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Digital quality handbook meetup presentation


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Ministry of testing meetup session - 6/13/2017

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Digital quality handbook meetup presentation

  1. 1. Digital Quality in a DevOps World June 13, 2017 Presented By: Twitter: @ek121268 Blog:
  2. 2. Introductions • Mobile Technical Evangelist at Perfecto • Blogger and Speaker • 18+ Years in Development & Testing • Author of The Digital Quality Handbook, launched in May
  3. 3. Overview of the Digital Landscape • As mobile & web technologies expand, release practices must keep up. Challenges include: ○ SDLC and processes maturity ○ Expanding test coverage to include more non-functional testing, user condition testing, etc. ○ Coping with existing limitations of open source tools and frameworks ○ Sustaining correctly sized and up-to-date mobile test labs ○ Getting proper quality insights upon each test cycle prior and post production ○ Branching wisely cross-platform and cross-feature test suites
  4. 4. The Basics • Building a mobile test lab • Common testing pitfalls • Shifting from manual to automated testing • Best practices for optimizing testing
  5. 5. Integrating Digital Quality in DevOps Practices • Benefits of integrating quality into the devops cycle • Best practices for integrating quality into the devops cycle • Actualizing quality while practicing agile–allowing testers to drive development
  6. 6. Mobile App Quality–Non-Functional Practices ● Best practices for integrating non-functional testing and performance testing into build and continuous integration cycles ● Benefits of crowdsourced testing for mobile apps ● Guidelines for achieving great end user experiences
  7. 7. Testing for Emerging Technologies ● Automated visual testing ● Testing bots in the context of mobile apps ● Smart object identification ● Complementing mobile functional testing with API testing Online resource:
  8. 8. Special Offer to Meetup Attendees 25% off Discount Code 2TUEFYMC 8
  9. 9. Discussion 1.What challenges do you face with testing? 2.Do you typically test throughout the development cycle? 3.How much time do you spend testing / debugging apps? 4.Where do you typically get insight around best practices for testing?
  10. 10. Thank You