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Webinar mobile monitoring_intro

  1. 1. Real Device Mobile Monitoring The fundamentals of true synthetic mobile monitoring Perfectomobile Mobile Testing Center of Excellence Group
  2. 2. Presenters Amir Rozenberg Director of Product Management, Mobile Monitoring & Performance Testing Eran Kinsbruner Mobile Quality Evangelist Director Product Marketing HP Discover, Vegas June 11-13/2013 Silver Sponsors Santa Clara, June 19-20/2013 Silver Sponsors
  3. 3. ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ Founded 2006 90+ employees Office in Boston, London, Israel Over 600 customers Fortune 500, Telcos, Developers MobileCloud Platform + Mobile Quality Product Suite Mobile Application Quality across the mobile application lifecycle Testing Automation Performance Monitoring ALM Integration Continuous Integration Public Cloud Private Cloud
  4. 4. Mobilizing your Existing Software ALM
  5. 5. Solution - The MobileCloud™ Platform
  6. 6. Agenda Background • The market need • Approaches for monitoring Mobile Monitoring • Challenges in mobile monitoring • The need for real insight Solutions • Requirements for an applicable solution
  7. 7. What makes mobile such a unique channel? Ability to offer targeted services • Context • Time • Location • Proximity • Behavioral preferences • Past choices Richness Immediacy Simplicity Relevancy Improve ability to target end users, achieve business success criteria IT $$ flowing to mobile
  8. 8. Mobile Strategy increasingly critical • Mobile commerce sales will reach $12 billion this year. Sales will increase exponentially over the next few years and reach $27 billion by 2016 (Forrester Research, May 2013) • 72% of consumers now use banking apps at least once a week, while 56% report using a credit card app (or mobile Web site) every week (Mojiva, May 2013). • Mobile influences 45% of in-store shopping (inMobi, May 2013) Mobile Leading as Preferred Channel for Banking
  9. 9. Mobile Becoming Close Companion • 91% report their mobile device within 1 meter reach 24X7 • 95% of cell phone owners never leave home without carrying their phone*
  10. 10. End User Have Demanding Expectations, Failure is Expensive Source: Compuware
  11. 11. Delivering Optimized Experience is Challenging • Introduction of Agile methodologies • Accelerated continuous delivery cycle • The rise of the DevOps team • Complexity of quality control • Features, devices, scenarios • Appearance of availability and response time issues in the field • Reliance on 3rd party technology & content
  12. 12. Challenges across the organization LoB • • • • Meet business criteria (RoI, brand, adoption, productivity) Leverage the mobile opportunity Ability to scale the solution Ability to leverage existing investment into ALM Operations • • • • "The explosion of smartphones and mobile applications has created a performance monitoring nightmare for businesses developing or delivering mobile content and applications.” Carl Howe, director, consumer research for Yankee Group • • • • Insight into solution health across all users, devices, locations and carriers Avoid expensive recurring operational incidents Apply existing operations tools, policies & processes Ensure solution ability to handle load Address production issues quickly Leverage same scripts through lifecycle Share scripts, devices, screenshots etc. globally Reduce risk from rapid agile development cycles Dev & QA
  13. 13. Mobile Performance Impacts Business Success Walmart reported 1 second performance improvement in their online presence can contribute up to 2% in conversions1 Amazon reported every 100ms latency could cost them 1% revenue2
  14. 14. Poll- Service level expectations Major US Bank: “We have support staff for web issues. On mobile, users rip us apart on social networks” “If you get bad reviews, don’t bother fixing your app, build a new one!”
  15. 15. Poll- Service level expectations
  16. 16. Meeting Users’ Expectations Performance Testing Monitoring
  17. 17. Monitoring: Different Perspectives Server RUM Client RUM Real User Monitoring and Synthetic Monitoring are complementary Monitoring Methodologies Synthetic Synthetic More 3rd parties
  18. 18. • Locations • Root cause • Execution of thick clients • True Insight Synthetic Browser Monitoring : FF/webkit over LAN • • • • • Browser • • Browser RUM (JS) • • • • Proactive Pre & post Production Sampled Clean room Root-cause Reactive Business impact Real world Coverage Analytics W3C strategy • ”One Web” RUM • Instrumentation RUM • True insight • End-user experience • Coverage, maintenance • Scalability Real device Monitoring Real Devices Real device RUM: instrument ed apps • Apps RUM Insight, incl. crashes, screenshots etc. • Instrumentation
  19. 19. The need for real devices throughout the mobile ALM Mobile Web Ex.: Weather Mobile App Ex.: Insurance Feature Location, time Address book, camera Local storage Real device Browser
  20. 20. Real Device Examples Navigator API redirection HTML5 storage Rendering and functionality issues
  21. 21. Leading Global Bank: Interoperability use case “ 2FA authentication is a regulatory requirement for logging into Internet banking (Mobile phone OTP). …we have no way to monitor or get past this stage. Since the industry is heading this way, we are at a serious disadvantage of not being able to monitor many critical functions. I’m sure we’re not the only bank who is interested in monitoring this.” Director of Service Assurance
  22. 22. 4 Key Requirements for Mobile Monitoring Monitor using real devices Measure the metrics mobile users care about Ensure the monitoring solution SLA is better than your service target Enable mobile monitoring integration into proven enterprisegrade solutions Drive mutual language between Ops and Dev Common tools and workflows are key to reduce MTTR (mean time to resolution)
  23. 23. Poll What is the most important requirement from a synthetic mobile monitoring solution? Utilize real devices on real networks Integrate into proven monitoring solutions Provide integrated insight with RUM Controlled maintenance overhead High solution SLA
  24. 24. Poll- Synthetic mobile monitoring requirements
  25. 25. Applicable Mobile Monitoring Leverage Real Devices Reduce solution Overhead Leverage Proven Platforms Address Solution SLA
  26. 26. Upcoming Mobile Monitoring Webinar Perfecto Mobile Monitoring Product Introduction “Introduction to MobileCloud Monitoring - Real Device Monitoring Solution” June 26th 2013, 11 AM EST Hosted by Perfecto Mobile and SkyIT Register at: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/208623254
  27. 27. Mobile Monitoring - White paper In this white paper, you will be able to gain insights into the following mobile monitoring aspects: Key building blocks for a mobile monitoring solution Best practices and process to build a mobile monitoring solution Best practice solution design overview LINK to download (Registration required): http://help.perfectomobile.com/article/AA-01854/
  28. 28. Erank@perfectomobile.com Info@perfectomobile.com amirr@perfectomobile.com Twitter: @Amir_Rozenberg