Lesson Plan - W&J


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Lesson Plan - W&J

  1. 1. Unit: Bibliographic Instruction – First-Year Students Librarian: Ellie Gehman Washington & Jefferson College, U. Grant Miller Library Duration: 75 minutes (45-minute session, 20-minute activity, 10-minute review)Goals and ObjectivesGoal 1. Search the library’s online Geotom catalog After the instruction session, students will be able to: 1.1 locate items (books and videos) by keyword searching using either the Basic or Advanced search forms 1.2 use the AND operator to locate items and understand how to use all 3 Boolean operators 1.3 understand where items are located physically in the library based on call number and stated locationGoal 2. Search the library’s online databases After the instruction session, students will be able to: 2.1 select appropriate databases to consult when researching a particular subject 2.2 locate full-text scholarly journal articles and article citations by keyword searching in specific databases 2.3 submit an interlibrary loan request if library doesn’t have access to an articleGoal 3. Find journals that the library has in print and/or electronic format After the instruction session, students will be able to: 3.1 use Journal Locator to find specific journal titles 3.2 understand where issues of a specific journal are located in the library (databases, print, and/or microfilm) 3.3 find an article by searching within a specific journalGoal 4. Correctly cite all sources found using the above methods of searching After the instruction session, students will be able to: 4.1 consult online citation resources to correctly cite sources 4.2 consult print citation guides found in the library 4.3 understand the different citation formatsThe overarching goal of this lesson is to familiarize students with library resources thatcan be used for research through their college careers. After the lesson, students willdemonstrate their knowledge by completing a short activity that will actively engagethem in navigating library resources. Successful students will take this knowledge andapply it to their class assignments by utilizing library resources (books, articles, etc.) tofind sources appropriate to their research.Prerequisites 1. Students must know the basic functions of using a web browser.
  2. 2. 2. Students must have a university login and password. 3. While it is not required to understand the library instruction, it would be helpful if students already had their class assignment from their professor so they could think of possible library resources to use on their assignment during the lesson. It would also be beneficial if the librarian knew the assignment as well so the instruction session could be tailored to the specific assignment.Materials 1. Computers for every student (Library Digital Classroom) 2. Computer and projector for instructor (Library Digital Classroom) 3. Activity handouts 4. Instruction handoutsLesson Description 1. Introduction (2 minutes) 2. Geotom Catalog (10 minutes) a. Basic search b. Advanced search 3. Electronic databases (10 minutes) 4. Journal Locator (10 minutes) 5. Citation Resources (10 minutes) a. Online b. Print 6. Library Resource Searching Activity (23 minutes) 7. Review of Activity (10 minutes)What’s unique about this lesson is that it can be used for either general instruction or itcan be tailored to a specific class assignment. This lesson covers knowledge, application,and analysis. Students gain knowledge of what kinds of library resources are available.Through the activity, students apply this knowledge and practice searching libraryresources. Students can analyze which sources are best to consult through both theactivity and through their classwork after the lesson.