Benefits of Job for Bussiness


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How a job tenure help you to start and execute a good bussiness...

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Benefits of Job for Bussiness

  1. 1. Experiencing Basics Being A Serviceman For Becoming A Businessman A probable condition behind our job and business opportunities that we can learn and use all the basics and technical stuff for our own business, it’s very necessary side of any business that the owner should have some knowledge regarding his/her own product, employees, customers, and all other basic related to the company to get a successful run around the world and that’s all possible only when the owner have received all the conditions in practical seriously being a job owner and working under any boss/senior. Why and how a job can help an entrepreneur in the very beginning ? I always opposes this act because peoples think that they are made for that job and will pass their life without any extra risk and achievements peoples thinking level to expand and that’s why we all should aware about and follow our further plans even during joining and doing any job we should be focused on our business buildups and try to observe from job available in the whole organisation we connected with. A job opportunity will make you available with all the raw materials and needs to do your business in the reality rather than in the dreams only, we all can do the experiments on others budget for our startup and that’s why it will be most recommended suggestion you will ever get from and entrepreneur to do something that teaches you with the real world and you will get it’s something to give you more and more power of thinking and working with the challenges and finding solutions to achieve those unseen experiences and same will help you in future. How a job will make you learn to be a better boss ? It’s another reason you should go and get a job many of the youngsters who joins their job don’t thinks regarding their work because of a image of strict and powerful boss, you don’t have to observe the qualities that juniors don’t want in a boss but have to follow and learn what the junior’s demand in their boss. Here being an employee you will get the both sided appearance from the colleagues and ofcourse the boss and that’s why you will feel the best practical operation for becoming a demanded boss in your company and with your supporters. When a job owner should resign and get started with own business activities ?
  2. 2. Most of the peoples joins job because they don’t have the thinking about their own business or anything that requires some risk and uncommon creativity. And the second type of peoples who joins job even they have ideas to build a better business but they don’t have basics and mostly the unavailability of capital to invest in their ideas and desire but being an employee it will be easy to think more clear about those ideas and startup. And the last one about that I would like to write they are well managed with their business ideas and basics but they don’t have real life experiences and requires to do a successful launch, and they are also in the list of serious employees for a company and that’s why company don’t thinks to loose any employee having these indications and gives a better feeling to them for being an employee there. But each and every entrepreneur should have connected with their dream work secretly before the especially before the launch. Be engaged with the company planning and working procedure to deal with the market competitors and better performance as well and after all when you starts feeling to go with all the procedure confidently then move on and write the resignation letter for a better living and creation for generations. Compiled by: Ejaz Ahmed Bhatti