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Momentum Technology Centers - High Performance, "Green" LEED Certified Office Buildings - Better for the Occupants, Employers, Owners and the Environment!

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Momentum Technology Centers

  1. 1. There’s more to this building than th meets th eye! t the ! High-Performance “Green” Multi-Tenant Office Buildings Taking High-Performance, “Green” and Sustainability to the Next Level!
  2. 2. Momentum Technology Centers FLOOR PLATES OF 35,000 TO 40,000 SQUARE FEET SUITE SIZES STARTING AT 1 800 SQUARE FEET 1,800 PARKING RATIOS OF 5+ / 1,000 Market Rents for Better Space! High-Performance “Green” Multi-Tenant Office Buildings M T O B
  3. 3. What is LEED® & What makes our buildings LEED® Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Green Building Rating System TM U. S. Green Building Council Momentum Technology Centers are Designed for LEED® CORE & SHELL GOLD CERTIFICATION
  4. 4. Levels of LEED Ratings  Modular Interiors… Green Buildings  worldwide are certified  worldwide are certified with a voluntary, our only obstacle is y consensus‐based  conventional rating system. thinking USGBC has four  levels of LEED. l l f LEED Test
  5. 5. LEED® Achievements: Sustainable Sites 50% REDUCTION IN THE HEAT ISLAND EFFECT NIGHT LIGHTING POLLUTION IS REDUCED Hybrid & Carpool Bicycle Racks Reserved Parking Mass Transit Accessible CAR CANOPIES & SHIELDED LIGHTS
  6. 6. LEED® Achievements: Energy and Atmosphere 30%+ R d ti Reduction of E f Energy U Usage 65% Reduced CO2 Emissions On Site Renewable Solar Energy Green Power Purchase
  7. 7. LEED® Achievements: Water Efficiency 40% Reduction of Water Usage Water Efficient Landscaping Low Flow and Waterless & Plumbing Fixtures Automatic Rain Monitoring
  8. 8. LEED® Achievements: Materials and Resources 75% of Construction Waste is Diverted from Landfills 20% Recycled Content for all Construction Materials 40% of Materials Used are from Within 500 Miles
  9. 9. LEED® Achievements: Indoor Environmental Quality Enhanced Indoor Air Quality Only Low VOC Emitting Materials Green Cleaning Protocol G Cl i Pt l U de Under-Floor Supp y Air Delivery oo Supply e ey Individual Occupant Control of Thermal Comfort via Adjustable Individual Floor Registers
  10. 10. LEED® Achievements: Indoor Environmental Quality 90% of Occupied Spaces have Daylight & Views Increased Day Lighting Enhances Workspace Comfort and Employee Productivity
  11. 11. In 2010 All U.S. Government Leased Facilities Must Meet Minimum ENERGY STAR Requirement of 75 Points Momentum Technology Centers Designed to Achieve an Energy Star Score of 99 Out of a Possible 100 Points
  12. 12. Above and Beyond LEED®!!! What Makes Momentum Technology Centers HIGH PERFORMANCE?
  13. 13. High Performance: Re-Designed From the Inside Out!
  14. 14. High Performance: Flexibility with Modular Building Systems ● Easy Access to Modular Electric, Voice & Data Distribution Electric under the Raised Access Floor ● Many Other High Performance and Flexible Building Systems
  15. 15. High Performance: Moveable Interior Office Wall Systems Expedite Tenant Move-In Future Reconfiguration at a V F R fi i Very L Low C Cost and Si ifi d Significantly L l Less Down-Time D Ti High Qu g Quality Architectural Finishes c cu ns s
  16. 16. Align  Align Real Estate  with Business  ith B i Human Organizational Facility Environmental En ironmental Business Results
  17. 17. The Business Case: EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY A $60,000 per Year Employee Cost the Employer $300 per Square Foot A More Productive, Happier and Healthier Employee is Important to the Employer’s Bottom Line! “A 3% Increase in Productivity = $9 per Square Foot Rent Savings!” Enhanced Employee Recruitment & Retention Means More Profit for the Employer/Tenant Reduced Risk of Workers Claims from a “Sick Building” being the Employer’s Responsibility g py p y Attract and Retain Knowledge Workers!
  18. 18. The Business Case: LOCATION - LOCATION - LOCATION Convenient Suburban Locations = Shorter Commutes =R d Reduced Vehicle Miles Traveled d V hi l Mil T ld = Reduced Carbon Footprint Shorter Commutes = Less Employee Expense = More Employee Quality Time at Work & Play
  19. 19. The Business Case: MEASURABLE RESULTS Continued Monitoring of Advanced Building Systems by In-House Property & Facility Management Staff to Ensure Maximum Benefits Carbon Emissions Reduction Reporting Advanced Lighting Control Systems
  20. 20. Measured performance Measured performance Accelerate schedule 20 ‐ 40%  Reduce space requirements 5 ‐ 20% Reduce total churn costs 70 ‐ 90% Reduce lighting energy costs 25  40%  Reduce lighting energy costs 25 ‐ 40% Reduce HVAC operating costs  10 ‐ 30% Results
  21. 21. “If you’re not “GREEN” and High Performance . . . you’re not CLASS “A”!” Under Construction: Phoenix Southeast Valley Chandler Piazza Chandler - Loop 101 & SanTan 202 Phoenix West Valley Ph i W V ll Tolleson Towne Center Tolleson - 91st Avenue & I-10 In Planning: Goodyear North Scottsdale Other sites throughout Metropolitan Phoenix! 7440 E Pi E. Pinnacle P k R d l Peak Road Scottsdale, AZ 85255 Phone: 480-656-1600 The statements, descriptions and figures herein, while not guaranteed, are secured form sources to be authoritative. No representations are made as to the accuracy thereof. All information is subject to errors, omissions, changes and restatement. All numbers and dimensions are approximate. Copyright © 2008
  22. 22. Chandler Piazza Office Park There’s more to this building than meets the eye! Suites from 1,800 Square Feet Floor Pl t of 38 000 S Fl Plates f 38,000 Square F t Feet Full Building 77,000 Square Feet PHOENIX SOUTHEAST VALLEY
  23. 23. Tolleson Towne Center Office Park There’s more to this building than meets the eye! Suites from 2,000 Square Feet Floor Plates of 40,000 Square Feet Full Building of 205,000 Square Feet McDowell Road 91st Avenue PHOENIX WEST VALLEY Preliminary Site Plan
  24. 24. Goodyear Estrella Gateway Office Park There’s more to this building than meets the eye! Phoenix Southwest Valley Coming S C Soon – In Design
  25. 25. “If you’re not “GREEN” and High Performance . . . you’re not CLASS “A”!” CONTACT Y C YOUR B BROKER FOR MORE INFORMATION Under Construction: Phoenix Southeast Valley Chandler Piazza Chandler - Loop 101 & SanTan 202 Phoenix West Valley Tolleson Towne Center Tolleson - 91st Avenue & I-10 In Planning: Goodyear North Scottsdale Other sites throughout Metropolitan Phoenix! BUILD TO SUIT ALSO AVAILABLE
  27. 27. LEED ® CERTIFIED OFFICE BUILDINGS OUT PERFORM CONVENTIONAL OFFICE BUILDINGS According to 2007 RREEF analysis of CoStar Data – “Green” Office Buildings have  Lower Vacancy Rates, Faster Lease Up, Higher Rents and Higher Sales Prices  LEED® LEED® Difference Conventional Vacancy, Class “A” Office 7.4% 11.6% +56.8% Average Vacancy, in months 20.4% 22.3% +9.3% Rent per square foot $37.00 $29.00 +27.6% Source:  Andrew J. Nelson, RREEF, “Greening of U.S. Investment Real Estate,  November 2007, pages 24‐25.  RREEF analysis of Costar data 2007
  28. 28. ® LEED EB Audits and Capturing the Value of Green WHY OWNERS WANT TO GO “GREEN” • Upside benefits: - Lower operating expenses - Higher achievable rents - Shorter downtime on vacant space - Greater percentage of renewals • Reduce risks: - Lose major tenants “LIFE CYCLE” COSTS FOR BUILDINGS - Perceived obsolescence
  29. 29. “TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF COMMERCIAL PROPERTY  owned by real‐estate investment trusts, corporations  and other investors around the world WILL SOON  BECOME OBSOLETE — AND WILL DROP IN VALUE.” Reported in B A R R O N ’ S Charles Lockwood, author of Building the Green Way (Harvard Business  Review June 2006), is an environmental and real‐estate consultant, based  in southern California and New York City.
  30. 30. LEED-EB Certification, All Three Buildings Certified Platinum On Friday, June 9, Adobe Systems Incorporated’s West Tower became the first platinum certified Green Building in the USGBC’s permanent LEED program for Existing Buildings. On Friday, December 4, Adobe’s Almaden and East Towers joined West Tower, also at the platinum level, and Adobe became the first organization in the world to have three platinum certified buildings.
  31. 31. Sustainable Results Along the way, Adobe: • Effectively reduced electricity use 35% • Effectively reduced natural gas use 41% • Reduced domestic water use 22% • Reduced landscape water use 76% • Diverts up to 85% of its solid waste through composting and recycling • Reduced total pollution by 26% • Reduced CO2 emissions 17%; with Renewable Energy Credits 22.3%.
  32. 32. According to a 2007 Jones Lang LaSalle and CoreNet Survey… 77% of Corporate Users  77% of Corporate Users Would Pay More for “Green” Space  ENHANCED AND SUSTAINABLE ASSET VALUE!
  33. 33. “German Group Buys Signature Centre at Denver West for $46M” LEED Platinum‐CS Certified “The rate of capitalization was 6.14%.”
  34. 34. Are You Ready to Start Profiting from Your Office Space? g p Join Us in Giving the Planet a Break!