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About cesl


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About cesl

  1. 1. ABOUT COMMUNITY ESL Spring Institute
  2. 2. CESL PROGRAM OVERVIEW • We are primarily funded by Federal AEFLA/EL Civics grants • We have 19 classes in 9 schools and libraries in the Denver Metro Area • We enroll 600-800 students per year • We employ 3 full time and 2 part time administrators as well as 17 part-time teachers • Our class sizes are a maximum of 25, with an average of 15 students attending each class • Our classes meet twice a week for 2½ hours each time • Morning or evening classes are available
  3. 3. OUR STUDENTS • Last year our program served adults from 85 countries • In the Fall 2010 semester alone we enrolled 546 students • In addition to wanting to get or improve jobs , pursue further education, or get more engaged in schools as parents: – 31% of students want to improve their computer skills – 21% of students want to pursue their citizenship – 11% of students want to purchase a home – 9% of students want to obtain their driver’s license
  4. 4. TECHNOLOGY • Technology is increasingly recognized as a key skill • Employers want IT-literate people • Students generally do not have computers at home, and rely on using technology in the school or library, but access is limited • We support technology use in our classes through a student wiki • Improved program technology would help students achieve their goals: improving IT skills by using the wiki; helping them apply online for jobs; check their children’s progress in schools
  5. 5. THANKS! We appreciate your support of our program. If you want to be further involved: • Come shopping at the December 8, 2010 benefit night at Ten Thousand Villages • If you can’t come to the benefit, donate directly to the program via PayPal or credit/debit card • Volunteer your time in a classroom Please contact 303-792-8953 for more information!