3 divorce mistakes men make #2


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http://www.DivorceToolboxforMen.com/f... In summing up divorce advice for men, a good attorney would definitely want you take care of your finances. It is easier said than done. Most men either separating or beginning the divorce process suffer from searing emotional pain or denial. But as far as divorce mistakes men make, not tending to your financial assets and obligations could be one of the greatest. Learn more about what you need to discuss with your divorce attorney. Follow some simple divorce advice for men that could put you in a much better place down the road.

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3 divorce mistakes men make #2

  1. 1. 3 Divorce Mistakes Men Make: #2 Discover three common mistakes most men make in divorce
  2. 2. Every year 1,000,000 men in the U.S get divorced.
  3. 3. The majority of these men make three common mistakes…
  4. 4. …as I discussed in my Amazon ebook “9 Secrets a Man Needs to Know to Survive a Divorce.”
  5. 5. In our previous video, I discussed the first mistake:
  6. 6. NOT seeing an attorney ASAP once a marriage gets rocky.
  7. 7. Now I’m going to discuss the second mistake…
  8. 8. And that quite simply is NOT taking care of your finances.
  9. 9. After two divorces, I realize how difficult it is to deal with everyday life when you’re facing a divorce.
  10. 10. You feel lousy both physically and emotionally.
  11. 11. You’re charged with fear, hate or anger.
  12. 12. But in spite of all that, you need to gather yourself up.
  13. 13. After meeting with your attorney, you should have a game plan on how to proceed with your finances.
  14. 14. There are specifics you can do before divorce papers are served on or by you…
  15. 15. …and specifics you do after the divorce papers. So ask your divorce attorney.
  16. 16. But you must move quickly.
  17. 17. The delay could cost you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars.
  18. 18. You will need to take care of issues involved with:
  19. 19.  Credit cards (joint)  Bank accounts (joint)  Stocks and bonds Life insurance (beneficiaries) 401(k), IRA, SEP-IRA, Roth IRA, Investment real estate Vacation homes/condos
  20. 20. I saved a possible $500,000 going to my ex- thanks to advice from my attorney.
  21. 21. You can do much to minimize the possible negative effects on your life…
  22. 22. …once you have consulted with your divorce attorney.
  23. 23. Again, do not delay getting your game plan together and executing it ASAP.
  24. 24. For a more detailed free report on the 3 costly mistakes men make in divorce,
  25. 25. please go to: http://www.DivorceToolboxforM en.com/free-report