Testing automation in agile environment


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Test automation in agile environment, levture given in Matrix Israel conference

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Testing automation in agile environment

  1. 1. Testing Automation in Agile environment
  2. 2. The old and “good” (?) water fall “The "traditional" model of software development lifecycle.” 1 Analysis 2 Design 3 Coding 4 Testing
  3. 3. The old and “good” (?) water fall Testing automation life cycle in water fall• Only regression testing covered by TA• Testing automation follow the manual testing versions (always regression testing of the previous version executed)• TA design always by the manual testing group• Execution Priority by the manual testing manager• Very easy to control and manage
  4. 4. Testing in Agile environment
  5. 5. Agile conceptEmphasize collaborative, integrated teams, frequentdeliveries, and the ability to adapt to changing businessneeds
  6. 6. The Tester role in Agile environment• Focuses on testing iteratively against newly developed code until quality• Testers have to adapt to rapid deployment cycles and changes in testing patterns.• Agile testing involves testing from the customer perspective as early as possible
  7. 7. Testing Automation in Agile environmentSince working increments of the software are releasedoften in agile software development, there is also a needto test often. This is commonly done by using automatedtests to minimize the amount of manual labor involved.Undertaking only manual testing in agile developmentmay result in either buggy software or slippingschedules, as it may not be possible to test the entirebuild manually before each release.
  8. 8. Testing Automation as part of the scrum team• Testing automation activities is part of the backlog document• Automation developer take part in all scrum stages• Automation status is part of the morning meetings• Testing automation is a MUST as part of the scrum testing scope• Automation developer works closely with all team members (Manual tester, Developer, PMO, etc…)
  9. 9. Testing Automation execution Scrum work flow• Testing automation execution occur after the first code delivery• Usually will try to use existing code• API execution is an advantage• Result analyze by the whole scrum team
  10. 10. Some Agile testing principles justify Testing Automation• Testing moves the project forward• Testing is not a phase – it’s a way of life (ongoing execution)• Every body test – Manual testers execute automation• Keep the code clean – rerun testing execution• Test Driven advantage – very easy to develop in automated testing
  11. 11. Testing Automation Agile V.S Water fall Agile Water Fall Testing Design TA with the team N/A Coding Start develop where the N/A application is stable New features Take part in the backlog N/A written part Execution All the team execute TA developer execute things ready regression testing Reporting Send to the team Send to the team Working scope Decide with the team Given by the manual group manager
  12. 12. Thank you All!Any Questions?