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Economics Help Guide

  1. 1. Circulating Collection Databases W&J has many books in its circulating We have several databases that provide collection about economics. business information. U. Grant Miller To find a book in the library’s catalog, go 1. Business Source Premier: Full-text Library to scholarly articles covering business, Click on “Geotom Catalog” in the gray marketing, management, accounting, Quick Links box. finance, and economics. Full-text from more than 350 journals dating back to 1922. 2. EconLit: Full-text articles in all fields of economics from 1969 to present. 3. National Bureau of Economic Research: Full-text economic reports Help Guide and working papers from 1921 to present aimed at professional economists. Economics Resources Try using the Advanced Search form. Online Sources These websites provide accurate Economics is a complex information on economics. 1. The Economist: News covering subject that covers a wide international business and politics. variety of concepts, Check out their “Economics A-Z” theories, terms, and webpage for a list of terms and industries. This guide definitions. 2. Economics: Economics is an open provides useful resources to source (free, un-copyrighted) journal consult when learning about Try a search with “economics” in the first covering many topics in economics. economics. box and select “Book” from the drop- down menu next to “type.” 3. CNNMoney: CNN’s webpage that focuses on news of the economy. Washington & Jefferson College 60 S. Lincoln St. Washington, PA 15301 Phone: 724-223-6070 User Services This will return a very long list of results. Phone: 724-223-6072 Research Services Washington & Jefferson College Try narrowing it down by searching for a Fax: 724-223-5272 specific economics topic or concept.
  2. 2. What is economics? Reference Books Gale Encyclopedia of U.S. Economic History Economics is the “branch of knowledge that HC102 .G35 1999 v.1-2 There are many books in the library’s This set covers economic topics deals with the production, distribution, Reference Section that define and explain seen throughout U.S. history. consumption, and transfer of wealth” common terms and concepts used in the study (OED). of economics. Economists “seek to analyze the forces determining prices” (Encyclopedia Britannica). There are two major branches: The Concise Encyclopedia of microeconomics (individual entities) and Economics HB61 .C647 2008 Encyclopedia of the Consumer macroeconomics (economy at large). Movement This volume provides user-friendly entries on important economic HC79 .C63 E53 1997Where can I find economics resources? issues from leading experts in the This volume provides entries on field. consumer organizations and other topics related to the consumer At W&J’s library, we have many resources movement. available that will provide accurate information on economics. The Value of a Dollar: Colonial There are three main locations to find Era to the Civil War, 1600—1865 information related to business: The Value of a Dollar: Prices and 1. The Reference Section, located on Incomes in the United States, Economic Literacy: What the far wall behind the Research 1860-2004 Everyone Needs to Know about HB235 .U6 D47 2005 Money and Markets Services desk on the first floor HB171 .D47 1995 HB235 .U6 V35 2004 2. The Circulating Collection, located These two volumes examine prices This volume defines basic concepts on the first floor (A-E) and and wages in the United States of economics in easy-to-understand downstairs (F-Z) throughout history. language. 3. Databases, located on W&J’s library website at Frontiers of Economics: Nobel There are also online resources you can The New Palgrave: A Dictionary of Laureates of the Twentieth consult to find economics information. Century Economics HB87 .F76 2002 HB61 .N49 1987 v.1-4 This volume provides biographies This set covers a wide range of Tips economics topics and theories. of Nobel Laureates in economics. To find similar titles to the ones listed in this guide, check the shelves around the call numbers given here. Books are shelved by subject, so you might find a different book Dictionary of Environmental Encyclopedia of American better suited to your needs. Economics Economic History Remember: reference books can’t be HC79 .E5 D53 2001 HC103 .E52 1980 v.1-3 checked out and must be used in the This volume defines terms of the This set covers major topics in library. Items in the circulating collection field of environmental economics. American economics throughout can be checked out. history. Don’t hesitate to ask a librarian for help! Just stop by the Research Services desk.