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Kavita Bhabhi - A Viral Case Study (


Published on spoofed the popular Savita Bhabhi on April Fools Day (2009) by launching

The site received more than 2 lakh unique visitors in the space of just 5 days!

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Kavita Bhabhi - A Viral Case Study (

  1. 1. An erotic fantasy crafted by
  2. 2. Taking off from the popular Indian adult cartoon strip, Savita Bhabhi; we created a spoof “Kavita Bhabhi”. Adding to the original where the fantasy starts with a visitor to the Bhabhi’s house, here we gave the sites users a chance to personalize their fantasy and be “The Visitor” to the Bhabhi’s house. But little does the user know that this fantasy would end up being an April fool prank by the team.
  3. 3. How Kavita got her Identity online! We did not limit the Kavita Bhabhi persona to just but gave her character some life in on the web by re-creating her character on sites like Facebook, Orkut and Twitter.
  4. 4. Kavita Bhabhi was being talked about everywhere! The Kavita Bhabhi story didn’t just end with the climax scene; users were given an option to share it with friends via email. Many went beyond just sharing it on email but also shared it through Instant messengers, blogs, Facebook, Orkut, Twitter and even offline… Site being shared on Facebook Twitter tweets on kavitabhabhi blogs about kavitabhabhi
  5. 5. Kavita Bhabhi in the news With a lot of conversations happening on Twitter it caught the attention of the media, which lead to Mid-day featuring the site of 1 st April!
  6. 6. The curiosity touches a new high After being talked about all over. People got curious and wanted to know who Kavita Bhabhi was, and they turned to Google Search. Kavita Bhabhi was the most searched term in Google Search from India for the entire day of April 1, 2009!
  7. 7. The Result? 2 Lakh+ unique visitors to the site in less than 5 days! 8% of these users ended up on
  8. 8. Contact : [email_address] On Twitter : @KavitaBhabhi (