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Website	  acceptance	  testing	  –	  a	  case	  study	  Eemeli	  Kantola	  10.11.2012	  
›  Eemeli	  Kantola	                    ›  Web	  dev,	  consulting,	  About	  me	        lean/agile	  enthusiasm	         ...
I	  like	  to	  create	  awesome	  web	  apps	  for	                       (human)	  end	  users	  
ATDD:	  “The	  practice	  of	  expressing	     functional	  story	  requirements	  as	  concrete	  examples	  or	  expecta...
›  Crystallize	  acceptance	                                                                                   criteria:	 ...
Steps	                                                                                                               Imple...
Case	  study	  
Steps	  in	  real	  life	  
Jenkins	  CI	  »  Open-­‐source	  continuous	  integration	  server	  »  Java	  based,	  lotsa	  plugins	  and	  stuff	  » ...
Selenium	  »  Automation	  of	  browsers	          ›  E.g.	  for	  testing	  purposes,	  or	  for	  repetitive	  admin	  t...
Robot	  Framework	  »  Generic	  test	  automation	  framework	  for	  various	  domains	          ›  Web	  part	  backed	...
Given-­‐When-­‐Then	  (GWT)	  Example	  of	  a	  popular	  approach:	  »  Given	  the	  shopping	  cart	  is	  visible	  a...
Is	  this	  worth	  all	     ›  Yes!	  No	  time	  not	  to	          this	  hassle?	           automate	  testing	  
›  Fairly	  liberal	  refactoring	                 ›  Finding	  regression	  bugs	  long	                    before	  goin...
›  Different	  mindset	  required	                         ›  Intermittent,	  hard	  to	                            reprodu...
Thanks!	  @ekantola	  
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Webapp acceptance testing a case study


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Webapp acceptance testing a case study

  1. 1. Website  acceptance  testing  –  a  case  study  Eemeli  Kantola  10.11.2012  
  2. 2. ›  Eemeli  Kantola   ›  Web  dev,  consulting,  About  me   lean/agile  enthusiasm   ›  Customer  projects  in   Futurice  
  3. 3. I  like  to  create  awesome  web  apps  for   (human)  end  users  
  4. 4. ATDD  
  5. 5. ATDD:  “The  practice  of  expressing   functional  story  requirements  as  concrete  examples  or  expectations  prior   to  story  development”   –  Jennitta  Andrea,      
  6. 6. ›  Crystallize  acceptance   criteria:  shared   understanding  of  reqs   and  def.  of  done  [1]   Goals   ›  Win  bug  battle  with   complicated  systems   [2]:  early  regression   detection  [1]  E.  Hendrickson,­‐test-­‐driven-­‐development-­‐atdd-­‐an-­‐overview    [2]  J.  E.  Boal,  
  7. 7. Steps   Implement:  hammer  the   Design  how  to  fulfill   keyboard  until  all  tests   the  requirement   pass  (incl.  other  tests)   Write   Story   Design   Code   tests   Find  out  most  important   Formulate  test  cases,   thing  to  do,  write  a  user  story   most  probable  path  first  10.11.2012   Futurice   34  
  8. 8. Case  study  
  9. 9. Steps  in  real  life  
  10. 10. Jenkins  CI  »  Open-­‐source  continuous  integration  server  »  Java  based,  lotsa  plugins  and  stuff  »  Distributed  test  running  »  Getting  started:  download  .war  and  fire  up  10.11.2012   Futurice   37  
  11. 11. Selenium  »  Automation  of  browsers   ›  E.g.  for  testing  purposes,  or  for  repetitive  admin  tasks  »  Selenium  IDE  for  recording  scripts  (=playing  ariound)  »  Scaling  and  distributing  test  running  »  Java-­‐based,  with  wide  support  for  other  langs  &  testing  frameworks  10.11.2012   Futurice   38  
  12. 12. Robot  Framework  »  Generic  test  automation  framework  for  various  domains   ›  Web  part  backed  by  Selenium,  but  also  Java  GUI,  SSH,  running  processes...  »  Tabular  test  data  syntax  »  Extensible  with  Python/Java  10.11.2012   Futurice   39  
  13. 13. Given-­‐When-­‐Then  (GWT)  Example  of  a  popular  approach:  »  Given  the  shopping  cart  is  visible  and  has  three  items  in  it,  »  When  the  user  clicks  an  item’s  trashcan  icon,  »  Then  the  item  should  disappear  from  the  list  and  a  notification  should  be   shown  with  the  item’s  name  and  an  “Undo”  link.  10.11.2012   Futurice   40  
  14. 14. Demo  
  15. 15. Is  this  worth  all   ›  Yes!  No  time  not  to   this  hassle?   automate  testing  
  16. 16. ›  Fairly  liberal  refactoring   ›  Finding  regression  bugs  long   before  going  to  prod   ›  TDD  =>  knowing  early  what  Enables:   you  are  supposed  to  code   ›  And  writing  less  useless  code   ›  Taking  in  new  devs  easily   ›  Continuous  deployment?   ›  …but  not  quite  yet  
  17. 17. ›  Different  mindset  required   ›  Intermittent,  hard  to   reproduce  test  failures  Issues?  Sure:   ›  Asynchronity,  other  weirdness   ›  Requires  lotsa  mad  skillz   ›  …and  then  some  
  18. 18. Thanks!  @ekantola