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ArchiveGrid Help Guide

  1. 1. Why Can’t I See the Item in ArchiveGrid? U. Grant Miller Library Archives around the world are currently in the midst of the digitization process, which mean scanning items into a computer to make electronic copies. However, this process is lengthy and costly. Creating the digital copy takes time and the digitization software and hardware can be expensive. Help Guide Many archives simply don’t have enough staff to undertake this process full-time. There may also be copyright issues. The archives may not have permission to ArchiveGrid make an electronic copy. Obtaining permission may also take a long time. ArchiveGrid is a catalog of archival collections from thousands of libraries, museums, historical societies, and archives around the world. You can Why Would I Need to Schedule a access descriptions of the Visit? materials and contact information to schedule Many archival materials are old, fragile, visits to view items or rare, or all three! They may require professional handling request copies. or supervision while viewing. These items also might not be displayed in the open, so scheduling ensures that a staff member is there to assist you when you come. Washington & Jefferson College Again, copyright laws might come into 60 S. Lincoln St. Washington, PA 15301 play. If an archive doesn’t have Phone: 724-223-6070 User Services permission to copy the material, you Phone: 724-223-6072 Research Services need to visit the physical item to have Fax: 724-223-5272 access to it. Washington & Jefferson College
  2. 2. What are Archival Materials? Results  Each result displays the record title, the author, the name of the archive, and a Archival materials are “created or received  Depending on your keywords, the results brief summary. by a person, family, or organization, public list may be long.  Click on “Read more” to see all of the or private, in the conduct of their affairs and  You can sort your results by relevance, information ArchiveGrid has on that item. preserved because of the enduring value date, title, archive, or location. contained in the information” (SAA). Collections can contain “not only paper documents – such as correspondence, manuscripts, and diaries – but also photographs, sound recordings, films, videotapes, artifacts, and electronic records” (NY Public Library). How to Use ArchiveGrid ArchiveGrid has a simple, Google-style  You can limit results by the archives that search box. materials are stored in or by geographic Simply type your keywords into the search location in boxes on the left of the screen. box and click on “Go.”  Click on the archive’s name to go to an external website with information on how to contact an archivist about the material, whether that’s to schedule a visit to view the item or request copies. Note: Be careful when searching for materials by or about a certain person. More than one person may have the name you search for, so the results might not be relevant to your search. For example, a search for “George Washington” returns 5455 records, including ones for George Washington Hilleary, George Washington Cable, and George Washington Dickenson, none of which are relevant. Try adding a qualifier to the search, like a job position, date, or place. For example, a search for “George Washington” president returns 1960 results about the first president.