Growing Your Fan Base and Engaging Effectively on Facebook


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Facebook is THE destination for consumers around the world and businesses have taken notice. What are you doing to reach out to your customers and optimize their interactions with your brand?

In this MarkeitngProfs webinar you will learn:

* Creative customer engagement strategies and tactics using Facebook marketing
* The importance of effective engagement news feed optimization
* Actionable tips to boost your engagement and grow your fans organically
* How to use Facebook to increase your brand visibility

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Growing Your Fan Base and Engaging Effectively on Facebook

  1. 1. Growing Your Fan Base and Effectively Engaging on Facebook Ekaterina Walter Social Media Strategist Intel Twitter: @Ekaterina@EkaterinaWalter
  2. 2. Why Facebook?• 1.6 billion Internet users in the world, Facebook’s users comprise 1/3 of those• Almost 600 million active users (half log in daily and spend average of 55 min)• Average user is connected to 80 pages, groups and events• People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook• 150 million people engage with Facebook on external websites every month• 200 million mobile users• 30,000,000,000 pieces of content are shared each month• 70% of audience is international : 95 countries, translated in >100 languages• Facebook bypassed Google as a #1 most visited site in US• 65% of US Facebook Users said they are more likely to buy a product based on a positive Facebook friend referral @EkaterinaWalter @Ekaterina
  3. 3. Facebook is your homepage for the social web Objectives Audience Mission Strategy Resources Story Voice@Ekaterina
  4. 4. Know Your Audience@Ekaterina
  5. 5. Setting Up Your Page• Page Name• Vanity URL• Default Tab• Profile Photo• Company Info@Ekaterina
  6. 6. Limitations 6 tabsto Remember 16 characters 247 characters 420 characters@Ekaterina
  7. 7. News Feed@Ekaterina
  8. 8. Do Not Automate Your Content! Hidden Updates@Ekaterina
  9. 9. Video is Your Secret „Weapon‟@Ekaterina
  10. 10. Be Human. Be Spontaneous.@Ekaterina
  11. 11. Encourage Shares and Mentions To tag someone, type @ and then the friend’s name or name of the page you are the fan of@Ekaterina
  12. 12. Target Your Status Updates@Ekaterina
  13. 13. Questions and Polls@Ekaterina
  14. 14. Put Fans in Charge@Ekaterina
  15. 15. Create a Self-Sustaining Community@Ekaterina
  16. 16. Content Considerations • Short, skimmable • Don’t use all 420 characters • Ensure link is visible / not hidden behind “Read More” • Don’t forget critical info (dates/times/links/eligibility)Format • Include call to action • Tips, how-to tutorials, bring in experts for weekly chats • Fun facts, trivia, breaking news/announcements • Polls, questions, fill in the blank • 3rd party content on the topic •Content • Exclusive offers Video and photos where possible @Ekaterina
  17. 17. Post Frequency and Timing@Ekaterina
  18. 18. Landing Experience: First Impression and Call To Action@Ekaterina
  19. 19. Better Yet –Give ThemThe Reasonsfor Liking @Ekaterina
  20. 20. “Invite Your Friends” Call to Action @Ekaterina
  21. 21. Managing Permissions@Ekaterina
  22. 22. Fan Only Content@Ekaterina
  23. 23. Events@Ekaterina
  24. 24. Discussions@Ekaterina
  25. 25. Exclusivity@Ekaterina
  26. 26. Live Chats@Ekaterina
  27. 27. Lead Generation@Ekaterina
  28. 28. Cross-Pollinate@Ekaterina
  29. 29. Managing Your Presence@Ekaterina
  30. 30. Moderation Guidelines@Ekaterina
  31. 31. Moderation Guidelines (cont.)@Ekaterina
  32. 32. Promotions Guidelines
  33. 33. Become a Fan of…@Ekaterina
  34. 34. Analytics
  35. 35. How Do You Know You‟ve Done Something Right?@Ekaterina
  36. 36. Thank you! Twitter: @Ekaterina Blog: