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Be serious with sirius your journey from first experimentation to large deployment

  1. ©Copyright2016Obeo Be Serious With Sirius: Your Journey From First Experimentation to Large Deployment Etienne Juliot @ejuliot
  2. ©Copyright2016Obeo Easily create tailored modeling workbenches ● Complexity Management ● Adapted to your specificities Sirius: Open-Endedness and Flexibility
  3. ©Copyright2016Obeo Sirius: Benefits End Users Tools tailored to their vocabulary & processes Tool Specifiers/Developers Reduce cost & complexity (2 hours hands-on session produces first results)
  4. ©Copyright2016Obeo Sirius: Principles Specification Environment Runtime Environment Tool Specifiers/Developers End Users
  5. ©Copyright2016Obeo Modeling tool set-up Modeling tool usage Example
  6. ©Copyright2016Obeo Sirius: Open Source A technology contributed by Obeo and Thales to the Eclipse Foundation ● Conforms to Eclipse's standard development process ● Project integrated within the annual release-train ● A large and active community of users
  7. ©Copyright2016Obeo Sirius : A Well Proven Technology Already deployed on numerous projects ● Thales: Systems Engineering of the group (Capella workbench) ● French Ministry of Defense: Design and development of JavaEE applications
  8. ©Copyright2016Obeo Sirius: Process on real projects
  9. ©Copyright2016Obeo How to Start? Demonstrator on your business domain ● 5-15 days Modeling tool applicable on a first project ● 10-30 days ● Productivity tools ● Integration with other tools ● Packaging ● Release engineering Business Model Principles ✔ No Vendor Lockin ✔ No entry cost ✔ Substainibility ✔ Software Editor guarantees POC Pilot Industrialization
  10. ©Copyright2016Obeo The Professional Solution for Deploying Sirius
  11. ©Copyright2016Obeo Obeo Designer Hot-fixes & Open Innovation Cost management of your specific integrations Dedicated Support Guaranteed response time for your support queries Collaborative Features Live and fluent collaboration on the same data Secure Your Deployments Collaborate with Your Team Members Drive the Roadmap
  12. ©Copyright2016Obeo Obeo Designer: Subscription Offers Guaranteed Response Time   Technical support on a private and confidential infrastructure   Priority Access to Fixes   Dedicated Engineer  Hot Fixes & Specific Versions 
  13. ©Copyright2016Obeo Obeo Designer: Two editions Community Edition Team Edition A 100% Open Source package to discover Sirius thanks to a robust foundation A commercial package completing OD Community with repository-based collaborative features.
  14. ©Copyright2016Obeo Collaborative Modeling with Sirius: from Model Fragments to Shared- Repository
  15. ©Copyright2016Obeo Collaboration with model fragments A SCM to manage files User 2 SCM User 1 Merge data Work locally Work locally Merge data
  16. ©Copyright2016Obeo Collaboration with model fragments How to avoid merge User 1 User organiser Fragment file User 2 SCM
  17. ©Copyright2016Obeo Collaboration with model fragment DEMO merge
  18. ©Copyright2016Obeo EMF Compare : semantic merge
  19. ©Copyright2016Obeo EMF Compare: graphical merge
  20. ©Copyright2016Obeo Model fragment : so what ? Assume that processes are well defined and followed for File fragmentation File sharing File locking Assume Technical support for merge processes Suited for Meta model that can be easily fragmented Low user number Technical users
  21. ©Copyright2016Obeo To get rid of file sharing problems ! Classic collaboration problems Split the model into files Manage the files with a Software Configuration Management tool Manage locking at a file level Reconcile using diff & merge
  22. ©Copyright2016Obeo You already know how to collaborate fluently
  23. ©Copyright2016Obeo To achieve that, Obeo Designer Team, based on Eclipse CDO Put file in a data base
  24. ©Copyright2016Obeo Obeo Designer Team A shared repository and collaborative work features Utilisateur 1 User 2 OD Team Server User 1
  25. ©Copyright2016Obeo Obeo Designer Team Fine-Grained Locking Modification Automatic object locking and notification to other users Automatic Refresh Saving Unlocking and automatic refresh of other users representations Object modification Automatic locking of modified object Modification performed by a different user Saving by the current user releases the lock Saving by the other user publishes the modifications and releases the lock
  26. ©Copyright2016Obeo SIRIUS ODTEAM Functionalities CDO Obeo Designer Team : Architecture Fine-Grained Locking Modification => Automatic object locking and notification to other users Explicit locking Provide ability to share EMF model in a database EMF Sirius/CDO integration Make Sirius Modeling project connected to CDO server Automatic Refresh Saving => Automatic Unlocking and refresh of other users representations EXTENSION LAYER OD TEAM can be highly extended and customized
  27. ©Copyright2016Obeo Feedback Several users working simultaneously on the same data Automatic propagation of modifications across all user views Authentication and data access rights No time lost managing conflicts Implicit locking during modifications Explicitly created reservation locks Standard data exploitation Storage in a multi-platform relational database (H2) Ready to deploy server configuration based on CDO Import/Export with local projects Centralized administration Administration  console with automation feature Branch, archive and backup management
  28. ©Copyright2016Obeo Obeo Designer Team: Benefits Suited for 10-15 users users working simultaneously on the same data User gets rid of none business task No time lost splitting model No time lost managing conflicts Implicit locking during modifications Explicitly created reservation locks Real time external other users modification integration Automatic propagation of modifications across all user views Other feature Authentication Data access rights
  29. ©Copyright2016Obeo Obeo Designer Team: Compatible with multi-team Configuration management Many team management Paris New york SCM
  30. ©Copyright2016Obeo Obeo Designer Team: Already used OD Team is deployed at our customers ETAS, SINTEF, MMA, French Ministry of Defense, Paranor Airbus SmartEA based on OD Team Capella Team the THALES Systems Engineering and Architecture Definition solution
  31. SIRIUS COMMUNITY IN PARIS S I R I U S C O N Paris – November 15th, 2016

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