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Design principles in web design


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Design principles in web design

  1. 1. Design Principles in Web Design By: Juana Gonzalez, Emma Huskey, and Nolan Terrill
  2. 2. Balance The Apple website displays balance because it is centered on the page and there is not to much information so your eyes do not realize thedifference from one half of the screen to the other making it symmetrical.
  3. 3. Emphasis The Jing website displays emphasis due to its good use ofcontrast in color and most of the text is isolated to its own part of the page allowing the user to easily view the information
  4. 4. RhythmThe Pittstate website displays rhythm with its use of the red color for the top of the page and implementing red throughout for major headings which allows the users eyes to be drawn to important information.
  5. 5. Scale and ProportionThe Maccosmetics website displays scale and proportionwith its homepage images being viewed at a lifelike size which is very appealing to cosmetic purchasers.
  6. 6. SimplicityThe Google website displays simplicity through its use of primary colors andmaking the page have a large amount of whitespace giving the users eyes a break from having to search in order to find information..
  7. 7. Unity The Pearsonified website displays unity through the pagesalignment in the center and main tabs being easily found at the top of the page due to being similar and in good proximity.
  8. 8. VarietyThe Apple website displays variety by having somany elements organized in such and interesting way by color scheme and page organization.