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Startup Heroes Pitchdeck


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A discovery platform that allows early adopters to browse exciting new start ups. In return, these start ups offer incentives, like coupons, to acquire users.

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Startup Heroes Pitchdeck

  1. 1. A discovery platform for early adopters to browse exciting new start ups
  2. 2. Vision• Change the world by helping start ups disrupt the status quo• Create progress by empowering start ups and early adopters
  3. 3. Market• Everyone is an early adopter if you find their passion – anything from having the cool tech gadgets to fair trade to knitting• Our platform will host any type of start up – there will be a little bit of something for everyone
  4. 4. Business Model• Start ups offer incentives (i.e. coupons) to get new customers to try their products or services• We charge them $0.30 everytime someone claims an incentive• Start ups acquire users
  5. 5. Scale• Can be used by mainstream companies to test innovative new products• Example: Google TV• Complete failure. Could have received early feedback, validated the idea and avoided the PR storm that follows Google TVs failure
  6. 6. Competition• Kickstarter• They focus on funding ideas• We focus on generating sales for recently established companies
  7. 7. Funding• $10,000 at most• Money will be used to build and host website• Why so cheap? We have a developer and graphic artist on board
  8. 8. ContactEdward Junprungejunprung@gmail.comBrian Jungjvrian@gmail.com