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Michael kors presentation

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Michael kors presentation

  1. 1. ADVERTISING IN SOCIETY By Emily Jacobs
  3. 3. WHAT IS DESIGNER? WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO THE ADVE RTISE RS OF MICHAE L KORS?  The ad for the brand is portraying that if you have designer clothing, your life is perfect.  The brand in this ad is condoning the fact that a person may have a double life but it is fine as long as that person is wearing Michael Kors  They want the consumers to believe that if they are wearing the brand of clothing they will be “sexy” and that is all that should matter to the consumer  They want the consumer to believe that if they wear the brand, that they will become part of the elite, part of the “high life”
  4. 4. NEGITIVE AFFECTS  The advertisers are negatively affecting the images of the everyday woman.  Real women do not look like the models in the commercial, nor do they need to.  The ad uses sex to sell the brand  The brand is trying to sell the “high life” by showing the bag with a girl coming out of a helicopter.
  5. 5. H OW T H E P RO D U C T I S B E I N G SOLD BY SEX  The female model getting off the helicopter is the deffinition of todays model, skinny, beautiful, and tall.  The model is blond, skinny, and flawless, which is unrealistic. She is wearing cherry red lipstick, and a long gold dress.  Michael Kors, an openly homosexual man is being kissed by a woman, he is promoting that heterosexual gestures.  The model leaves with a young model wearing a jumpsuit that is very revealing  The perfume bottles that the consumer sees at the end of the commercial are phallic, or shaped like a penis.

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