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Midterm reflection


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This is the a reflection paper that we had to write about the Spanish, talking about what we learned, what can I do, what I enjoyed, what I need to improve on, and also what are some strategies that I could use to improve on the problems that I have.

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Midterm reflection

  1. 1. Midterm Reflections By: Eshita KarnikThis quarter I learned about body parts, what is allowed and what is not allowed,and what a teacher or a student is like.Also I learned what should a student do inclass, about house, food, and also extracurricular activities. I can talk about buyingdifferent kinds of food from different places. I can talk about floors in the housesand what chores a person can have. I can talk about different extracurricularactivities that I have or activities that someone else has. What I enjoyed the mostwas making the food and recording ourselves in Spanish because I thought it gaveus a practice of speaking in Spanish. I didn’t exactly have any troubles besides thetests and quizzes that we had to take. Also keeping up with the blog and portfolio isa little hard to do. I think the main thing that I need to improve on would be testsand quizzes. The way for me to improve on tests and quizzes would be to eithergive more time to study the words, practice writing each word without lookingincluding the definition, study with a friend outside of class, or have someone frommy family ask me the words.