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Double entry


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Sample of Double Entry Dr Cr

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Double entry

  1. 1. 1) On Dec 1, Mr Helmi invested RM 30,000 in Line Clear Co. CashInvestment 30k Mr Helmi, Capital Cash 30k2) Purchased store supplies by paying RM 2,500 in Cash Stores SuppliesCash 2,500 Cash Stores 2,500 Supplies3) Purchased of coppying equipment by payingt RM 20,000 cash Copy EquipmentCash 20,000 Cash Copy 20,000 Equipment4) Purchased of RM1,100 of store supplies and RM6,000 of copying equipment on credit from Nazlin and Anuar Supply Co. Store SuppliesAP 1,100 Copy EquipmentAP 6000 Account payable 7,1005) Provided copying services to a customer and immediately collected RM 2200 cash Cash 2,200 Copy Services Revenue 2,200
  2. 2. 6) Paid RM1000 cash for rent month of Dec 2008 Rent Expense 1,000 Cash 1,0007) Paid RM700 cash for the employees salary for the pay period ended Dec 12 Salaries Expense 700 Cash 7008) Completed copying work on credit and billed the customer RM1700.00 for the services Account Receivables cash 1,700 cash 1700 1700 Copy Services Revenue 1,7009) The customer paid he RM1700 account receivable created in transaction 8. Account Receivables 1,700 Cash 1,70010) Paid Nazlin and Anuar Supply Co RM900 cash on the RM7100 owed for the supplies and equipment purchased on credit Accounts Payable 900 Cash 90011) Mr Helmi withdrew RM400 from Line Clear Co for personal living expenses
  3. 3. Helmi, Withdrwals 400 Cash 40012) Signed a contract with a customer and accepted RM3000 cash in advance of providing any services Cash 3000 Unearned Copy Services Revenue 300013) Paid RM2,400 cash for the premium on the two year insurance policy Prepaid Insurance 2400 Cash 240014) Paid RM120 cash for additional store supplies15) Paid RM230 cash for the December utilities bill16 )Paid RM700 cash for the employees salary for two weeks ended Dec 26 Store Supplies 120 Utilities Expense 230 Salaries Expense 700 Cash 120 230 700
  4. 4. om Nazlin and Anuar Supply Co.
  5. 5. nd equipment purchased on credit in transaction 4
  6. 6. any services