Key consideration in mobile test automation webinar


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Key consideration in mobile test automation webinar

  1. 1. Welcome to the MobileCloud Webinar! Key Considerations In Mobile App Test Automation Get top-notch tips on the mobile app testing Learn the fundamentals on mobile objects See real life examples where hybrid automation is required for a complete end-to-end test See a live demo of cross-platform test automation Today’s Session will start at 11:05 AM EST
  2. 2. Today’s Speakers Eran Kinsbruner Perfecto Mobile – Director, Product Marketing Joe Schulz Orasi Software – AVP, Mobile Testing Joe Alfonsi Perfecto Mobile – Senior Sales Engineer
  3. 3. ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ Founded 2006 90+ employees Office in Boston, London, Israel Over 600 customers Fortune 500, Telcos, Developers MobileCloud Platform + Mobile Quality Product Suite Mobile Application Quality across the mobile application lifecycle Testing Automation Monitoring Public Cloud ALM Integration Performance Continuous Integration Private Cloud
  4. 4. Orasi Software At A Glance Our Company Our Technology · Focus on enterprise software quality management · 1800+ Customers · Partners with Mercury/HP since 1994 · · · · · HP Test Management and Automation HP Enterprise Security Platform Perfecto Mobile MobileCloud Mobile Labs Trust Shunra, SAP, Blueprint 2012 HP Support Partner of Year 2011 HP Software Partner of Year Our Services · Implementation Services · Install & Configure · Mentoring · Remote Testing Services · SAP Testing Services · Mobile Application Testing · Software Support
  5. 5. Mobile = BIG
  6. 6. Tablet shipments Up by 68%, PCs down by 10%
  7. 7. Mobile OS Market Share IDC Research, Q1 2013
  8. 8. 29 versions of Android released since 2007 420 active models of Android mobile phones Thousands of combination 18 7 versions of iOS released since 2007 Common operating platforms
  9. 9. Apple Samsung LG Google Motorola HTC Blackberry HTC Samsung Nokia
  10. 10. The Cost of Not Testing “…customers using iPads…actually paid twice” “…problem began in July but went undetected…until December” “Other mobile apps…immune from the problem” Source: New York Times Online, February 2012
  11. 11. Cloud-Based Automation • Automation support for thousands of device types • ScriptOnce for device-agnostic scripting • Share devices across scripts and scripters • Eliminate device management headache and cost
  12. 12. Automation Objects Objects are the building blocks of automation Visual (OCR) vs. Native object recognition Automation invokes methods and attributes
  13. 13. Visual Object Recognition would identify the overlapping text as a defect Native Object Recognition would be able to select the appropriate option regardless of the overlap
  14. 14. Hybrid Mobile Automation Objects in Automation Native objects preferred but problematic Visual (OCR) objects more flexible but not perfect Best alternative is hybrid approach mixing native and visual objects to cover all scenarios Provides direct access to application objects Allows interaction with the device outside of app
  15. 15. Native Object analysis 100% accurate in native object rec. Does not often detect GUI defects Much faster than OCR Support all languages Mobile Objects – Hybrid Approach Visual analysis (OCR) Imperative for end user’s experience Slower than object level analysis Imperative for GUI glitches Dependent on 3rd party Implement the WYSIWYG Does not support all languages
  16. 16. Show It To Me! Interactive mode for manual testing Test automation using a variety of automation scripting tools and languages
  17. 17. Thank You! Questions? Eran Kinsbruner Perfecto Mobile – Director, Product Marketing Joe Schulz Orasi Software – AVP, Mobile Testing Joe Alfonsi Perfecto Mobile – Senior Sales Engineer