. ● Different strategies for different people: Experiment!
  18. 18. #PharmSci36Slide 18 References The new alchemy: Online networking, data sharing and research activity distribution tools for scientists. Williams AJ, Peck L, Ekins S. F1000Res. 2017 Aug 3;6:1315. Ten simple rules of live tweeting at scientific conferences. Ekins S, Perlstein EO. PLoS Comput Biol. 2014 Aug 21;10(8):e1003789 Four disruptive strategies for removing drug discovery bottlenecks. Ekins S, Waller CL, Bradley MP, Clark AM, Williams AJ. Drug Discov Today. 2013 Mar;18(5-6):265-71. Credit: Dr. Neil Dufton
  19. 19. #PharmSci36Slide 19 Acknowledgments • Antony Williams (EPA) - Twitter: @chemconnector • Kirsten F. Block (AACP) - Twitter: @kfblock • Dorothy F. Farrell (AACP) • Stacey May Weirzba (AAPS) • Professor Niklas Sandler (Abo Akademi University) - Twitter: @NiklasSandler
  20. 20. #PharmSci36Slide 20 Questions Maren Katherina Preis • Twitter: @socialme_phd Sean Ekins • Twitter: @collabchem Kyle Bagin • Twitter: @KBag1n • @AACPharmacy
  21. 21. #PharmSci36Slide 21 Discussion • Selfie example - sharing what and when you do something
  22. 22. #PharmSci36Slide 22 Discussion • Research: How do you give it visibility? • Entertainment vs. research • Outreach for STEM • Icebreaker - use social media to break in to meet scientists • Post presentations • The unpredictable stuff that happens via social media - connections
  23. 23. #PharmSci36Slide 23 More Discussion • Selling for scientists on social media • Confidence vs. introspective scientists • Making money on social media
  24. 24. #PharmSci36Slide 24 Even More Discussion • How do you generate interest in a topic? • How do you decide on your “brand”? What is authenticity?
  25. 25. #PharmSci36Slide 25 Cultural Differences • Limitations on social media, e.g., China • Cultural differences in what people share • What to say and What not to say • When to share