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Hunter archivesfair2012


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Hunter archivesfair2012

  1. 1. Discovering theArtistry in Field Books:Intersection of Art and Science
  2. 2. National Museum of NaturalHistory & SmithsonianInstitution Archives Mission: to create a Field Book Registry, one online location for field book content everywhere.
  3. 3. Why the Field Book Project?• Field books are not co- located• Access points are inconsistent• Field Books are Hidden Collections!
  4. 4. What do we do?+ CATALOG+ Conserve+ Digitize
  5. 5. What arefield books? Unpublished, original record of field events leading up to and including the collection of biological specimens.
  6. 6. What can these materials tell us? + Specimens + Environment + Collecting Event
  9. 9. + paint a picture of a specificplace at a specific time+ what did the landscape looklike? What species thrived?
  11. 11. ContextAll about relationshipsLinking :• Collections• Items• People• Organizations• Expeditions
  12. 12. Overview of Description EAC Organization NCD CollectionOrgId: EACO9 CollectionId: NCDC78Name: Smithsonian Institution, Title: Frederick Coville,National Museum of Natural History, field books, 1890-1924Department of Botany Owner: EACO9 Creator: EACP173 Description: The collection consists of EAC Person Covilles field notes from botanical collecting and observation efforts in …PersonId: EACP173Name: Coville, Frederick(Frederick Vernon), 1867-1937Dates: 1867-1937 MODS ItemBiographical history: Frederick Vernon MODSid: MODSI1281Coville, botanist and blueberry breeder, Collection: NCDC78was born in New York and educated… Title: Field notes, Death Valley Expedition, 1891 Dates: 1891.05.10-1891.07.30 EAC Expedition Creator: EACP173ExpId: EACE0017 Expedition: EACE 0017Name: Death Valley Expedition Abstract: This item contains narrativeDates: 1890-1891 notes and lists of botanical specimensDescription: The Death Valley Expedition collected or observed during Covilleswas the first biological survey to … research in Death Valley . …
  13. 13. ChallengesWhat is it?
  14. 14. Crowdsourcing
  15. 15. Flickr:!/fieldbookprojWebsite
  16. 16. Field Book Project TeamRusty RussellCollections & Informatics, BotanyAnne Van CampDirector, SI ArchivesCarolyn Sheffield, Project ManagerSonoe Nakasone, Cataloging CoordinatorLesley Parilla, Cataloger and Graphics DesignerEmily Hunter, Cataloger and Social Media CoordinatorRicc Ferrante, Director of Digital Services, SIAKira Cherrix, Image and Video Digitization Specialist, SIATammy Peters, Supervisory Archivist, SIASarah Stauderman, Collections Care Manager, SIANora Lockshin, Paper Conservator, SIAJanelle Batkin-Hall, Conservation Technician, SIAKirsten Tyree, Conservation Technician, SIA