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Sheet12 Appendix


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Appendix Sheet 12 - Village of Waterford to Harmony Mills

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Sheet12 Appendix

  1. 1. Enlarged Erie Canal Historic DistrictHarmony Mill Historic DistrictNorthside Historic DistrictDowntown Cohoes Historic DistrictCOHOESWATERFORDVliet StNMohawkStWillowStCliftonSt1stAveEgbertStSaratogaAveHarmonyStWorth StMohawk StMangamStRiver StSaratogaStGarnerStJay StJohnstonAveCayuga StStrongPlNewCortlandStOneida StSummitStErie StGraceStFulton StHamilton StMorris StRemsenStMuseum LnDevlin StGrove StGrand StHamiltonPlMillRdCanvassStReservoir StFountain PlCanalStNewStOrchardStCayuga PlzNew Cortland StFishing SiteHarmony Mills1825 Canal RouteCraner Veterans ParkEnlarged Erie Canal RouteWaterford Historic Museum529Mohawk Towpath BywayLANDSCAPE ANALYSIS0 600300FeetPrepared by LandWorks, Middlebury, VTPrepared for Mohawk Towpath Scenic Byway Coalition, Inc.Sheet 12 of 13Draft 5.20.09SHEET 11SHEET 13LegendLockBoat Launch or RampHistoric SiteMarina or Terminal WallPark or PreservePoint of InterestScenic ViewsVisitors Center or MuseumPhotograph LocationMohawk Hudson BikewayOther Scenic BywayHighwaysRoadsRailroadCity/Town BoundaryHistoric DistrictLANDSCAPE CATEGORYHighway CommercialWorking LandscapeOpen LandRural ResidentialResidentialVillage Mixed-UseHistoric#