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Midterm draft cs 492

  1. 1. CS 492MIDTERM PROJECTIt is clear that the restructuring of our schools is not, in and of itself, sufficient totransform them into effective learning organizations. From our reading and classdiscussion it is quite obvious that reculturing is a necessary partner in this process.One of the most effective ways to clarify and embed these changes into the culture ofour organizations is through the development of shared and meaningful mission andvision statements. These, coupled with value and goal statements help to insure a solidstart. However this process is oftentimes overlooked, misused and/or unappreciated.For your midterm project i would like each of you to develop mission andvision statements for your school/district as well as value and goal statements.Incorporate the principles espoused by our authors as well as others in the field.In addition to the narrative report you will make a formal presentation to the classin support of your document. In addition to our authors i would like you to cite at leastthree other sources. the narrative portion of the project should not exceed six (6) pagesand the power point presentation should not exceed fifteen (15) minutes. a copy of thepower point presentation must be given to each member of the class.------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. 2. The following mission statement focuses on constituent expectations of the most essentialoutcome the district hopes to achieve. It is a description of what the School District ultimatelywants to accomplish.The mission of the School District of Elmbrook is to educate and inspire every student to think,to learn, and to succeed.The following vision statement is a broad and general description of the way that the SchoolDistrict of Elmbrook wants to be perceived by its constituents. The vision statement givesconstituents a brief description about how the district intends to achieve the mission statement.Vision and MissionThe future of the School District of Elmbrook is to be an exemplary district with anuncompromising commitment to achieve powerful results for all stakeholders.CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION 1. Address mastery of academic content that integrates acquisition of essential life skills. 2. Maintain and improve the range of quality education and behavioral standards that ensures each student is inspired to think,learn and succeed. 3. Multiply the needs and expectations for other services, including special education and the ever increasingly diverse student population. 4. Integrates technology as a means to achieve specific curricular outcomes.STAFF AND PERSONNELAll staff collaborate with each other to deliver strong and balanced educational programsthrough relevant, dynamic instruction methods leading to student learning.Will work diligently toestablish meaningful connections with every student to ensure success
  3. 3. 1. All staff demonstrate their support of and commitment to the District’s and school’s vision and values. 2. Recognize each individual student and facilitate each students’ transition to and through school. 3. Assist students to choose opportunities and stimulate active engagements for success and development of self advocacy. 4. Model the importance of lifelong learning through their commitment to ongoing professional development.STUDENTSStudents would build effective communication patterns to master core academic disciplines,build the ability to solve complex social, academic and community issues, acquire and usetechnology appropriately,make ethical decisions, comprehend diversity and exhibit creativity. 1. Accept responsibility for their learning,decisions and actions. 2. Set challenging goals and give their best efforts to achieve them. 3. Demonstrate a desire to learn and contribute to community service. 4. Are considerate of others-teachers,staff,fellow students,guests,etc.CLIMATEThe district would honor and respect strong partnerships, effective communication, andsafeguard of the communitys investment.The culture of the School District of Elmbrook is builton a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.Together we celebrate success. 1. Commitment to provide an emotionally,and physically safe,supportive environment.
  4. 4. 2. Rules are based on few fundamental principles that provides clear guidelines for student behaviour. 3. On-going effort to establish an atmosphere free of alcohol,drugs and violence. 4. There is recognition and celebration of individual effort and achievement 5. There is open communication between students,staff,administrators,and the Board of Education.COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPFamilies and community would partake in the life of the school through partnering, volunteeringand donations to support the mission and vision 1. Community demonstrate support for the vision and values of the school 2. Provides the resources that enables the school to offer exemplary academic and co- curricular programs. 3. Holds the school accountable for long-range financial planning to safeguard community’s investment in education. 4. Has ready access to the school and actively involved in monitoring education and academic performance of their wards. 5. Establish effective linkages between school and the workplace as well as institutions of higher education..VALUES AND GOALSThe strategic plan includes targets, goals and objectives that aim to support the district missionand vision. Three key areas have been identified as crucial to district success. These areasinclude:
  5. 5. 1. Student Learning, 2. Fiscal Responsibility, and 3. Connected Learning Community.These targets respond to the high priorities identified in the constituent survey: ● Work cooperatively with diverse groups ● Computer literacy standards ● Ethical decision making ● Global and cultural issues ● Respond to the constraints of state revenue caps ● Address the issues of declining enrollments ● Maintain and improve the range of quality education programs that exist in the district ● Continue to attract, develop, and retain quality staff members ● Maintain the district’s competitive advantage in the regionDistrict TargetsThe following targets have been identified in order to achieve the mission and vision.Student Learning TargetBy 2013, at least 97% of all students who have been in the district for one complete school yearwill meet or exceed Wisconsin state standards in tested areas as measured by the WisconsinState Assessment System and district common assessments.By 2013, performance of all federally accountable subgroups will be at 85% proficient oradvanced levels as indicated by the Wisconsin State Assessment System.
  6. 6. By 2013, at least 95% of all students will demonstrate their ability to apply knowledge andskills meaningfully by solving academic and real life problems through analytical and creativethinking, as measured by attaining at least 75% of possible points on the constructed responseportion of the Wisconsin State Assessment System.Fiscal Responsibility TargetThe district will plan for and manage financial and other resources to achieve student learningtargets, sustain infrastructure, maintain a 15% reserve, and avoid an operational overridereferendum through the school year 2013-14.Connected Learning Community TargetThe district will purposefully listen to, inform, and engage all stakeholder groups in the areas ofStudent LearningFiscal ResponsibilityThe Elmbrook ExperienceFacilitiesas illustrated by the following goal:75% of all stakeholders will be connected to the Elmbrook School District Learning Community.