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Security League Swztland

  1. 1. LIGAZETTE No. 18 January 2011 Argentina Austria Summary of the 33rd General Assembly in Bangladesh Istanbul, September 13th – 15th, 2010 Belgium Brazil Security industry overview Last year the G7 group of industrialised countries Canada collectively contracted at a rate of 3.4% - a sharp and future trends reversal of fortunes from the 5% growth seen by Chile the same group of countries in 2007. In the same Colombia September 15th, 2010 – year, the concerted plans of all global govern- ments pledged a total of $3,000bn in stimulusCzech Republic Chairman of the Ligues spending, while the central banks, of the largest Denmark General Assembly Address economic nations, were blunted with zero, or Egypt close to zero, real interest rates. On a global lev- el, total world economic outlook shrank by just Finland short of 1% in 2009. France Europe and the developed markets have been particularly hit and their recovery will continue Germany to be slow, divergent, and volatile. Only the Greece emerging economic powerhouses of China and parts of Asia, together with the Middle East and Hungary some Latin American markets, are seeing a strong India recovery path, driven by largely untapped domes- tic consumption, export demand and domestic Ireland growth. Israel The security industry – as well as their individual component parts – needs to be nimble and swift Italy in its response if it is to meet these challenges Japan head on and take advantage of the potential that Korea uncertainty and change bring about. The downturn has also highlighted how confi- Luxembourg dence is a key marker for all – whether it is the Norway confidence of markets, investors, customers or governments. The short term market volatility we Pakistan have seen is a direct response to emerging eco- Poland nomic trend data such as real estate sales, jobless figures, and GDP predictions, as analysts look to Portugal work this likely impact into their forecasts and Singapore investors look to hedge their bets on where to put their money for not necessarily the best, but theSlovak Republic safest, return. All these factors have put pressure Mr. Nick Buckles welcomed members and guests South Africa on companies large and small, as organisations to the 33rd General Assembly of the Ligue in the seek to balance the needs of their customers to Spain spectacular surroundings of Istanbul. He charac- cut costs with their own requirements to contin- terized the gathering as "…following two years of Sweden ue to assure high levels of service whilst retaining unprecedented turmoil in the global economy…" contracts and satisfying their shareholders. The Switzerland The chairman focused his address on the global last 12 months have been the toughest condi- industry trends and on the “Themes”, (they used Thailand tions that have probably ever faced the industry. to be called “Theses”, but are now called Themes) Those factors have driven a need for the security Turkey that the Ligue believes in and from which the ob- industry to be creative to help customers stay se- United jectives of the Ligue are derived. He went on to cure whilst saving money – through innovation,Arab Emirates say that he believes the Ligue is going to make the combination of technology with manpower these objectives happen. United – and through looking at areas where extra costs Many of the world’s markets are almost unrecog- Kingdom can be removed without compromising security nisable from two years ago when he last addressed levels or customer service standards. United States the members in Spain, and when he spoke about It’s this sort of innovation that has led compa- of America the opportunities and potential facing the mod- nies to turn to in-house or external technology ern security industry. (Continued page 4)
  2. 2. Around the General Assembly 2010 By the Secretary General Hans Winzenried On September 13th, Livio Manzini, Vice Chairman at G4S Guvenlik Hiz- met ve Danismanlik AS, is privileged to welcome (also in the name of Secu- ritas Turkey) the members of the board and distinguished guests on the occa- sion of the 33rd General Assembly of the Ligue during a fabulous evening CHAIRMAN boat cruise along the Bosporus. Nick Buckles Group Chief Executive Istanbul in a nutshell Group 4 Securicor plc Group Headquarters The Manor, Manor Royal Istanbul, Turkey: Istanbul, historically UK-Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 9UN known as Byzantium and Constanti- United Kingdom nople is the largest city in Turkey and Phone +44 - 1293 55 44 90 5th largest city proper in the world Fax +44 - 1293 55 45 00 with a population of 12.8 million, also making it the second largest metropolitan area in Europe by population. Istanbul is also a megacity, as well as the cultural, economic, and financial centre of Turkey. It is located on the Bosporus Strait and SECRETARY GENERAL encompasses the natural harbour known as the Golden Horn, in the northwest of the country. It extends both on the European (Thrace) and on the Asian (Anato- Hans Winzenried President & CEO lia) sides of the Bosporus, and is thereby the only metropolis in the world that is Securitas AG situated on two continents. Alpenstrasse 20 In its long history, the city has served as the capital city of the Roman Empire CH-3052 Zollikofen, Switzerland (330–395), the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire (395–1204 and 1261–1453), Phone +41 31 910 12 18 the Latin Empire (1204–1261), and the Ottoman Empire (1453–1922). The city Telefax +41 31 911 63 34 was chosen as joint European Capital of Culture in 2010. It might be interesting to note that the name Istanbul is (ancient) Greek ¡fn o_i /khfi and means "in the town". BOARD MEMBERS Stephan Cretier, Garda, Canada Grahame Gibson, G4S UK Opening ceremony of the working session, Alf Göransson, Securitas AB Sweden September 14th, 2010 Christian Gut, Prosegur Spain David I. Hudson, G4S IndiaFriedrich P. Kötter, Kötter Security Germany The stunning "whirling" presentation of the opening ceremony at the working Ira A. Lipman, Guardsmark USA session was presented by a delegation of the Mevlevi Order. They are also known Nobuyuki Sasaki, Secom Japan as the Whirling Dervishes due to their famous practice of whirling as a form of Charles R. Schneider, U.S. Security dhikr (remembrance of God). Dervish is a common term for an initiate of the Sufi Associates USA path; the whirling is part of the formal Sema ceremony and the participants are properly known as semazen-s. Three main themes for the working session Clearly after the deep crisis the world went through in the last two years, experts provide their opinions on: 1. Outlook for the world economy (Speakers: Prof. Dr. Egbert Sturm, Director of KOF Swiss Economic Institute at the ETH Zurich and Dr. Andreas Höfert, Chief Economist, UBS Switzerland) proved very valuable in preparing plans for 2011 and beyond. 2. The effect of technology (Speakers: Security and Alarm Monitoring: by Dr. Rolf H. Sigg, Siemens Switzerland, Access: by Glen Greer, Assa-Abloy, CCTV: by Martin Gren, Axis) and 2
  3. 3. 3. The development of public pri- Bosporus. This mansion reflects the The delegates then joined the after- vate partnerships in the industry. Golden Age of Istanbul and is named noon tour programme. From 14:00 - (Speakers: The Rt. Hon. Lord Reid after its original owner, Esma Sultan, 17:30, the Oriental Harmony tour of- of Cardowan and Mr. David Taylor- the daughter of Sultan Abdul-Aziz I. fered the” Mysteries of the Topkapi Pal- Smith MBE, CEO, G4S Secure So- ace and the Blue Mosque”. The Topka- lutions, UK, Ireland and Africa) pi palace was the imperial residence of Spouses Tours the Ottoman sultans and it is the mostBeside the work that had to be done Old City Tour, September extensive and fascinating existing mon-it became abundantly evident that Is- 14th, 2010 ument of Turkish civil architecture. Intanbul has a lot to offer to its visitors addition to its historical and architec-thanks to its unique heritage and cul- Istanbuls Byzantine Hippodrome was tural interest, it houses extraordinaryture. It is difficult to do it justice in the heart of Constantinoples politi- collections of porcelain, armour, fab-just a couple of days so a companion cal and sporting life and was as well rics, jewellery, miniatures, calligraphyprogramme was set up which allowed the scene of games and riots through- and many other precious objects thatboth first time and returning visitors out 500 years of history. Its now a once belonged to the sultans and theirto discover some facets of this city calm city park called the At Meydani court.they did not know. This conference (Horse Grounds) because of the pur- The next stop was the "Sultan Ahmetwas as very pleasant as well as stimu- pose it served in the past. Monuments Camii" which is also called the "Bluelating. Both the working sessions and decorating the Hippodrome include Mosque". It is one of the most famousleisure programmes allowed for mak- the 3500-year-old Egyptian Obelisk monuments in both Turkish and Islam-ing new friendships and strengthening of Theodosius, brought to Constanti- ic worlds, being the only mosque builtexisting ones. nople by Emperor Theodosius in 390 with 6 minarets. AD. You’ll also see the spiral bronze base of a three-headed serpent sculp-New Members to The Ligue ture brought from Delphi in Greece. The magnificent "Haghia Sophia", was The Secretary General closed his in-The Secretary General welcomed the built by Constantine the Great and is troduction by pointing out what Livionew members to The Ligue, namely: considered a masterpiece of Byzantine Manzinis had stressed in his welcom-• Certis CISCO Security Pte Ltd, art. Its first construction dates back ing address and thanked G4S and Se- Singapore to the end of the 4th century. Haghia curitas for generously sponsoring the• G4S Holding Chile SA Sophia served as a church for 916 years event and the agency Meptur, in par-• I.V.R.I. SpA, Italy and as a mosque for 477 years until ticular Julia and Burak for the perfect• Premier Shield Pvt Ltd. India Ataturk ordered that it be converted organization of the event.• Pronet Güvenlik ve Danismanlik into a museum. Underground cistern Last but not least he thanked all the Hizmetleri, Turkey is the largest of the many underground people for coming, but also for con-• Security and Intelligence Services cisterns in the city left over from Ro- tributing to the cause of CYDD. The Limited / SIS GROUP, India man times and it is known to be one President of the association will be join-• Seris SECURITY Securifrance, of the most extraordinary monuments ing the gathering on Wednesday allow- France in Istanbul. ing the delegates to have a better idea• Seris Security nv, Belgium about what the association is doing.• Sicurglobal SpA, Italy With The Ligue’s contribution, it will• Vision Security Group Ltd., UK be possible to improve the educational Oriental Harmony Tour,• Wilson James Limited, UK opportunities of girls in Turkey which September 15th, 2010 is one of the key driving forces to make this country more stable, prosperous The Turkish bath experience. TurkishGala Dinner at Esma Sultan and at peace. baths are a very relaxing and rejuvenat- ing experience. First, our guests wereOn September 14th, Mr. and Mrs. taken to the dressing rooms to getLivio Manzini and Mr. and Mrs. Mu- changed. They were all given a tradi-rat Kösereisoglu hosted a very special tional bath cloth to wrap themselvesevent. They invited The Ligue’s mem- with. When they were ready, they werebers and their spouses to the Gala Din- taken in to the Hamam - hot room,ner in the fabulous setting of the Mar- where they were washed. Here, theymara Esma Sultan. Istanbul’s rich cul- experienced the body scrubbing andtural heritage has left a legacy of out- the soap massage. Following the mas-standing historical sites that provide an sages, there were traditional Turkishexciting backdrop for meetings, special belly dancers who taught them how toevents and theme parties. One of these dance as well as having an opportunitysites is the said mansion located on the to dance together with each other. 3
  4. 4. capabilities to provide exacting levels of tral and Eastern Europe, are looking for tised goods to key partner status, the po-security through the sophistication of a solution that will contain a growing tential risks become as apparent as theaccess control, remote monitoring and social problem within the boundaries rewards. In the desire to win business inincident capture and response – some- of stricter budgets. These governments, areas which were previously in the publictimes in very remote or geographically who are outsourcing opportunities, will sector or operated in-house by commer-challenging locations - without the continue to present themselves across cial organisations, security firms acrossoverhead of large scale manpower. This both developed and emerging markets the world will have to live up to thesecombination of risk management, tech- as the focus on security threats becomes increasing responsibilities, along withnology and manpower has enabled us to more heightened, and pressured public higher visibility and expectations fromsecure oil pipelines, telecoms masts and sector and commercial budgets lead to customers, stakeholders and the generalcritical national infrastructure such as more outsourcing and the chance to lev- public.the Hoover Dam in the US, and natu- erage private sector innovation. In today’s security conscious world, secu-ral resources operations from Papua New Nevertheless it’s clear that some of these rity and risk management is increasinglyGuinea to Norway. This clearly is a con- opportunities will require something of a managed from the boardroom, not thetinuing trend. leap of faith by both customer and pro- compliance department. It is a key markerWith companies increasingly looking to vider, as the security industry moves into of a company’s reputation. Maintainingthe security industry to provide a con- areas that have previously been seen as and building on the standards and ethicssistent approach to managing their risks, the vanguard of the public sector. Some that the Ligue has worked so hard to in-many are turning to a global approach will court controversy. Opponents of grain, will be vital if our industry is to befor their security requirements. We’ve privatisation, sceptical political and me- perceived as a trusted supplier to govern-seen this in the pharmaceutical and dia commentators, and public sector ments and large corporations and multichemicals sector, and we also see it as a unions concerned about the potential nationals worldwide. We need to be seenkey driver of future growth across the key impact on their members may seek to as an industry with a reputation that at-sectors of aviation, ports and maritime, highlight what they perceive as the weak- tracts customers, not negative headlines.and oil and gas markets. nesses of the private sector to give weight The security industry’s reputation is in itsEconomic pressures will continue to to their cause. own hands, and its success will be meas-drive both creativity and future opportu- This is where the combined reputation ured by actions and the response it givesnities for the security industry. of the security industry, and the trust in times of crisis. If the industry wants theAs a key supplier to the UK government placed in it by its customers, employees respect that it deserves, it has to demon-G4S will do all it can, as it believes that and wider stakeholders will come sharply strate the highest integrity and standardsin the medium term, outsourcing oppor- into focus. Over the years the Ligue has in order to earn that respect and continuetunities will be put on the table that will played a vital role in defining, establish- to keep demonstrate our innovation and ing and maintaining the highest ethical Nowhere has this been more acutely feltgive additional long term growth poten- and professional standards of the private than in BP which has had its own ex-tial. security industry as we know it world- tremely high profile incident. This, to-Electronic monitoring of offenders is a wide. It has helped propel the industry gether with a couple of well documentedgood example. It’s proven to be 90 per to where it is today. incidents, has prompted G4S to under-cent cheaper to manage an offender Without it, the Ligue would not be take a very detailed review into what arethrough an electronic tag and curfew able to point to some of the best prac- already long established and robust crisisthan it is to contain them within the tice models of standards, training and management procedures. This will ensureprison estate. This solution provides a recruitment, operational excellence and that as a company, it is protecting to arobust and cost effective alternative to reputation for high customer service maximum its own brand and reputationcustody. The growth of electronic moni- standards that our companies, and their and that of a wider industry, as well as itstoring across many countries is evident. employees, enjoy. relationships with customers and stake-Governments under pressure, like New But as the industry pushes itself up the holders. So with the backdrop of a chal-Zealand and those countries within Cen- value chain from provider of commodi- lenging economic climate, a heightened 4
  5. 5. awareness of the risks and rewards that gies through leadership, by demonstrat- 1 To understand global economic andcome from working in the security arena, ing our expertise in action, and by dem- security trends and communicate theseand the widening of business across all onstrating a detailed understanding of to our memberskey sectors, how can the Ligue continue the business areas they operate in. Board- 2 To share best practice and ideas and toto help the industry grow and prosper? level focus on - and commitment to - se- facilitate networking opportunities toThe Ligue’s Board has spent the last 24 curity issues can only serve to help the discusshours discussing this very topic, and lay- industry grow and evolve in the longer 3 To drive up standards globally, possi-ing out a roadmap for the future. As part term. bly through setting up a global ‘code ofof that roadmap the Ligue must reshape As an industry, it has never been more conduct’ or ethics.and refocus if it is to serve the needs of important to communicate across the in- 4 To give direction to other security or-a fast-paced and globalising 21st century dustry to discuss risks and to share best ganisations worldwide like COESS,security industry. practice ideas on how best to protect so- ESTA and NASCO etc, on the aboveThe Board has identified some key ciety from the security challenges it faces issues.themes that it believes will help us build today.on our success so far and continue to And to do that we need to have the right In addition to these Themes and Objec-serve the wider interests of its members. level of expertise and commitment with- tives of the Ligue, the board also agreedFirstly is the vital role the security indus- in our workforces. The security indus- yesterday to a number of actions.try plays in society. The industries activi- try must offer a career to those workingties touch the lives of millions of people within it and must invest in recruitment, 1 Appoint a new executive director to beacross the world, whether they realise it training and development to meet ever- the focus point of driving the securityor not. Everyone has the right to live and changing and more sophisticated cus- industrys strategywork in a safe society and have an expec- tomer needs. This will ensure that the 2 Each of the board members would ap-tation that their security and safety will industry can continue to innovate into point a senior director within their or-be taken care of, no matter where they the future and live up to customer expec- ganisation to act as a channel for thisare or what they do. This right carries a tations in risk management and security new positionburden of responsibility that is hard to provision. The Ligue will become known 3 And very importantly, the board alsolive up to. for promoting best practice, shaping leg- agreed on a number of work streamsThe industry must recognise that there islative response, raising employment that would be headed by board direc-is no “one size fits all” solution. As the standards, and training and screening. tors and their appropriate work industry looks to provide more If security is to be aligned with a singlesophisticated solutions, it needs to not voice, as a global institution that has an • First Group – how, as an industry, shallonly be the sort of supplier customers increasing responsibility for the safety the Ligue deal with countries’ concernswant to do business with, but it must and security of society, it must ensure over foreign ownership?also understand its customers’ business that its key players are facing in the same • Second Group – will investigate waysobjectives and requirements if it is to tru- direction. The security industry must the industry can further encourage out-ly deliver to the customer the promised act in harmony with all its stakeholder sourcingadded value that comes through design- groups and foster a culture of stakehold- • Third Group – would establish waysing and operating relevant solutions for er cooperation to achieve its goals of pro- that will give more direction and en-them. viding a safe and secure environment for courage cooperation between pan-con-There’s no silver bullet or single model all. tinental industry associationsfor security these days – the industries The security industry must understand • Fourth and final group – will look atresponse must be tailored to suit the the needs of, and build relationships ways of capping or ensuring 3rd partymarkets in which it operates, and sup- with, key stakeholders such our employ- liability and also best practice on con-port and enhance the customers’ require- ees and their representatives, insurers, tracting generallyments. We can only do this by expand- police, governments, regulators and theing knowledge and understanding of the media. Commitment to broad stake- The board has agreed to continue to holdindividual markets and sector issues to holder engagement must be embraced a General Assembly every two years andmake sure our response adds that real by the key industry players. meet as a board every six months. Inter-value to the customer. The security industry must be the guard- vening seminars, arising from the resultsThe security industry must continue to ian of its reputation at all times. Risk and of the above workgroups, may be ar-embrace technology as part of its solu- security issues are high profile and attract ranged.tions approach if it is to offer a high attention from many sources, whichclass, integrated, risk-based solution for means the reputation of the global se- If the last two years have taught the boardcustomers that balance risk consultancy curity industry is always in the spotlight. as well as the Ligue anything, then it’sand operational excellence with best-in- As an industry it is important that high that the future can be challenging andclass systems capability. standards are set and met. There are core unpredictable. It is of the essence to faceSecurity and risk management is mov- values across the industry, which focus unforeseen obstacles and pressures. Buting up the boardroom agenda and the on high standards of business ethics, se- the potential rewards are huge, and, aindustry needs to be in a position to curity and risk management expertise, well-used footballing phrase says, “it’s allrespond accordingly. Security and risk service quality, human rights, screen- to play for”.management have to be an integral part ing and vetting and health and safety.of corporate strategy in today’s challeng- Against these agreed themes, the securitying climate. industry has clearly agreed that the ob-The industry must educate customers jectives of the Ligue are as follows:on how to incorporate security and riskmanagement into their business strate- 5
  6. 6. September 14th, 2010 - Working sessionThe Chairman’s Welcome IntroductionMr. Nick Buckles welcomed the del- The Chairman has been in the indus- rise of command and control centresegates present to the first working day try for 25 years now. He studied eco- and the internationalising of standardof the 33rd General Assembly of the nomics at college and for the first 23 systems for major multinational clients,Ligue in Istanbul. He made a point to years of his career he had shown no there’s a huge amount going on in thisrecall that it’s now over 75 years since further interest in the subject. But the area. It is obvious that in this currentthe Ligue was started. Chairman’s interest has certainly been economic environment, our use of andThe Chairman then paid homage to reawakened in the last two years. Fol- access to technology is a real means tothe late Jørgen Phillip-Sørensen, or JPS lowing his opening remarks, delegates save he was known, the architect of the will be hearing more details on the So it’s very timely that the delegates de-modern security industry and its ad- global economic situation and the out- vote a significant part of the workingvocate and ambassador for almost half look going forward from our experts session to the topic of technology anda century. JPS died at the beginning on the subject - Professor Jan-Egbert its effect on the security service market.of 2010. The Chairman is honoured Sturm and Dr Andreas Höfert. The chairman’s thanks go to Dr Rolfand delighted that JPS’s wife Susse has It’s clear that the economic backdrop Sigg of Siemens, Glen Greer of Assabeen able to join the assembly and he means that as an industry, we face Abloy and Martin Gren of Axis, alongis convinced that all assembled join more challenges moving forward to with the other speakers, who madehim in welcoming Susse here today. help both commercial and govern- presentation on this theme.The world has certainly moved on ment customers stay secure whilst sav- David Taylor-Smith and the Rt Honin the two years since the Chairman ing money. Lord Reid of Cardowan, spoke aboutlast addressed the assembly in Spain. Economists are pointing to technol- outsourcing and public private partner-We’ve seen economies nosedive across ogy, new media and R&D playing ships. They shared their experience ofthe world, particularly in Europe and a pivotal role as businesses looks to what is a mature outsourcing market inthe developed markets. Only the secure competitive advantages dur- the UK that through necessity is on theemerging markets seem to have held ing the next two years. With the fast- cusp of great change.their own during this turbulent time. paced technology market making bigThis clearly has had a major impact on advances in IP based communicationthe industry. networks and security hardware, the 6
  7. 7. The chairman concluded his address as The 3 key note speakers addressed the 3. Outsourcing and public private part-follows: following topics nership (main theme C) by The Rt.“ you know we always make a donation As 1. The world economic situation, out- Hon. Lord Reid of Cardowan andto a worthy cause in the host country. This look (main theme A), by Prof. Jan- Mr. David Taylor-Smith MBE, CEO,year’s chosen charity is CYDD, an NGO Egbert Sturm, Director of KOF Swiss G4S Secure Solutions, UK, Irelandwhich wishes to promote the education of Economic Institute at the ETH Zu- and Africa.young girls in Turkey to help close the gen- rich and Dr. Andreas Höfert, Chiefder gap and give women in Turkish society Economist, UBS Switzerlandequal opportunities. Our Ligue’s donation 2. Technology and the effect on the se-of CHF 22,500.00 will go specifically to- curity service marketwards the building of a school in Usak, a (main theme B)remote town in the Western Turkey. a. Security and Alarm Monitoring:At this point I’d also like to thank our or- by Dr. Rolf H. Sigg, Siemens Swit-ganisers G4S Turkey and Securitas Turkey zerlandand our hosts Livio Manzini and Murat b. Access: by Glen Greer, Assa-Ab-Kösereisoglu for their hospitality and gener- loyosity. We’ve been looked after marvellously c. CCTV: by Martin Gren, Axissince our arrival and I am sure that willcontinue over the next two days.The world economic situation, outlook (main theme A)Keynote address: Prof. Dr. Jan-Egbert Sturm, Director, KOF Swiss Economic Institute, ETH,Zürich interest expenses are bound to rise in gines for the world economy. After hav- the years to come and crowd out other ing an unprecedented drop since the types of government spending. This is Second World War, we expect world already a good reason for governments GDP to stay slightly below potential. to prepare and communicate exit and Inflation will accelerate somewhat, but consolidation strategies to return to also stay well below its long-run aver- sound and sustainable public finances age. again. More importantly, such strate- gies are needed to strengthen overall Our assessment of the macroeconomic macroeconomic stability and to guar- outlook is that while policy has been antee that any future crisis can again successful in preventing a new great be relieved by appropriate fiscal policy depression and a deflationary spiral, measures. the recovery remains weak and future growth prospects are harmed by struc- Also a number of factors are expected tural problems. Many of these struc- to dampen the recovery in the devel- tural problems were present before the oped world. First, the restructuring crisis. In addition to that, some new process within the banking sector is structural problems may have been in- far from complete. Credit constraints herited from the crisis, especially in theAfter a deep economic recession dur- may get tighter during the recovery as financial the winter of 2008/2009, which an increased demand for funds maywas triggered by a US-led financial be met with banks’ reluctance to ex-crisis, many countries went through a tend loans. Second, capacity utiliza-stabilisation period and now are in a tion is low, and investment will notrecovery phase. Global monetary and resume strongly until that margin offiscal policies have prevented an even slack has been exhausted. Finally, theworse outcome and lie at the roots of labour market situation will not onlythe current recovery. However at the remain tense, but will slightly deterio-same time, the increased indebtness rate further – putting a lid on privateof many governments, caused by large consumption.fiscal stimulus programs, together withslowly rising interest rates, will raise the Economic conditions remain moredebt burden, which have already trig- favourable in emerging economies,gered a crisis in Europe. Government which we expect to stay the growth en- 7
  8. 8. The future of the Euro (part 2 of main theme A)Keynote address: Dr. Andreas Höfert, Managing Director, Global Head Wealth ManagementResearch, UBS Wealth Management & Swiss BankThe future of the Euro (What are the reasons for the problems of the Euro? What perspectiveshave to be taken into account for the future of the European policy?) damentals. The peripheral countries ferences have produced all manner of have become increasingly uncompeti- economic distortions. Greece, which is tive and their nation’s accounts have at the centre of the debt crisis, displays deteriorated due to rising debt financ- weak economic fundamentals, which ing costs, falling transfer receipts and make the country an outlier even when a deterioration of their trade balance. compared to the other Southern Euro- Conversely, the core countries com- pean countries. Yet, Greece leaving the pete on a global level and have in- eurozone would not solve the union’s creased their current account surplus- problems either. The real rift runs right es. across the eurozone. There are funda- The factors leading to the imbalances mental arguments why countries from within the eurozone are of a structural both the core and periphery may con- and fundamental nature. Hence, they sider leaving the euro in the long run. cannot easily be solved with bailout packages or fiscal austerity measures. Interestingly, and contentiously, theAt the euro’s 10-year anniversary, its Unless the eurozone is rebalanced most sensible leaver appears to be Ger-inception was hailed as a resounding in some way, it is likely to face more many. Its export-led economy and itssuccess. Inflation was well contained problems in the future. The eurozone focus on competitiveness and fiscal so-and countries in Central and Eastern is arguably at a crossroads but many of briety dominate eurozone interest rateEurope lined up to join the exclusive the exits are blocked or heavily mined. policy and the peripheral countries are,club. Yet, the credit crisis and “Great In the pre-eurozone world, nominal quite simply, in an economic straight-Recession” have provided a severe jolt exchange rate devaluation would have jacket. However, the union’s main mo-to the currency’s credibility. Deficit been the method of choice to address tivation has always been political andand debt levels have surged to unprec- the problems. However, within the we do not underestimate the power ofedented heights in many eurozone single currency union this option is political attempts to keep the Europe-countries and investors are concerned not available. Further integration of an project together. It should be notedwhether the apparent cracks in the Europe, in the form of fiscal coordi- that if one or more countries do leaveeurozone could split the union wide nation or even fiscal federalism could the eurozone, in a structured and pre-apart. work, in theory. However, these op- ordained manner, then it could turnThe union now essentially consists of tions seem politically unviable. out to be positive in the long-term fortwo opposing camps – peripheral and The “one size fits all” approach to the euro, economic growth and politi-core nations – based on economic fun- interest rates and large structural dif- cal integration.Report: working group 1, main theme A(World economic situation)The reporter of the working group 1: Mr. Livio Manzini – The cost of the crisis for the work economy – The banking crisis, money in circulation and inflation – The crisis in the European Monetary Union • GDP forecasts to the end of 2011 • Deleveraging of the use economy has a mathematical dampening effect on growth (around 1%) • Economists are by and large unable to forecast big shocks in the economy. However, today the uncertainty level is somewhat lower. • They are useful because they can be blamed when things don‘t work out as fore- casted. • Forecasts of economists have a psychological effect on expectations as they pro- vide an anchor but not really on outcomes • Double dip in the USA • The effect of stimulus money • Unemployment forecast 8
  9. 9. Technology and the effect on the Security Service Market(Main theme B)Keynote address: Dr. sc. techn. Rolf H. Sigg, Senior Vice President, Head Global Service Board,Siemens SwitzerlandDesigning a “Defence in Depth Strategy” considering current and future technology in theSecurity Market Prevent fore dedicated transmission devices are Measures for security incident preven- increasingly replaced by integrated mo- tion are typically taken in processes dems or by generic IP routers. This ob- outside the security arena itself (chang- viously implies that all aspects of net- ing processes, e.g. in cash handling, work security and communication in- dissuasive construction measures, etc.) tegrity have to be dealt with, but on the or at the outer perimeter of the scene other hand offers the possibility to op- to be protected (e.g. electronic fenc- timize the distribution of security func- ing) to make any security infringement tions within the network. Successfully unattractive. transmitted information is received at the MARC in PC based multiproto- Protect & Detect col receivers, which replace traditional Protection aims at deterring, delaying dedicated receiving centre transceiver or frustrating security infringements units and which are typically capable whilst at the same time detection en- of receiving information from intru- sures that information is collected sion, access control and video systems and locally interpreted for initiating or from integrated sources via all types additional predefined measures. Tra- of communication means. Receivers ditional alarm systems or standalone are well integrated with the Annuncia-Still up to this day many security offic- local closed circuit television systems tion Equipment (central station man-ers and their counterparts in security are increasingly replaced by systems agement software) where predefinedcompanies tend to view security chal- capable of integrating remote video responses are linked to each type oflenges in isolation and hence address systems with access control and in- incident for each individual customereach subject matter as an individual trusion alarm systems. These types of and executed as soon as an alarm hasissue. However, technology develop- systems have higher local intelligence been verified and confirmed as posi-ment and convergence on one side and and are hence capable of transmitting tive. The degree of automation for re-process integration on the other side more relevant and accurate informa- sponse execution is rapidly increasingoffer opportunities to manage security tion about the incident scene. This by the addition of functionality andmatters with much more “Depth”. An trend is supported by ever more pow- interfaces to the management station.essential benefit accrues to the user erful detectors (e.g. biometric readers, In this way the MARC operator canfrom handling security matters in an video cameras with image recognition handle the response increasingly moreintegrated manner along the security algorithms) as well as by increased in- efficiently with:process chain: teroperability of PC based integration platforms, e.g. driven by initiatives - Resource management and dispatch-- prevent incidents such as ONVIF (Open Network Video ing- protect from incidents and detect in- Interface Forum). - GIS localization of resources (peo- cidents rapidly ple, vehicles, equipment)- quickly respond to incidents Respond - Interfacing to first responders (po-- have plans in place to recover from Information collected has to be trans- lice, fire brigades, rescue teams) incidents mitted to the MARC (Monitoring - Computer Telephone interface and Alarm Receiving Centre). A ma- - ERP related administrative functions.The traditional alarms industry covers jor transformation has occurred re-primarily the detection and response cently: transmission reliability overall Recoverphases. In Europe these phases are has rapidly replaced considerations of More sophisticated customer agree-largely governed by the EU Norm EN individual transmission path reliabil- ments will not only include compre-50518 which serves as the basis for lan- ity. Multiple redundant transmission hensive surveillance programs and re-guage and presentation structure. paths have replaced the discussion sponse plans but also recovery plans. around “secure network” transmission These plans will allow the customer to and paved the way for mobile telecom switch to emergency operation and to network transmission and above all IP initiate recovery measures immediately based network communication. There- when the magnitude of the incident is 9
  10. 10. identified from the MARC (Monitor- - reducing costs related to manned - Within electronic security, accessing and Alarm Receiving Center). The security field presence and interven- control and video grow much fasterMARC then becomes a Customer tion than intrusionService Centre with a broader scope - reducing risks related to manned se- - MARCs will enhance their portfoliothan the pure alarm handling tasks. curity field intervention to become Customer Service CentresAlso here the IP network is the key - Segments served by manned securityenabler. The customer can further gain value can increasingly be served by elec- from services if he combines security tronic security.Consequences services with other support services,From a customer perspective, a “De- using the already existing transmissionfence in Depth” strategy, based on the lines and remote surveillance capabili-new technological possibilities, can en- ties of the Customer Service Centre.hance the value of the security services From a security industry perspectivein particular by: the technology trends, paired with an innovative “Defence in Depth” ap-- providing more “non-invasive” serv- proach by customers will lead to the ices without people on site following changes:New Technologies and Access Control(part 2 of main theme B)Keynote address: Glen GreerGlen Greer has been involved in the electronic security industry since 1985 and was presidentof two of the most significant industry pioneers in the USA prior to their acquisition by largercompanies. He currently runs his own consulting firm, based in Atlanta, GA, USA, providingstrategic services to security product manufacturers built into door hardware means that These developments open up a sub- all the devices around the door can stantial retrofit business for system now be actively monitored and can in- integrators, expanding the number of teract to make the door system more controlled doors in existing access con- secure and more reliable. This is being trol systems, as well as expanding the done with locally wired networks, such scale of new projects. as the widely used CAN bus, connect- ed through a gateway to the corporate These wireless locks require batteries, local area network (LAN). which have to be changed periodically. This is the only downside to these de- Wireless networking is also being built velopments from the security manag- into locks using both Wi-Fi, to connect ers point of view. This problem will be to an existing wireless LAN, and local solved before long with energy harvest- network technologies such as Zigbee. ing technologies. Wireless locks will ac- The use of wireless networking makes quire their power from the same radio it economic and practical to replace waves used to communicate with them. many if not all the mechanical locks in a building. Life becomes simpler for What seemed an impossible dream for the users when he or she required only security managers – the autonomous, to carry a single RFID credential and networked, intelligent lock is actually no additional mechanical keys. But, very close to reality.The world of access control is poised with every lock now communicatingto take advantage of several technolog- and programmable over the network,ical advances that will enable security life also becomes dramatically simplermanagers to improve security while for the security manager. The systemmaking life easier for their users. The as a whole becomes more secure andincreasing use of network technology reliable. 10
  11. 11. Technology and the effect of the surveillance market(part 3 of main theme B)Keynote address: Mr. Martin Gren, Co-founder and Director, New Projects, Axis Apollo moon programs. Nowadays, feasible due to the high cost of power. thanks to Moore’s law where high The purpose of a surveillance camera is volumes is a must in order to devel- often to capture an image of a person op chips with even smaller geometries who does not want to be observed. On fitting into billions of transistors, the the other hand, it is the purpose of a main driver of technology is consumer cell phone or SLR camera to take great electronics. pictures of the family when put in front of the camera. These two distinct and The main impact from consumer elec- different purposes put a lot of different tronics on the surveillance industry requirements on the technology used. has been noticed in sensor develop- ment. In the early 1990s CCD was There have been other effects of the dominating technology and it was Moore’s law in the computer industry. mainly used in broadcast, security and PCs get faster every year and we get to a lesser extent, machine vision cam- much more memory, bandwidth and eras. Today the main driver is digital storage for the same amount of money.The surveillance industry is changed still cameras and mobile phone cam- In a security camera that is part of anby influences from other industries eras with CMOS sensors. embedded system, you do not have ac-and trends with a focus on CCTV type cess to the latest PC-processors as theyof surveillance. As we all have noticed there are no are too power hungry. But given that more fat tube based TVs in our living embedded processors and ASIC tech-The presentation briefly covered some rooms. Instead we have High Defini- nology makes similar advances the ca-political trends in society and how tion 16:9 TVs and in most countries pabilities in image processing and ana-these impact the use of surveillance the analogue broadcast TV network lytics gives a lot of new opportunities.cameras. has been shut down. The term NTSC/Another trend is how technology can PAL, so commonly used in the past, There exists an emerging trend of videobe brought from a completely differ- has now been replaced by HDTV in surveillance as a service. In the sameent industry. The introduction of ther- either 720p or 1080 resolutions. way we today rely on Google mail,mal network cameras from the military Hotmail and we caninto civilian life is just one example of As important as the resolution increase now also have our surveillance donethis cross-over technology. The main given by HDTV, is the change of the as a hosted service. This is useful, inbenefits of thermal cameras are that aspect ratio. A PAL or NTSC cam- particular, for smaller stores with 1-4they provide great detection even in era had 4:3 aspect ratio which is the cameras or a chain store with multiplecomplete darkness and other challeng- manufacturing process of TV-tubes. In smaller outlets that need a commoning conditions. In the past few years the same time, cinema theatres have platform for their surveillance needs.there has been a lot of discussion and had 16:9, 25:9 or even wider screens There has been a marked transitionhype around video analytics and their as these formats better reflect what we to network based surveillance camerascapabilities. Here thermal network want to see. Now with HDTV we can from the analogue CCTV cameras usedcameras may be beneficial as they are take a step in the right direction to get in the past. Analogue CCTV camerasnot influenced by shadows or light the ultimate image experience. In the have limited image quality and resolu-conditions in the same way as opti- session Mr. Gren showed several real tion. They are expensive to deploy in acal cameras. Even more important is life examples where the benefits of system as they require separate cablingto use analytics where it truly saves HDTV and 16:9 ratios are obvious. for power and video and rely on a struc-cost and has benefits. CSI type appli- ture of proprietary DVRs. Fortunatelycations, such as spotting terrorist in Optimizing an image for surveillance they can be upgraded to fit into largerstadiums, are now considered science applications is very different from op- systems with the use of video encodersfiction. timizing it for beautiful pictures. This to protect the investments and benefit is an area where the surveillance indus- from the whole system being integrat-Emphasis was given to consumer elec- try has completely different goals than ed.tronics technology and its impact on that of still or mobile phone cameras.the video surveillance market. Back in For instance, a flash in an SLR cam-the 1960s and 1970s most electronic era is equivalent to a lot of power-con-developments were driven out of the suming lighting in a surveillance ap-Military – e.g. the cold war and the plication. This application is often not 11
  12. 12. Report working group 2, main theme B (Technology)The reporters of the working group 2: Mr. Kristian Durhuus and Mr. Glen GreerIs there evidence/case studies showing that • It is essential to be able to specify a rity market is quite reactive thereforemanned security have been replaced with solution new technology provides opportuni-technology? Will this balance change in the • In the technology business it is com- ties for proactive service 5-10 years? mon to partner up with a best-of-• Access control has replaced guards breed. How could the most pressing issues for a• Guards are more productive and • One should bundle technology with manned security company be solved in a to- perform higher skilled work with manned security as a total solution tally new way on the basis of emerging tech- technology in order to win and to overcome nology trends?• In Scandinavia, 20 years ago manned commoditization (Group 2 consen- • Overcome commoditization by bun- security was 75% of the business, sus, but not in other groups: You dling manned security offering with technology 25%. Now it is the op- have to partner with the specialists technology offering posite. as it is no longer possible to do eve-• In low wage countries, this develop- rything yourself) End users complain that the training and ment is much slower support available to them, when they adopt• The replacement of guards for low 5 years from now, what could be the most new security technology, is inadequate. How quality jobs is offset by an overall significant breakthroughs in technology in should this task be divided between the growth of security demand, particu- the electronic security industry? What could equipment/software suppliers and the secu- larly in the USA be the impact on manned security? rity integrator and what could be done to • Improved imaging, enhancing the radically improve the training and technicalIs it essential for a manned security pro- capabilities of video support for end users?vider to be able to offer electronic security • Information analysis / data mining • Manned security companies have tosolutions as part of a total security offering? for security and other applications commit to it and truly take the fullIf so, is it more attractive for a manned se- • Development of MARCs (Monitor- responsibility for execution. Thecurity provider to have its own technology ing and Alarm Receiving Centres) customer has the right to demand aoffering or to partner with one (or more) es- and Call Centres to become Cus- full solutiontablished electronic security player(s)? tomer Service Centres • Ensure that service level agreements • Impact: The current manned secu- include adequate training compo- nentsThe need for increased outsourcing and public privatepartnership in securing critical national infrastructure(main theme C)Keynote addresses: The Rt. Hon. Lord Reid of Cardowan and Mr David Taylor-Smith,Regional CEO, UK, Ireland and Africa, G4S Plc As global security threats continue to grow, the protection of critical nation- September 14th, al infrastructure (CNI) has become an important area in which the public 2010 - Working and private sectors need to work more closely together. This presentation addresses the need for developing further public private partnership to help secure the CNI. This is especially important as govern- ments are increasingly unable to pro- vide the necessary wide ranging and rapid support they once may have been able to provide. With no cred- ible choice but to involve the private sector, which already funds, builds and operates critical infrastructure, in- creased private public interaction is es- sential in order to fully guarantee its continuing protection. 12
  13. 13. Report working group 3, main theme C(The need for increased outsourcing and public privatepartnership in securing critical national infrastructure)The reporter of the working group 3: Mr. William P. Kinane – What implications have PPP-projects for prisons, prisoner transfers, courts, a private security company? What home- hospitals and other less complicated work has to be done by private security areas of the police function. companies when they enter the market of public security? • The group also agreed that in order – What can state organizations and pri- to penetrate this market of offering vate security companies learn from each private security to the public sector, others when they work in PPP-projects? the reputation of the private securi- – Should private security organizations ty sector must be enhanced to over- like the Ligue come up with standards / come the poor image established by regulations for companies which work in such groups as Blackwater, which un- PPP-projects? fortunately tarnished the reputation – What areas of security are suited for out- of the private security industry. sourcing and PPP-projects, in view of the private security industry? • A better image can be established – What should private security companies with a strategic communication us- do to overcome any negative feelings the ing successful examples on the local, police forces might have about the new less complicated, level. Over time, competition from private companies? this could lead to providing services in more sensitive areas. • The group generally agreed that out- sourcing in the public sector offered • In order to overcome resistance from a unique opportunity at this time es- the public system, it should be dem- pecially in view of the difficult eco- onstrated that competition can be nomic times which forces the pub- beneficial: standards of quality will lic sector to review their budgets in be improved, there will be a better order to find more efficient uses of value for allocated funds and final- their resources ly, dedicated and good relations can be developed with the police which • The group also recommended that in would release them from doing mun- view of the fact that the public sec- dane and sometimes tedious tasks tor in some countries is very large; ef- - allowing them to concentrate on forts to penetrate this market should more important issues at hand. initially be concentrated on the less sensitive areas. Efforts should be • Competition is beneficial to the pub- made on the local level, such as serv- lic and the private security sector. ices provided to public buildings, LIGAZETTE For all important details about the Ligue Inter- is published by the Ligue Internationale des nationale des Sociétés de Surveillance consult Sociétés de Surveillance. Produced for the Ligue by Securitas AG Schweiz. Bewachungsgesellschaft Alpenstrasse 20 CH-3052 Zollikofen/Berne Phone +41 31 910 12 18 Telefax +41 31 911 63 34 13
  14. 14. 33rd General AssemblyCoESS – Confederation of European Security ServicesCoESS is presently working, in con- • establishing a minimum of common Third Party Liabilityjunction with the Ligue, on the pre- conditions for private securityvailing aspects pertaining to the • leading to an upward harmonisation The overall objective for the CoU legis- • starting from what exists already lative proposal is:• EU Directive on Services• Worker Mobility and Social Impact The options are: • stating the SHARED responsibilities• Third Party Liability when private security is concerned • to maintain the present situation • determining the specific responsibil-The “Directive on Services” in the In- and obtain a permanent exclusion ity of each stakeholder involved internal Market, as implemented as of from the EU Directive on Services securityDecember 12th, 2006, was introduced for private security services. • limiting the responsibility / liabilityto release the untapped growth po- • to obtain a vertical harmonisation of private security providerstential of services markets in Europe for private security services with • establishing a mechanism for han-by removing legal and administra- common minimum EU require- dling third party claimstive barriers in the services sector. The ments, limited to general principles • eliminating the risk for private securi-simplification measures, foreseen by to be applied in all EU Member ty providers of unlimited third partythe Directive, should significantly fa- States. This option is considered by liabilitycilitate and increase transparency for CoEss as an ideal solution to theSMEs and consumers when they want provide or use services in the sin- Statutory points of thegle market. The Directive requires the Whilst fully stressing the need for the General AssemblyMember States to simplify procedures development of a programme for Eu-and formalities that service providers ropean standards and other standardi- • The Minutes of the 32nd General As-need to comply with. In particular, sation deliverables for security, CoESS sembly 2008 in Seville/Spain wereit requires Member States to remove would nevertheless like to draw atten- approved unanimouslyunjustified and disproportionate bur- tion to the fact that in Europe, the se- • Financesdens. The Service Directive so far does curity industry is much broader than The accounts, such as the finan-not apply to the private security serv- the general scope put forward for cial statements, etc. for the periodices, which are explicitly excluded. many of the other European Commis- 2008/2010 had been sent to the del- sion services. egates well ahead of the General As-However, Article 38 of the Directive sembly. They were unanimously ap-states that the European Commission The Ligue very much supports the proved.would need to assess, by December plan to exclude the security industry28, 2010, the possibility of presenting from the Service Directive. The delegates unanimously followedvertical legislation for private security the Secretary Generals proposal toservices. This means that the Europe- Worker Mobility and Social keep the annual membership feean Commission can, after assessment, Impact of CHF 3,000.00 as per the Liguesconclude that vertical legislation is Constitution, Art. 16c.necessary or not necessary for the pri- The overall objective for CoESS mustvate security sector. The European be to work towards an EU legislative • The General Assembly, formally andCommission has defined what private proposal aimed at: with acclamation, renewed the man-security services are, and that private date of the acting Board from nowsecurity services are to fall within har- • clarifying the present EU legislation until 2012.monisation of the scope of the Direc- regarding the posting of workerstive. CoESS does not agree with this • establishing a framework whereby • It was the Secretary General’s privi-distinction and challenges the Europe- the temporary mobile workers are lege to announce that the 2012 Gen-an Commission’s vision. It is therefore being paid according to the highest eral Assembly would be held on theof the essence that an overall objective wages East Coast of North America and itshould be worked out toward an EU • creating a sound set of working con- would be hosted by Garda, Canadalegislative proposal aimed at: ditions for the European private and Guardsmark, LLC, USA. security sector in each of the EU• establishing a vertical legislative in- Member States strument (Directive) for the private security sector 14
  15. 15. Introduction of new Ligue membersDanny VandormaelGuy TempereauCristian Vial 15
  16. 16. Rituraj SinhaPawanjit S. AhluwaliaDr. Nicola RigamontiFrancesco Simonelli 16
  17. 17. Paul ChongAlp SaulBill MuskinStuart Lowden 17
  18. 18. Keynote address by Murat Kösereisoglu, Country President,Securitas Turkey panies in Turkey. The License is valid The Turkish Security Industry all around the country for all types of today in figures: security services like CIT, close protec- tion, guarding and consulting. How- Licensed companies 1,171 ever the training of guards requires a Licensed training companies 642 separate license. Licensed locations 46,248 Security companies may only provide Licensed guards 404,378 security services and FM services. Oth- Employed guards 168,350 er types of businesses may not be pro- Alarm monitoring stations 183 vided by the same company. However Source: Police HQ. 17.8.10 there is a possibility to set up other companies to provide other types of Over regulation is present: services. • Police wants to know every move- Guards requirements: 100 hours of ment of a guard and the contract. training for unarmed personnel; 120 • Copies of the contracts are to be giv- hours of training for armed personnel. en to the local police. Services canTurkey’s private security services start- They will receive their license (armed only start after a week once the con-ed in 1982 with a law enabling only or unarmed) only after having passed tract is delivered to the police. Tem-in-house private security to operate a state test, they have received a good porary services need to be informedmainly in Banks and Government In- health report and if they have a clear 48 hours before the event.stitutions. Nevertheless the number of background check.guards reached 60,000 within 18 years On-going training: every five yearsin 2000. Outsourced security goes refreshment training is required; 50 The Market:back to 1992 by starting as so called hours for unarmed and 60 hours for“service companies”. There was a de- armed guards. With the exception of The Turkish governors have issuedfined in-house market and an unde- these courses after having graduated permits for a total of 282,000 guards;fined outsourced market in the begin- from high school, those who wish to however only some 168,000 are onning of 2000’s. During those ten years work in the private security, have the duty. It may be said that there are somethere were challenges about the defini- possibility to attend vocational pro- 200,000 guards in the market. This cor-tion and limits of the service, the Po- grams specially designed by certain responds to 1.8 BUSD, or 1.4 BUSD/lice was supporting the system but the public universities. These are two year year, only for guarding, excluding CIT,system was not defined. programs that prepare students exclu- Consulting and systems. About 60% of sively for the private security industry. the market is public tenders based on aThe local Association was founded in These University programs are good “public tender law”, which is very much1994 and - for many years - it tried to sources for the Industry to develop fu- “price driven”. We expect the market toenact a law. Finally, after almost ten ture managers. grow about 5% per year for the com-years of lobbying, this law was enacted ing five years. So, therefore, it is evi-in 2004. Today’s situation is such, that Customers/Locations: In-house or dent that the Turkish Private Securitythe industry is highly regulated by the outsourced, the locations require a Industry is still fairly a young industrygovernment from a security aspect, permit from the Governor in every compared to Europe or to the Unitedhowever free market rules are being city. The maximum limits are set forth States. We believe that we still have apracticed. in the equivalent permits. Natural per- long way to go. sons or companies may apply for per-The following licenses are mits and may quit any time they wish to do so. There is no “must” for thecurrently required: people to join the law.1. Security companies Arms & Ammunition: Arms are owned2. Guards by the customer with the exception3. Customers of CIT and close protection services. There are services where heavy arms,Security Companies: receive a license like HK-G7, are carried.from the Ministry of the Interior, witha background check on its partners.Based on the reciprocity principal, for-eign investors can set-up security com- 18
  19. 19. Closing keynote address to the Ligue delegateson 15 September 2010 by Her Excellency AmbassadorMs. Aylin Sekizkok towards private sector is simple: Gov- proved to be inadequate in protecting ernments are passing through very dif- our citizens. There is an urgent need ficult times. to innovate new ways to identify, track and catch criminals before they perpe- Today the threat against the security trate any ill-intended action. Moreover, and well-being of our citizens is more today’s security threats are mainly di- diffuse, elusive and unpredictable. rected to soft targets, such as shopping Therefore it is more dangerous. This malls, train stations, airports, business threat can be in the form of a terror- centres, pipelines, and so on. Therefore ist attack in a shopping mall, or a mar- we also need to devise new approaches ket. Energy pipelines can be a target, that would deter terrorists, yet allow or a chemical factory. The threat can people to continue their way of life be drug cartels. Drug trafficking has without disruption. reached such proportions that the con- cern of the governments are not only 2. The second lesson: public health but governments are equally concerned about the econom- Security of one country is interlinked ic repercussions of these illegal trans- with that of others. We do not have a actions. In some parts of the world, luxury anymore to remain indifferentThe lady ambassador heartedly wel- this illegal sector threatens core state to developments that take place in oth-comed the Ligue Assembly to Istan- structures and paralyses governments. er parts of the globe.bul. Expressing her hopes that the Other forms of organized crime, suchmeeting was fruitful and that all dele- as human trafficking and illegal arms 3. The third lesson:gates had the opportunity to enjoy the trade are also part of the security bigpleasures of Istanbul. She considered picture. In fact, these problems are not No country can fight alone againstherself a bit exited, because this event new and they have been affecting soci- the threat of terrorism or other formswas her first encounter with the private eties for a very long time. of organized crime. Internationalsector, in such a format to discuss the cooperation is a must: better intelligenceissues of security. A field once consid- What is new is the fact that in a glo- sharing, enhanced border control, andered as an exclusive domain for gov- balized world, terrorists and criminals harmonized legal mechanisms forernments. In her opinion, she consid- have also become global citizens. They criminal investigation.ered this meeting as a very important have started to exploit opportunitiesopportunity allowing her to talk to the of the modern age: easy travelling, ad- In short, today’s governments shoulderrepresentatives of the world’s leading vanced communication technologies, daunting tasks in the field of homelandsecurity companies. and so on, to create transnational net- security. Therefore, there has been a works and to operate across borders. substantial debate in the internationalOver the past few years, there has been Added to this problem is the increase platforms on ways and means to fulfilever increasing attention put on the in the number of countries with failed the requirements of new security needs.necessity of strengthening partnership state structures making home to terror-between governments and the private ist organizations and other criminal Turkey actively participates and con-sector in order to better address to- groups. The spread of radical ideolo- tributes to this debate. As a countryday’s security challenges. Furthermore, gies embraces and incites violence and that suffered from terrorism for dec-the UN is discussing new methods is making the security environment ades, we have developed a sound andto get the private sector on board in more complicated. Horrible terrorist effective legal system including crimi-protecting international peace and se- attacks, such 9/11 nine years ago, were nal law and a separate antiterrorismcurity. NATO is underlining the role an eye opener for the international law. Our law enforcement authorities,of the private sector in protecting vul- community, leading us to learn a in particular the Turkish National Po-nerable critical infrastructure. OSCE number of lessons in a very tragic way: lice, have reformed and modernizedhas started a process to identify and themselves substantially over the years.address emerging security challenges, 1. The first and most crucial Building on years-long experience inincluding cyber crime. One impor- lesson: fighting every form of terrorism, thetant item on the agenda of this proc- National Police has devised many inno-ess is the private sector cooperation. No country is secure any more. Tradi- vative approaches that are now consid-The reason for this growing interest tional security structures and measures ered as best practice by many interna- 19