GE Franchise Finance - Hotel Finance Team and Program Overview


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Meet the hotel finance team from GE Franchise Finance. This provides an overview of our lending program and the folks you should contact for more information.

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GE Franchise Finance - Hotel Finance Team and Program Overview

  1. 1. GE CapitalFranchise Finance, Canada Meet our dedicated industry specialists in hotel finance. Senior Vice President, Canada Edward Khediguian 514-394-3201 Western Canada Central Canada Eastern Canada Cameron Woof Ian Ricci Jessi Carrier Account Manager Account Manager Account Manager 905-858-6425 905-858-4968 514-871-4287 Contact us to learn more about the flexible transaction structuring and customized programs that we can design to meet your specific financing needs.
  2. 2. GE CapitalFranchise Finance, CanadaCustom hotel financing solutionsat your service.GE Capital Franchise Finance, Canada is a leading TERMlender for the dynamic hotel market in Canada, Up to 10 years based on an amortization of up toproviding financing for nationally known brands 25 years for real estate. Amortization terms forin the limited and select-service segments of the refinancing / acquisition of existing properties will beindustry. Having financed over a $1B over the last dependent on the age and condition of the properties.10 years in Canada, GE has been and continues tobe committed to the industry, to new business, and AMOUNTto existing clients. Minimum $1,000,000 per property.Our financing programs include refinancing existing SECURITYdebt, acquisitions financing, remodels and expansion Guarantees of all partners, shareholders, and/orfinancing for both existing assets or to be acquired related business entities.assets. GE also has a program for takeout financing INTEREST RATEfor newly developed properties under certain Both fixed and floating rate options available.conditions.* REQUIREMENTSLOAN PURPOSES Experienced hotel owner/developers with strongLoans available for the following purposes: demonstrated hotel management capability.• Refinancing of existing units is available up to 75% Hotels must be limited or select service and of appraised value. carry a nationally recognized brand.• Refinancing with remodels / expansions of up to 75% of appraised value “as is” plus 75% of cost. For more information, call us today!• Financing of acquisitions of up to 75% appraised value or cost of acquisition plus any renovations / Quebec and Atlantic Provinces remodels. 1-866-317-4323• Up to 75% appraised value “as complete” or cost Ontario for permanent turnkey financing for new hotel 1-866-329-4323 construction including land, improvements, building, furniture, fixtures and equipment under certain Western Provinces condition*. 1-866-340-4323*Financing for newly developed assets or assets with less than 2 years of operating history may be considered under the circumstance where GE has exposure with Borrower with a stabilized affiliate property that is cross-collateralized. 11CDN133
  3. 3. GE CapitalFranchise Finance, CanadaThere’s no substitutefor experience.When it comes to financing, there Lakeview REITis no substitute for experience. GECanada Franchise Finance has a 7 Properties across Canadastrong track record serving leading $29.4MMlimited-service and focused-service Senior Debt Facilityhotel concepts across Canada.As this sample of transactionsillustrates, you can be confident Comfort Inn & Suites St John’sthat we have both the expertise St. Johns. Newfoundlandand the resources to help you grow.Our focus and experience financing $3MMhotels means you can rely on us Senior Debt Facility (Renovation Tranche)every step of the way.Whether you’re looking to refinanceexisting properties, build new Residence Inn & Courtyard by Marriottproperties or simply to remodel Montreal Airport, Montreal, Quebecor expand, we can craft a financingsolution that is customized to your $27.3MMneeds. Senior Debt FacilityCall us today!Quebec and Atlantic Provinces1-866-317-4323Ontario1-866-329-4323Western Provinces1-866-340-4323 11CDN1344