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Joined effort presentation originally created bij Richard van Delft (Atos). The preza is public and can be shared or re-used.

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Migration Of Lotus To Ms Slideshare

  1. 1. Migrating Lotus to Microsoft Learned lessons Richard van Delft / Edwin Kanis
  2. 2. The reasons voor migration Reasons for migrating Lotus 2 Microsoft:  ICT cost reduction  Licence cost  Consolidation  Maintenance cost  Policy  There a more sharepoint then lotus apps available  User Request  Users wants Microsoft tools  Users want WEB2.0 functionality Or not really?
  3. 3. Licence costs IBM | Lotus Microsoft  Lotus Collaboration:  Office Standard 2007 112,=  (Word,excel,Powerpoint,  Lotus Mail: 81,14 euro Outlook) 499,= euro  Spreadsheet,  Outlook 169,= euro Documents,  Infopath 249,=euro Presentations: Free (0  Sharepoint 75,= euro euro) This is only a indication of licence cost for one end-user • Comparing mail only functionality (81,14  169,=): •IBM saves you 87,86 euro • Comparing total desktop environment (office + collaboration) (112,=  499,=+249,=+ 75,=) •IBM saves you more then 700 euro per user. Hmm, Migrating Microsoft to Lotus save you a lot of money
  4. 4. Maintenance costs IBM | Lotus Microsoft  Many report say the TCO  Many report say the TCO of Lotus is lower when of Microsoft is lower when compared to Microsoft compared to Lotus. • Which one to believe? Each report takes different views on the same truth. • What do you think? Is it cheaper to maintain: exchange, infopath server (+forms), Sharepoint (+apps) + .Net custom apps + IIS server + off-the-shelve products or is it cheaper to maintain a Domino server (+apps) • Domino delivers HTTP, forms, collaboration, custom apps, off-the-shelve apps, etc. Advice: Use your own common sense on IT Maintenance costs within your organisation
  5. 5. Policy Some companies have strong policies:  ‘We have a SAP unless policy’  ‘We have a Microsoft unless policy’ Policies are important for management  However, every company has the policy:  (direct) IT Cost savings  Improve productivity of work force With IBM | Lotus you save direct on licence cost and probably on IT maintenance cost Oeps, we forgot to have a IBM unless policy
  6. 6. User requests Users wants Microsoft tools Users want WEB2.0 functionality
  7. 7. Users want Microsoft! IBM | Lotus Microsoft  Users sometimes dislike  More and more users are Notes; this is usually based on using multiple (web) mail old Notes clients which are not accounts like gmail, hotmail, upgraded with current releases etc. Users are familiar with  Notes offer a web interface for other mail apps both mail and apps (which can  Many users don’t want be based on web2.0 technics) Microsoft (ie Explorer) and are turning to other tooling (like firefox) • So users are using a lot of non-microsoft tooling. Also on home PC’s open office, and even linux have a climbing usage number Users don’t ‘want’ Microsoft. Users want to work efficiently with tooling which integrate in other applications
  8. 8. Users want WEB2.0 functionality IBM | Lotus Microsoft  Lotus Connections outstands  Support different browsers; Open Microsoft Sharepoint by far on the standard support are difficulties on social business aspect. Both the Microsoft side. Microsoft and markt analytics  Outlook users don’t have a free agree on this. ability to use simple chat for quick  Lotus Notes integrates (via conversations widgets) with twitter, linkedIN, etc.  Chat client is free within Notes • WEB 2.0 functionality (wiki, blog, profile pages, social networks, etc.) is delivered by IBM, which outstand the Microsoft proposition on this. • IBM supports open standard  Microsoft tries to be a standard on its own • IBM products can be easily integrated with extended enterprise tooling like linkedIN, Facebook, twitter, etc. Lotus enables organisations to make use of new (WEB 2.0) productivity tools within the organisation
  9. 9. Rapid development .Net, Java or J2EE ? Lotus Notes dev. is still faster
  10. 10. Development is FAST! IBM | Lotus Microsoft  Known for rapid application  Yes , you have .NET and C# development, no other to write your integration. platform is that fast!  Easy re-use and built in  What else is built in ? standards for integration and built-in in depth security  Are your Microsoft application  Versioning and template based backwards compatible since delivery. the 80’s …will your current  Portalize applications for apps be compatible in 2015? integration ‘on the glass’. • Workflow, integration with other platforms, JAVA, Web services, webdevelopment, built in security…..WOW!!! • All in just 1 single developer client. This can’t be for real, or is it ??
  11. 11. Out-of-the-box Applications IBM | Lotus Microsoft  Lotus delivers a few (~3)  SharePoint delivers about 40 usables apps with Lotus apps. Domino  Open source apps are not  There are more then 250 open found… source apps available • Lotus don’t deliver many application with the product. • There is a strong user community which are willing to share applications. An example is www.openNTF.org were a lot of open source apps for Lotus can be found. Fact: There a many Lotus applications available, free of charge
  12. 12. Migrating your applications? IBM | Lotus Microsoft  Yes, the number of Lotus  Want to migrate all Notes applications grows functionality to Microsoft, you rapidly, but they are all secure will need multiple tools and on the same server and will do servers (Sharepoint, InfoPath, no harm at all, even not on Office, SQL) and multiple of back-up. them! • A customer with 200 Notes applications requested Microsoft to perform an migration analyses, they ended up with 8 SQL server 2 Sharepoint servers and a really large budget for re-creating functionality with Office, InfoPath and Sharepoint while still throwing 50 apps down the drain. Fact: save your money or use it to make things even better
  13. 13. Mega Flex infrastructure Cluster over a WAN or data centers…. Pain or Easy?
  14. 14. Consolidation IBM | Lotus Microsoft • Lotus Domino server can be installed on different OS & Hardware(iSeries, Linux, Intel) which enables companies to have multiple servers on to one server box. • Lotus Notes client can be installed on different desktop OS (windows, mac, linux) which enables users to choose there OS of choice. • Microsoft can be installed only on Microsoft Windows Fact: IBM delivers platform of choice, which may save a lot of HW & energy costs
  15. 15. The server(s) IBM | Lotus Microsoft  Easely cluster over WAN links or  Cluster over a WAN or multiple over data centers because of data center only in same subnet. flexible networking abilities.  Upgrade path more or less a rip-  Clustered server crashed, just fire- and-replace project. it-up and it syncs.  Upgrade depends on multiple  In-place upgrade without any layers like AD, Sharepoint and dependencies but fix packs. Office.  Low bandwith usage with  Clustered server crashed…need streaming replication and full rebuilt. compression. • Every business needs flexibility and minimum downtime, the work done must be business related and money making, not IT work and cost spending. • Do not tie your collaboration environment to other tools and platforms, give yourself the opportunity to upgrade al least twice a year and let no other platform decide for you to slow down your projects. Your Lotus Domino servers are enterprise class pieces of work and give you maximum flexibility, minimum downtime and in-place upgrades.
  16. 16. The Client(s) IBM | Lotus Microsoft  Lotus Notes can be used on  Limited to Microsoft OS only Apple, Linux and Windows  Integrate with MsOffice workstations and is supported for  Integrates with a lot of 3th party Citrix. tools (agains extra costs).  Using applications and even  PST files all over the place, is that composite applications what we call archiving?  Integrate with MsOffice, Open  Outlook 200x hipper than Lotus Office and Lotus Symphony. Notes, YES, bot even hipper than  Integration of widgets and google Lotus notes 8.5?? (haha) gadgets • Control your Lotus Notes clients and lock configuration settings or leave it all up to your users…it’s your choice. New and improved, your users will like the new Notes 8.5 client!
  17. 17. Free business tools Mobile access, chat and Office for free! Yes, it’s possible and all for 0,- Euro
  18. 18. Free business tools IBM | Lotus Microsoft  Free chat and awareness tools  Support different browsers; Open with Sametime built into the Notes standard support are difficulties on client. the Microsoft side.  Free mobility support for several  Outlook users don’t have a free platforms with Lotus traveler ability to use simple chat for quick  Free Office tools with Lotus conversations Symphony • Integrate or access webtools like twitter, RSS feeds , Calendar feeds and hundreds of free available gadgets from your Lotus Notes client. Free stuff is what everybody likes, for sure your financial manager!
  19. 19. The new way of work ‘Het nieuwe werken’
  20. 20. New way of work IBM | Lotus Microsoft  Since the 80’s (Ray Ozzy)  Since 2008 (Ray Ozzy)  Lotus Notes  > New way of work  Email, share and discuss about  It’s great that other vendors finally documents, role based security get the message that tools neet to and portalized workspaces…. be integrated, published to  Time and location independant different client and can work offline way of working and publication…. and online. This makes the world a little better for knowledge workers!  …..all nothing new in concept for years and years. $$ Do you work the new way….or do some vendors let you think you work the new way but make sure you spend a lot of money on things you are allready capable of?