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Amstelcampus, Amsterdam


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OIII selected to design Amstel campus, Unversity of Applied Sciences

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Amstelcampus, Amsterdam

  1. 1. PRESS REL EASE OIII selected to design Amstel campus, Unversity of Applied Sciences Amsterdam Hogeschool van Amsterdam is building its Amstel campus at the changes in education to be accommodated: for instance, the end of Wibaustraat in Amsterdam. It will be a city campus where educational rooms will be adaptable into rooms for self-study, students, lecturers and the city itself come together. lectures, or for use by project groups or teachers. The interior and Olll recently emerged as winner from the European tendering the materials will be selected to suit intensive, multiple usage by an process to select a contractor to design the campus interior. educational institute. education in the city kohnstammhuis The Amstel campus will not just be a place of study – it will also be In co-operation with Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Olll will start at a place for living and recreation. There will be student residences, first with the further development of the Kohnstammhuis building, sport and catering facilities, service shops and public squares. It will formerly the premises of the tax administration be a place where not just students and staff, but also local residents can meet. flexible and sustainable The vision proposed by Olll was based on a forward looking, OIII architecten Grasweg 79 1031 HX Amsterdam innovative educational model. A flexible layout will enable future T +31 (0) 20 6277140 E W