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CD analysis

  1. 1. The Analysis of CD English Language Program<br />Sats Soft Vocabulary CD Game<br />Based on my opinion the way of learning vocabulary with this CD game is fun, challenging, and interesting. The game is suitable for student’s junior high school; age 10-11 years old. <br />The game design in four names of sections, are: Balloons, Haunted House, Bats, and Stuntman. <br />In this game student order to search the correct meaning based the vocabulary, answer by four styles game designed as stated before. If the student has a mistake in answering the correct answer it will be automatically applied and students can learn from their mistakes. This game also helps student in increasing their vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, and practicing to answer the questions correctly timely. <br />The teacher can just as facilitator using this cd, it more easier to teach the vocabulary with the cd game than teach with another teaching aids or kits. It is wasting time, budget and energy of teacher (uneconomic). But with that cd game it can teach economic, efficient and quality.<br />English Words CD Game<br />Based on my opinion, English Words CD Game is very fun, easy, challenging. It’s suitable for elementary school age 7 – 9 age years old.<br />In this game designed in four styles. First is Road hog; in this section student have to match the picture with the correct color. Second, is Rescue; in this section student have to pick up the correct man to answer the question according to the picture. Third, is Night Search; in this section student have to find the correct answer with fire lesser, there is inquiry and finding processing in learning. Fourth is Frozen Food; in this section student challenge to answer the question fast and accurately. All game designed to make students interesting in their language learning.<br />English Word CD game has consisting of four skills there are increasing student listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Designed colorful and student directly learn and see the occupation with the people picture. So, the student can differentiate the occupation one to the other occupation.<br />Good for the visual, auditory and kinesthetic student in learning. So, teacher easily to teach the student without divided class based on the style of their student learning. All of these CD can be used in teaching learning process in the classroom because it is easy, fun, simple, and efficient. <br />Euro Talk Interactive for Beginner<br />This CD has a very clear instruction. The contents of this CD is quite <br />interesting one with a very colorful picture of life as well, the sound of his audio sets quite clear. <br />There are 9 themes That the Learners can choose, are:1. First words2. Food3. Colors4. phrases5. body6. Numbers7. time8. Shopping9. countries<br />In this CD, there are two options that can be selected by the user that is "easy game and hard game." The users can freely choose according to their language level, because in this CD emphasizes the users to actively use the vocabulary and pronunciation of vocabulary fluently according to the model in demonstrating before the game starts.<br />Euro Talk Interactive for Intermediate<br />The CD is for intermediate level, Junior high School age about more 13 years old. This CD has a clear instruction with buttons and interactive performance at all. In this CD there are also 9 themes that learners can choose based their level language, are:<br />Greetings<br />At the Restaurant<br />Shopping<br />Getting around<br />At the Hotel<br />On the Phone<br />Emergencies<br />Leisure<br />Business <br />In Euro Talk Intermediate, has two sides that we can click to get the phrases or the dialogue between 2 peoples related to the theme that we have chosen. The different one between another CD program, is about we can record our selves when we say the phrases or the dialogue stated. We also can repeat the soundings by clicking the button. It means, we can correct our misspelling in the words by hearing more and more. My opinion about all 4 CD, is suitable for teachers to use it in the language learning process. It helps teachers to handle the classroom with a interactive, interesting, efficient, and more enjoyable.<br />