Cinf flash v2 final


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ACS flash talk on wiki databases scidbs, scimobileapps, scientistsdb given march 25 2012 at ACS

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Cinf flash v2 final

  1. 1. Creating New Databases by Wiki Sean Ekins Collaborations in Chemistry, Fuquay Varina, NC Antony J. Williams Royal Society of Chemistry, Wake Forest, NC
  2. 2. Motivation for scimobileapps.comCollecting information andmaking it accessible fast Quality of data & getting crowd involved Making science and the tools for science more visible Williams et al DDT 16:928-939, 2011
  3. 3. How do you find useful science apps? • Search in App store • Returns a myriad of Apps many not even be appropriate • Many are flashcards when you want an App that does something else • How do you find the right App quickly • No definitive Encyclopedia of Science Apps • No book on science Apps!!!! • So we started a wiki – stimulate others – easier to update than a paper
  4. 4. Public Launch June 21 2011 via chemconnector blog Twitter, facebook etc.
  5. 5. Focus on cheminformatics apps Default Body
  6. 6. Capture basic informationWho owns itWhat is it used forTechnical detailsWhat platforms does it run onBlogsSlides
  7. 7. ODDT is in Default Body8 Contributors only…in 7 monthsMainly vendors---Get involved!!
  8. 8. Motivation for Errors in NPC browser was just the tip of iceberg..after years of looking at database quality How can we track and quantify quality in scientific databases? Williams and Ekins, DDT, 16: 747-750 (2011) Williams et al., DDT in press (2012)
  9. 9. Scidbs.comDefault Body
  10. 10. DB logo Type of DB Default Body Contact Owner Website License Curation etc
  11. 11. Motivation for Default Title Default Body
  12. 12. What is• ScientistsDB is a database of scientists, young and old, historical and active, from various sciences.• Almost 50,000 articles from Wikipedia• User-contributed content•• entists-database
  13. 13. Is Different to Wikipedia UNLIKE WIKIPEDIA ScientistsDB allows you to add yourself integrate TwitterFeed, Mendeley profile, YouTube links, LinkedIn Profile.. Your online biography Default Body Add more detail than LinkedIn Link to slides, talks etc36 contributors in 6 weeks
  14. 14. Connect on Oters
  15. 15. Why YOU should be on• Tired of having to hunt around many websites to find scientists for paper reviewing, chapter contributions or for conferences.• Fed up with having to send your bio and headshot to conference organizers?• Reporters having a hard time finding the best scientist to interview?• Want to find new scientists to collaborate with but do not know where to start?
  16. 16. If you want to market yourself and your databases, Apps then get involved… ekinssean@yahoo.comScientistsDB Logo by Kalliopi Monoyios
  17. 17. Bonus slide: The Wikipedia Notability Paradox