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  1. 1. CTS: GRUPPO AUTONOMO DI BASE „DI LECCE” DI LECCE Issue number 1 – Date 25/03/11 Sant’OronzoToday THIS ISSUE: STATS: What do The Eco-Warriors Insights from the What are the Spazzatore the Youths in Action delve into Lecce’s Warriors locals saying? Great think about environmental themselves! Lecce? situation REPORTING FROM LECCE IN THE SALENTO TERRITORY OF SOUTHERN ITALY IN THE HEART OF THE MEDITERRANENAN ALERT! WARRIORS ON THE MOVE! STATS: (Sample size: 31) The Eco-warriors delve into the environmental situation of the city of Lecce. How bad is it really?77.4 % say that Lecce is generallyclean. On day one of their campaign, the Eco-warriors set off roaming the streets and80.6% believe that Lecce isn’t alleys of the city of Lecce observing the environmental practices going on‘Green’ i.e. only 18.4% think that it around the city. They came across a number of practices which are degrading theis ! aesthetic image of the city. Therefore, they put their heads together and started thinking of solutions that could be implemented to improve the situation of the58.06% believe that the situation city and to make it more environmentally friendly. The Eco-Warriors wanted toof cars in Lecce is pretty awful know what the citizens of Lecce think of the current environmental situation ofwhilst only 6.5% think it is ok. their city, and there was no better way to do this than to ask the inhabitants themselves. We were curious to know how environmentally conscious the people Regarding the situation of are of using eco-friendly measures in their day to day life, so we went into some rubbish in Lecce, 46.9% think it is establishments and asked them what type of light bulbs they were using. Finally, normal but 12.5% think it is really in order to raise more awareness of using sustainable practices in our everyday bad. life, the Eco-Warriors simulated two situations of a ‘bad’ and a ‘good’ tourist and the ways each of them could affect the environment in different ways.38.7% of us recycled somethingthis week ! On day two, the Eco-warriors met up in the arena to discuss the situation and to think of sustainable solutions to fight against environmental degradation being caused in this city. The mascot of the group was created by Geo the Green Greek using recycled objects found lying around in the streets of Lecce. Lara the Land-Lover named it Spazzatore the Great. Finally each of the participants was interviewed to find out each of their opinions in relation to what is happening in Lecce, see their insights below. On day three there was still a lot of chopping and dicing to do on our projects. We conducted a survey of the insights of the whole group, in order to gather their general opinion of the city. A doodle was created online to see what other visitors of Lecce think of the environemtal situation of this quaint, beautiful city. Maria the Mundus Militant THE EDITOR
  2. 2. LARA the Land-Lover’s insights GEO the Green Greek’s thoughts IF YOU WERE MAYOR OF THE IF YOU WERE MAYOR OF THE CITY OF LECCE WHAT WOULD CITY OF LECCE WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE? YOU CHANGE? I would remove cars from the I would pass laws not allowing cars historic centre. I would clean up the in the centre of the city, put more graffiti. By all means bus or tram lines and provide I would allow a portion of the city bicycles to all. I would also propose for youths to express themselves by some heavy fines for the graffiti as means of street art. the buildings of Lecce are so beautiful that it feels like a crime IN WHAT WAYS COULD THE ruining them. LOCALS BE INVOLVED IN THE UPKEEPING OF THE CITY? IN WHAT WAYS COULD THE The local government should LOCALS BE INVOLVED IN THE AS AN OUTSIDER (A AS AN OUTSIDER (A ‘TOURIST’) WHAT DO YOU educate locals, who should learn to ‘TOURIST’) WHAT DO YOU UPKEEPING OF THE CITY? THINK OF THE appreciate their city in this way they THINK OF THE By reducing (cars, trash, graffiti), ENVIRONMENTAL will not contribute negatively to the ENVIRONMENTAL reusing (materials for the same or SITUATION OF LECCE? environment. Walk more and keep SITUATION OF LECCE? different use) and recycling. Lecce is a beautiful city the place clean. Lecce gives the impression of especially the historic centre a clean city at first sight. is architecturally rich and There is not much trash on therefore unique. For this the streets and you can see reason it is sad to see vandal quite some bicycles around, acts on old buildings. The however, I consider traffic as narrow streets lose their the main problem concerning character with the presence of pollution. cars and lack of maintenance. ROBERT IOANA the VLAD the the Incredible’s Viking’s Recycler’s insights thoughts insights: AS AN OUTSIDER (A ‘TOURIST’) WHAT AS AN OUTSIDER (A ‘TOURIST’) WHATAS AN OUTSIDER (A ‘TOURIST’) DO YOU THINK OF THE DO YOU THINK OF THEWHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL SITUATION OF ENVIRONMENTAL SITUATION OFENVIRONMENTAL SITUATION LECCE? LECCE?OF LECCE? I think that the situation in Lecce is good I think that the situation in Lecce is good.Lecce is a clean city as a whole because the locals keep this city very clean. For me Lecce is a clean city, there are a lot(compared to Hungarian cities). It is They try to protect their monuments and of garbage bins on the streets. Streets arestrange that there are so many cars help the environment. For examples I saw clean, the air fresh and there are a lot ofon the old city roads. many people riding bikes instead of using trees. People are using bikes and economyIF YOU WERE MAYOR OF THE CITY cars. class cars which is really good for theOF LECCE WHAT WOULD YOU environment of Lecce.CHANGE? IF YOU WERE MAYOR OF THE CITY OFI would ban the usage of cars in the old LECCE WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE? IF YOU WERE MAYOR OF THE CITY OFcity. They could easily get from A to B Probably I would change the fact of having LECCE WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE?by bike or on foot. And the emissions too many cars in the city because it is quite As a mayor of Lecce I would develop theof the cars make the walls black. small. I would propose to use bikes just public transport as we do in Estonia. I because they aren’t making any damage to would add more buses, trolley buses (withIN WHAT WAYS COULD THE the environment and the locals would have electric engines) and a tram system. ThisLOCALS BE INVOLVED IN THE a good and healthy life. would lower the emissions in Lecce.UPKEEPING OF THE CITY?It would be important to separate the IN WHAT WAYS COULD THE LOCALS IN WHAT WAYS COULD THE LOCALStrash so the stuff they throw out could BE INVOLVED IN THE UPKEEPING OF BE INVOLVED IN THE UPKEEPING OFbe recycled. Also to make them THE CITY? THE CITY?understand how using cars in the old The locals could use less energy, could try People could separate their waste forcity is unreasonable. to respect and protect more their city. For recycling. I saw a lot of bins on the streets example if they see some rubbish on the but they were not differentiated for street they can pick it up and throw it into separation of trash. If there were special the trash just to keep the city clean. containers for glass, plastic and organic 2 waste, people could be more involved in the up keeping of the city.
  3. 3. Maria the Mundus Militant’s thoughts: AS AN OUTSIDER (A ‘TOURIST’) WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL SITUATION OF LECCE? Lecce is a beautiful historical city which reflects the beauty of Mediterranean lifestyle and character. The major part of the city is clean and aesthetically appealing however the roads need doing and the graffiti on the walls do not add to the historical value of the buildings. I think there should be a special place where such artists can express their talents. IF YOU WERE MAYOR OF THE CITY OF LECCE WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE? I would start by fixing the roads, especially those in the inner city area. The buildings need to be cleaned from all the scribbling and graffiti. I would also try to minimise the number of cars in the city by introducing a park and ride scheme or an efficient tram system that works 24/7. IN WHAT WAYS COULD THE LOCALS BE INVOLVED IN THE UPKEEPING OF THE CITY? The locals need to become aware of the benefits of living in an environmentally clean city. Only then can they start to really treat their city as they would treat their own home, become not just passive inhabitants but active citizens who proudly keep their city clean and aesthetically beautiful. Jessica the Just Journalist’s insights: AS AN OUTSIDER (A ‘TOURIST’) WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL SITUATION OF LECCE? As a tourist, I think Lecce is a clean city. Bins and other waste disposal units are very frequent in most streets, however, these are not colour coded bins for different types of waste. Cigarette remains are thrown on the ground and the graffiti on the walls are an eyesore. IF YOU WERE MAYOR OF THE CITY OF LECCE WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE? I would enforce laws so that people would start separating waste by providing colour coded bins and cigarette bud trays in streets. I would pass a law that cars cannot enter the city centre, at least for some hours during the day and provide alternative transport to reduce this problem. Finally the only way to eliminate graffiti on walls is by introducing harsher fines. IN WHAT WAYS COULD THE LOCALS BE INVOLVED IN THE UPKEEPING OF THE CITY? By reducing, reusing and recycling! What are the locals’ views about the environmental situation in their city?While walking in the on a bench enjoyingcity of Lecce, the the laid back city life.Eco-Warriors thought They welcomed usit would be best if we with a smile and weregot a first-hand eagerly willing toopinion from the answer our questions.inhabitants of this city This however turnedas to what they think into a longof the environmental conversation about allsituation. sorts of things including nostalgicThe first person stories about theirquestioned was an past. This is what weartist in his mid- discussed:forties who wassitting quietly in What do you think The artist expressed and respect towardsPiazza Duomo about the that the environment the environment.reading a book. We environment in in Lecce is horrible ‘People just don’tlater approached three Lecce? due to the lack of care!’ he said.elderly people sitting adequate education 3
  4. 4. However, the three environment clean in environment is mainlyelderly were more Lecce? recycling plastic Do you think thatpatriotic in their bottles. However, tourists respect theviews and they As an artist, the they added that they environment indescribed it as a respondent seeks to would prefer using Lecce, or degrade it?beautiful and clean transmit his message glass bottles, as theycity. As their birth through his paintings. did 60 years ago, According to theplace and home for According to him his since they can be artist, some touristsmany years, Lecce is work and that of other easily reused. They do respect it andvery close to their painters should described Lecce as a others don’t,hearts, and although stimulate the changing and depending fromits environment has conscience of people evolving city, which which country orchanged over the in a positive way, one is going through both culture they areyears, they still like it that will one day positive and negative coming from. Heas it is. result in a cultural advancements. It has admitted that in revolution. In this become very busy general northern way, people become with cars, which are Europeans tend to beDo you know of any mentally cultured to increasing the cleaner.governmental act respectfully pollution by emittingincentives in Lecce? towards their toxic fumes and also On the contrary, the surroundings. He is noise disturbances. three elderly citizensThe interviewees also putting this into For this reason, they stated that tourists dodidn’t know of any practice himself by choose to go around respect the city, andmotivational scheme using environmentally the city on foot. They through them theyproposed by the friendly materials in believe that if have learnt togovernment. his paintings. everyone respects the appreciate the environment and did a beautiful architecture The elderly people little effort, the of Lecce’s buildings.How do you expressed that their situation would becontribute towards personal contribution complete!keeping the towards the Meet our friend: Spazzatore the GreatSpazzatore the Great aka Spazzi is the number one Eco-Warrior. He lives asustainable life to the full. Spazzi’s daily routines are indeed 100% eco-friendly which is why he has achieved the notorious role of the officialMascot of the Eco-Warriors. He is the wind, the inspiration, the LEADER!Spazzi leads by example, collecting and recycling rubbish, reducing hisenrergy usage and re-using various materials for other purposes. All ofSpazzi’s clothes and accessories are in fact made from recycled materials.Spazzi’s house is a figure representing the epitome of contemporaryenvironemntelly friendly living. It uses absolutely no form of pollutingenergy. It is endowed with double glazed windows for insulation, whichmake up the walls of Spazzi’s house so as to maximise the usage of naturallighting. His source of energy comes from natural resources such as solarwater heaters, photovoltaic solar panels which generate electricityand asoundless wind powered turbine.Spazzi is indeed a trendsetter for environemntally healthy living... and that’s why we love him ! 4