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Assignment Module 1


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For our NSTP: LTS assignment presentation

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Assignment Module 1

  1. 1. Interacting with Marginalized Members of our Community
  2. 2. Objectives  To enhance the interaction skills with people who are considered to be marginalized members of a community or institution in our society.  To be more socially aware and involved at our current status.
  3. 3. Contents  Presentation of data from the Interviewees  Our reflections and realizations
  4. 4. Presentation of data from the
  5. 5. Loreta Gilo Name: Loreta Gilo Age: 44 Location of interview: Espaňa – Overpass Occupation: Street Vendor (Selling of accessories, umbrellas, fan, etc.) Name of their parents and their Zenon & Fernanda - Retired occupation: Number of children: 3 Number of siblings: 12 Dreams and aspirations in life: To have had finish her studies and have a decent job and for her children to have a comfortable life
  6. 6. Breaks Cadapan Name: Breaks Cadapan Age: 21 Location of interview: Along Espaňa Occupation: Vendor (Peanuts) Name of their parents and their Arlene & Tony; Farmers occupation: Number of children: None Number of siblings: 6 Dreams and aspirations in life: To be a college graduate and wished for a more decent job.
  7. 7. Jen-Jen de Guzman Name: Jen-Jen de Guzman Age: 11 Location of interview: Alongside P. Noval Occupation: None (Street Child) Name of their parents and their Jen-Jen Miriam & Ernesto de occupation: Guzman – Street Vendor Number of children: None Number of siblings: 6 Dreams and aspirations in life: To be able to go to school together with her siblings. And to become a stewardess someday.
  8. 8. Pilar Tubay Name: Pilar Tubay (Ate Jane) Age: 21 Location of interview: Santolan, Pasig City Occupation: House Helper Name of their parents and their Edna Tubay as a Dressmaker occupation: Isabelo Tubay as a Hollow Block Maker Number of children: None Number of siblings: 6 Dreams and aspirations in life: To graduate college in the course of Information Technology
  9. 9. Dina M. Antolin Name: Dina M. Antolin Age: 20 Location of interview: Occupation: House Helper Name of their parents and their Delia Antolin – Plain Housewife occupation: Herminio Antolin – Farmer Number of children: None Number of siblings: 6 Dreams and aspirations in life: Her greatest dream is to help up her family and give them a good life, away from poverty. To continue my studies, if ever the opportunity comes. Someday, I want to have a family of my own, and wish to give my children a good kind of living
  10. 10. Dina M. Antolin (right)
  11. 11. The GTD group’s
  12. 12. Content 1. In a few sentences, describe your feelings and concerns while before and after doing the interview/interaction. 2. What are your realizations after the interview/interaction? 3. Did it hove any impact on your values and how you look at life?
  13. 13. 1. Feelings And Concerns During The Interview  We feel excited before doing the assignment because it’s not everyday that we're given tasks like this. Before officially starting, we thought of a way to begin with but were engrossed with nervousness for starting our real conversation because of our first time to interview someone we don’t know personally.
  14. 14.  But after doing the given task, we were relived, happy and surprised that they all responded truthfully.  We managed to have a casual talk with each other and as we talk on for deeper questions, we felt their reason for living.
  15. 15.  We felt sorry for the people we interviewed because most of them really have dreams and aspirations to achieve but due to financial problems, they find it hard to achieve these goals.
  16. 16.  After this interview, we realized that we were very fortunate that we should be thankful and must do our best to make the most of what we have.  We sympathize for what they are experiencing now. Contentment is one of the things that we realized; that having the chance to study and eat three times a day is a bountiful blessing we have.
  17. 17. 2. Realizations  All of us should value what we have today and love life, that's what we realized after the interview.  We are already looking at life that way. You live today because you have something to accomplish today and in no time you'll be able to reach your dreams/goals in life.  We realized that we should value what we have now; be grateful of what we are receiving as blessings.
  18. 18. 3. Values and Life It gave an impact on our values and how we look at life more than before. For a long time we only tend to observe the marginalized members of our society but after hearing their unheard voices to us, as students, it gave a lot of value and it even strengthened our will to do the best we can with our resources.
  19. 19.  Some of us is already taking our values and loving life seriously, and some of us were moved by those unfortunate of our assets that we have now.  Each and every one of us should be grateful and accept of what we have than have nothing at all…
  20. 20. Group Members… SANTOS Diana MAÑOSCA Sheila Jeremae PILLO Retzel May RUCIO Bryan Nicole PUA Peter Michael RECIO Alfred David ROQUE Jhon Carlo ROMANO Julianne Angelica ROSAL Joanna Mae RUBIO Mary Anne Merryl RAMOS Fain Cherub NEW MEMBERS MICLAT Mariell HIPOLITO Francine Rey
  21. 21. Thank you for viewing our presentation July 2009 - GTD Group -