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Augmented Reality Platform Aurasma's trigger image. You can good

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Aurasma auras-may 14-2013

  1. 1. Aurasma  Auras  Triggers It is an operation check in Japan on May 10, 2013. by Etsuji Kameyama (twitter:@kurakura)(facebook:ekameyama)年3月11日月曜日 1
  2. 2.年3月11日月曜日 2
  3. 3.年3月11日月曜日 3
  4. 4. iPhone/iPad wa/link?path=apps%2faurasma%2faurasmalite Android年3月11日月曜日 4
  5. 5. クロスメディアで活用するAR13年3月11日月曜日 5
  6. 6. 紙媒体とスマートフォンの活用 画像認識型ARプラットフォーム Autonomy(オートノミー社)が開発した高速で高精度なテクノロジーにより、言葉では ではなく、画像をきっかけにしたARプラットフォーム。 オフラインからオンラインへ誘導するビジュアルブラウジングAR 画像をきっかけにインタラクティブなコンテンツを表示するだけではなく、webブラウ ジングまでを可能にしたプラットフォーム。新聞紙面、雑誌、カタログ、広告、企業ロ ゴなどからの新しい情報を提供・拡張することで新しいコミュニケーションを創出。 世界初のビジュアルブラウザプラットフォーム、Aurasma 2011年6月の発表以来、Aurasmaは300万以上のダウンロードを記録(2012年2 月)。小売、スポーツ、自動車、消費財、家電、エンターテイメント、広告、出版業界 における4000以上のパートナーの自社キャンペーンやアプリにフリーテクノロジーと して組み込まれてきた。日本でも80万ダウンロード(2012年4月)を記録。 Aurasma は先進的な画像認識技術を持つ英国のAutonomy社が開発。ヒューレット・パッカー ド・カンパニーは2011年10月に Autonomy社を買収。Aurasma launched in June 2011 and now has more than 16,000 customers in 100 countries. Leading brands including Marvel, Maybelline,Sony Pictures, Teléfonica / O2, Universal Pictures and Universal Music Group use Aurasma to increase awareness and revenues for newcampaigns and products. The simple and easy-to-use platform requires no software development training, and enables organizations of allsizes to quickly create and publish their own augmented reality content. To see how various brands have used Aurasma to engage with theirmarkets, watch this video.(via年3月11日月曜日 6
  7. 7. Aurasmaの採用実績年3月11日月曜日 7
  8. 8. Aurasma導入事例13年3月11日月曜日 8
  9. 9. 「MARVEL AR Triggers」-Marvel ARMarvel partnered with Aurasma to create the first major augmented reality app to be used by a comic book company. Originally launched at SXSW, the MarvelAR app could be used in conjunction with the Avengers vs X-Men series. Frames which featured the Marvel AR logo could be viewed in-app to accessadditional content including, pen and ink frames, animated covers and more. UK/USA AppStore,GooglePlay “marvel ar” で検索13年3月11日月曜日 9
  10. 10. Aurasma 利用シーン ウィンドウショッピングAR 景色を認識するAR 複数の新聞へAR広告を展開 The Window Shop | NET-A-PORTER.COM Aurasma bringing dinosaurs to Paris Schroders use Aurasma to augmented their print advertising 自動車雑誌の表紙から動画 TシャツからARコンテンツ シリアルの箱からAR動画 Top Gear Magazine rolls out Aurasma Augmented reality T-shirts Aurasma Aurasma Blue Diamond demo Millers Concepts ARゲーム 水族館のパネルから水性生物 名刺からAR動画 Aurasma bridges the physical, virtual worlds: DEMO Fall 2011 Aurasma at Idaho Aquarium Business Cards of the Future - Create for free with Aurasma!13年3月11日月曜日 10
  11. 11. Fashion Cosmetique13年3月11日月曜日 11
  12. 12. -Forever 21 Using Aurasma’s advanced image recognition technology, window clings, located on Forever 21 storefronts, and Forever 21 advertisements will be brought to life through the F21POP app, allowing consumers to view exclusive videos of Chanel Iman modeling the brand’s winter collection. The F21POP app also brings content to life in the Forever 21 magazine. -Regions: USA年3月11日月曜日 12
  13. 13. -Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted Elizabeth Arden partnered with Aurasma to make the celebrity fragrance ‘Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted’ come to life on product packaging, print ads, direct mail pieces, and even through a scavenger hunt. -Regions: USA wonderstruck-enchanted13年3月11日月曜日 13
  14. 14. -House of Holland Henry Holland was the first fashion designer to bring a magazine cover to life when he released the House of Holland augmented reality app which is powered by Aurasma. Readers who opened the app and pointed at the front cover of December’s InStly magazine gained access to runway videos from House of Holland’s Spring / Summer collection shown at London Fashion Week. -Regions: UK holland13年3月11日月曜日 14
  15. 15. -Elle Poland Elle, Flesz, Avanti and other key fashion magazines in Poland and the Czech Republic used Aurasma to share a variety of fashion related videos that were linked directly to the front covers of the various titles. -Regions: Europe年3月11日月曜日 15
  16. 16. The front covers of the October edition of GQ magazine, the Men of the Year Awards 2011 special edition, was brought to life with Aurasma. The various front covers featuring Lara Stone, Keith Richards, Bradley Cooper, U2 and Hugh Laurie, all of which could be brought to life with Aurasma. To see this Aura in action, download Aurasma for free, subscribe to the "Aurasma Case Study Auras" Channel and then hover your phone over the image in app.年3月11日月曜日 16
  17. 17. dunhill, have used Aurasma for a series of campaigns known as ‘The Voice’. Featuring explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, theatredirector Michael Grandage, Royal Ballet principle dancer Rupert Pennefather and others, the models’ static profiles aretransformed. Viewers can also ‘Shop the Look’ with a single tap. To see this Aura in action, download Aurasma for free,subscribe to the "Aurasma Case Study Auras" Channel and then hover your phone over the image in app.年3月11日月曜日 17
  18. 18. 13年3月11日月曜日 18
  19. 19. 13年3月11日月曜日 19
  20. 20. Music13年3月11日月曜日 20
  21. 21. KISS MONSTER13年3月11日月曜日 21
  22. 22. -The Rolling Stones – GRRR! The Rolling Stones used Aurasma to promote the release of their new album ‘GRRR!’. Once one of 3000+ global locations were viewed through the Aurasma- powered uView app, a 3D Gorilla, which was based on the album’s artwork, could be spotted within the scene. Stones’ fans were also encouraged to have their picture taken with the Gorilla at their location and to submit these pictures via twitter or email to see them posted on the Rolling Stones’ website. -Regions: Asia/Europe/UK/USA年3月11日月曜日 22
  23. 23. -Robbie Williams Pop Icon Robbie Williams’s new album – Take the Crown – comes to life on each day of December with an advent calendar surprise.  Check it out each day for a new classic Robbie performance! robbie-williams13年3月11日月曜日 23
  24. 24. The Ting Tings The Ting Tings teamed up with Aurasma to bring the Sounds From Nowheresville album cover to life. When viewed in Aurasma fans are able to witness the album cover rip apart to reveal a video of the song ‘Hang it Up’. Users also had the on-screen option to download a digital version of the album or connect with the band via facebook and twitter. tings13年3月11日月曜日 24
  25. 25. -Nirvana Nevermind To celebrate the 20th anniversary release of Nirvana’s Nevermind album, Universal Music wanted to bring their music to audiences in a new way and decided to integrate Aurasma into their campaign to make the album’s iconic artwork live and interactive.   CD covers of the re-released album offered fans all around the world the chance to see exclusive Nirvana videos and gain further insight into the band. -Regions: UK/USA年3月11日月曜日 25
  26. 26. -U2 From the Sky Down Appearing in Rolling Stone magazine, print adverts for U2′s documentary, From the Sky Down, were brought to digital life using Aurasma. When viewed in-app these print ads could be used to access a promotional preview video in anticipation of the up and coming film. -Regions: USA the-sky-down13年3月11日月曜日 26
  27. 27. 13年3月11日月曜日 27
  28. 28. Movie13年3月11日月曜日 28
  29. 29. -UNIQLO Spider-Man To celebrate the release of The Amazing Spider-Man, UNIQLO launched a range of Amazing Spider-Man T-shirts. When viewed in Aurasma, these T-shirts could be used to access a stunning 3D animation showing the much-loved super hero ‘web slinging’ through an urban scene. Shoppers could also enter a competition to win a trip to New York by viewing special postcards and posters in store.  -Regions: UK年3月11日月曜日 29
  30. 30. -Puss in Boots The front cover of Home Media magazine was turned into an augmented reality trigger through a partnership with Aurasma. Readers who viewed this cover using Aurasma were able to instantly access a trailer for the film. -Regions: USA年3月11日月曜日 30
  31. 31. -Johnny English The Creative Partnership teamed up with Aurasma when working on the national print campaign for the release of Johnny English, a Universal Pictures film. British comedy legend Rowan Atkinson came down to the filming studio to shoot this Aura in front of a green screen with predictably hilarious results. -Regions: UK johnny-english13年3月11日月曜日 31
  32. 32.年3月11日月曜日 32
  33. 33. Art13年3月11日月曜日 33
  34. 34. 13年3月11日月曜日 34
  35. 35. -Rene Magritte – The Summer Steps One of many examples of a famous work of art that we have adapted into a 3D scene which can be viewed and shared using Aurasma. -Regions: Africa/Asia/Europe/Middle East/South America/UK/USA年3月11日月曜日 35
  36. 36. Sports13年3月11日月曜日 36
  37. 37. 13年3月11日月曜日 37
  38. 38. 13年3月11日月曜日 38
  39. 39. 13年3月11日月曜日 39
  40. 40. -Dubai World Championship Golf Working with the media agency, North 55, Aurasma was involved in a campaign aimed at boosting ticket sales for golf’s Dubai World Championships. When viewed in Aurasma, the print posters and press ads that were part of the advertising surrounding the close of the event could be used to access a preview trailer and book tickets for the European Tour’s final stage. -Regions: Middle East年3月11日月曜日 40
  41. 41. -Shark Watches Shark Watches partnered with Aurasma to transform their December and January ad campaign into an interactive, dynamic experience. When viewing the ads in Aurasma, sports fans could watch professional surfer Corey Lopez  perform extreme tricks on the Killer Shark Tide, allowing the ad to tell the complete story behind the printed image. -Regions: USA watches13年3月11日月曜日 41
  42. 42. Electric Appliances13年3月11日月曜日 42
  43. 43. -Panasonic Tough Working with Knowledge Works in Japan, Aurasma was used in conjunction with Panasonic’s print advertising campaign. Featuring in some of Japan’s largest newspapers, including Mainichi Shimbun, these static print ads could be brought to life with Aurasma and used to access further information. -Regions: Asia年3月11日月曜日 43
  44. 44. -Panasonic Viera To launch their range of Smart Viera televisions Panasonic, joined forces with Aurasma once again. Augmented reality content was attached to print advertising, in- store posters and POS materials, with the same image being used throughout. When viewed in Aurasma, any one of these could be used to trigger additional content and drive traffic to the Panasonic Viera website. -Regions: Europe/UK viera13年3月11日月曜日 44
  45. 45. Car13年3月11日月曜日 45
  46. 46. 13年3月11日月曜日 46
  47. 47. -Mazda BT-50 Clemenger Harvie, worked with Aurasma on an augmented reality campaign for Mazda promoting the new BT-50 to the Australian market. This was our first Australian campaign. When viewed in Aurasma, Mazda’s print adverts and POS materials could be used to watch a video about the new truck and access further options. -Regions: Asia年3月11日月曜日 47
  48. 48. -Top Gear – The Challenges DVD The ever popular Top Gear television programme regularly releases DVD compilations. The Top Gear DVD was perfectly complimented  by a 3D Stig who, when the cover was viewed in Aurasma, would burst through the DVD, challenging the user to an imaginary fight. Fans can watch this aura on their mobile device by following the “BBC Worldwide – Top Gear DVDs” channel in Aurasm-a. Regions: UK年3月11日月曜日 48
  49. 49. 13年3月11日月曜日 49
  50. 50. Food,Drink13年3月11日月曜日 50
  51. 51. 13年3月11日月曜日 51
  52. 52. -Blue Dragon Working with agency Billington Cartmel, Blue Dragon partnered with Aurasma to bring a little extra spice to their products to help celebrate Chinese New Year. By viewing stir fry sauce sachets in Aurasma, shoppers were able to access recipe advice from Blue Dragon’s Asian cooking expert Jeremy Pang. -Regions: UK年3月11日月曜日 52
  53. 53. Travel13年3月11日月曜日 53
  54. 54. -Go Hawaii As the cold weather started to hit Chicago, the aptly named Windy City, Aurasma helped the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau show off their picturesque holiday destinations to envious commuters at the Clarke & Lake station in Chicago and the San Francisco bay area. The campaign brought commuters one step closer to the experience of a dream holiday in Hawaii. -Regions: USA年3月11日月曜日 54
  55. 55. -Saga World Traveller Prestigious over 50′s holiday provider, Saga, approached Aurasma with their key January period in mind. Two of their biggest travel magazines, Saga World Traveler and Saga Cruises, integrated Aurasma-enabled content into their front covers. When viewed with Aurasma these covers gave holiday makers the chance to watch exciting video footage surrounding Saga’s travel destinations. -Regions: UK年3月11日月曜日 55
  56. 56. Magazine Novelle13年3月11日月曜日 56
  57. 57. -Sainsbury’s Magazine The October issue of Sainbury’s magazine featured interactive print ad campaigns from brands including Colgate, Heinz and Wrigley’s alongside editorial pages enriched with augmented reality content, which could be accessed by using Aurasma. Sainsbury’s magazine has continued to use Aurasma- enabled content since. -Regions: UK年3月11日月曜日 57
  58. 58. -Vanity Fair Released February 2013 Vanity Fair, published by Condé Nast, has partnered with Aurasma to bring augmented reality to its printed magazine. In the March 2013 issue, the cover (featuring stars Ben Affleck, Emma Stone, and Bradley Cooper) and select pages come to digital life when viewed through the Aurasma-powered VF Extra! mobile app.  Readers using the app can scan the Special Collector’s Edition printed editorial and advertisements with their mobile device to discover exciting bonus content featuring their favorite entertainers and brands.   VF Extra! is available for free download from the App Store and Google Play-. Regions: USA johnny-english13年3月11日月曜日 58
  59. 59. 13年3月11日月曜日 59
  60. 60. Other13年3月11日月曜日 60
  61. 61. -Austin Chronicle – SXSW Interactive Issue 2013 / Released March 7, 2013 The Austin Chronicle and Aurasma have reunited to power a delightfully augmented newspaper cover for the SXSW Interactive issue.  By viewing the front page of the Chronicle with Aurasma, readers and eventgoers can catch an exclusive animation and video, then click through to check out the latest updates on the paper’s mobile site. This is the second consecutive year that the Austin Chronicle has partnered with Aurasma to power its enhanced issue for SXSW. -Regions: Asia/Canada/Europe/USA sxsw-interactive-201313年3月11日月曜日 61
  62. 62. -Thundercats Aurasma partnered with Bandai to bring the packaging of Thundercats and Ben 10 toys to life. By downloading the Aurasma app and pointing at the back of special edition packages children are able to access a detailed 3D animation of the toy in action, allowing them to make an informed decision before purchasing as well as making the packaging itself an integral part of the overall experience of the toy. -Regions: Europe/UK/USA年3月11日月曜日 62
  63. 63. 13年3月11日月曜日 63
  64. 64. -Monster Christmas CardOnline recruitment company Monster used Aurasma to create the world’s first augmented reality Christmas card. Monster’s1.2 million clients received a card with a difference. When viewed in Aurasma, a quiet, snowy village soon becomes lesstranquil when a mischievous visitor arrives and embarks on erecting a Christmas tree with humorous consequences.-Regions: UK年3月11日月曜日 64
  65. 65. -Edward Hopper – Nighthawks One of many examples of a famous work of art that we have adapted into a 3D scene which can be viewed and shared using Aurasma. -Regions: Africa/Asia/Europe/Middle East/South America/UK/USA年3月11日月曜日 65
  66. 66. Daniel4D’s Special 3D Auras Start Aurasma, select the icon at the top-left of the screen, go to the Search section and type “daniel”, subscribe to Daniel4D’s Channel:13年3月11日月曜日 66
  67. 67. 13年3月11日月曜日 67
  68. 68. 13年3月11日月曜日 68
  69. 69. 13年3月11日月曜日 69
  70. 70. 13年3月11日月曜日 70
  71. 71. 13年3月11日月曜日 71
  72. 72. 13年3月11日月曜日 72
  73. 73. 13年3月11日月曜日 73
  74. 74. 13年3月11日月曜日 74