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What is empower network

  1. 1. What is Empower Network ? Empower Network has stirred up the internet marketing community by all types of people who either love it, hate it or just sick of hearing people bragging about it. Hope this review will get people like yourself, informed and get a good understanding about what actually it is all about. Good or Bad, you decide later. Let me start ..... Empower Network is basically a viral blogging educational platform for internet marketers, affiliate marketers, network marketers and about anyone who wants to start an business online. Empower Network sells Internet Marketing training products and has an affiliate program that pays 100% commissions. You can imagine it's like a network marketing company in itself. To get started it only costs $25 to join as basic membersip and get access to the amazing viral blogging system. Your blog is completely setup and ready to go immediately once your joined. Once you see how amazing these blogs are you can choose to become an affiliate and can resell the membership and keep 100% of the resale price. The best part is : Empower Network do give new marketers the opportunity to overcome the difficult technical skills required to build a blog but it also provides unbelievable training to anyone who wants to generate leads and traffic through various methods of marketing on the Internet. What is really great about the Empower Network system is you can write and post about anything you want. But it is adviced that you will need to blog consistently and daily to see results. The more you blog about you and your business, the easier it will be and the more exposure you will get on the internet world. Internet or online business, is all about expostures. May it be generic or paid advertisements. Each of your blog is fully built in its entirety, optimized for your success as an internet marketer. As a internet marketer, all you have got to do is create good content into this powerful blogging system. It does not matter what skills level you are when you come in as, the Empower Network viral blogging system is tailored to fit you. Over the last few years, Empower Network has done nothing but staying quiet in the internet and networking industry. Empower Network began operations on October 31, 2011 as a small company. It started out in a hotel room with 50 people, and has grown to over 200,000. By November of 2012, it was paying out millions of dollars to affiliates. A company that focuses on “Empowering Customers to Make Their Own Money”, and proving that over 70 million dollars has been paid out within the last few years,ever since they started out.
  2. 2. With any company that is successful, there are always plenty of negative reports. With the number of fraudulent claims out there, any signs that Empower Network is a scam would make possible potential affiliates questioned the opportunity. You can judge later and find out more details, whether this company is a fully legitimate company or not. Empower Network may be having a booming business, but there are many who still don’t know what it is or maybe questioning it credibilities, and hope that the review will shed some lights to your thoughts. About The Empower Network Founders In 2011, two individuals, David Wood and David Sharpe, had to overcome struggles in their past, joined together to create an opportunity. David Wood – for several years, he had beeb homeless. Together with his (now seperated) wife, lived in a van, unemployed and with few opportunities. However, Wood was able to overcome the situation and empower himself to become a successful businessman. David Sharpe – Sharpe was an alcoholic for many years and he worked in a low paying job in construction. Despite almost watching his life go down the drain with alcohol, overcoming his own difficulties, turned his life around and is now making a six figure income monthly! These two men realized that often, people rely on other others to move them forward in life, but this often results in a disappointments. For a person to be successful, they have to depend on themselves. This is why they named the company : Empower Network. About the Company This Empower Network is an online money making opportunity that shows people how to overcome the common issues that get in the way of business success and offers in depth training that most are searching for on the internet. It’s core business is multi level marketing (MLM in short) or a network marketing company. Anyone who has ever tried to start a online home based business knows just how difficult it can be. Most of these businesses or people fail because these individuals don’t know how or what's the right steps to take. ==> Check out these details on how it works
  3. 3. Empower Network is an affiliate program that focuses on helping individuals find financial success through market training, commission based direct sales, multilevel marketing and more. (which there are some of the best around) Normally, an affiliate, for example, a ClickBank offer will only receive about 50%-75% of each sale. However, Empower Network allows affiliates to keep the **full 100% of each of their sales. (**Not really 100%, minus some moniradmistrative charges) The company has become known for two things in addition to its affiliate programs – viral blogging, market training and personal development. Viral Blogging The online viral blogging system allows each user to have their own website/blog set up exactly for them in their small business. Most people don’t find success from their own blog, because they don’t know how to properly optimize it and generate leads that will convert into sales. Because Empower Network is in control of the viral blogging system, optimization (SEO)is made easy. Lead generation is another part of the system, which means affiliates will be given a head start at building successful lead list without having to go through all the mechanics of setting things up. Marketing Training This is what separates Empower Network from other affiliate programs of similar nature. The trainings in Empower Network’s back office are all clear, crisp videos that are pre-recorded and can fit anyone’s schedule. This is actually important considering we most startups on this online business venture as part timers… To say anyone can succeed as an empower network affiliate without efforts would be a lie. That's why getting yourself trained (coupled with hard work) is critical and a must. Empower Network is perfect for both newbies and seasoned online marketers. Many people want to own an online business, but they don’t fully understand what it takes to get started. They may even make the effort, but because they don’t know what they are doing, the online business never gets off the ground. This is why Empower Network stand out above the rest. When first starting out, most online business owners need to:
  4. 4. Picking a URL for their website Hosting their URL Blog & Continue to Blog Search Engine Optimization Build Links Keyword Research etc etc..... The need for that initial setup is virtually eliminated, with Empower Network. The best part is: affiliate in the Empower Network can start blogging immediately, the moment they sign up and if you have tried to start an online business, you understand this saves time and frustrations. Is Empower Network a Scam ?? People are still concerned about an Empower Network being a scam, since there seems to be a "too good to be true" thinking. As I did mention before, that once a company is doing well, especially an internet business, there will have people making negaitiveremarks,and complaints. No matter how good an opportunity is, there will always be disappointed individuals. The reasons for all these negativities,boils down to one of these simple things, that is: they are not making money out of this, or they find it too hard to follow, or they just do not have the patience to learn, they just want fast money, etc etc. However, there is proof that Empower Network is not a scam after all. As of today, Empower Network still pays out all of the commissions, over 70 million dollars to be exact.. Let’s Not also forget that all the hype would have shut down Empower Network along time ago if this turned out to be a scam. Don't you agree? This article is contributed by E K Gann. His aim is to work together and help others starting business online. Especially beginners who are facing problems and difficulties getting resources, and those in need for Personal Development; in marketing, sales, self improvement, motivation and continue education. If you are searching for a simple and easy way to start an Online Business with Empower Network, then you will need to Do Next Is To Click On This Link, and when you see the page, just put your email address in and Hit The Submit Button; that will get you to the information that will lead you to more steps to earn an online income just by working from home.