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How do i take this one further on


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Published in: Business
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How do i take this one further on

  1. 1. ‫מעניין‬ ‫צריכה עוד‬ ‫לחשוב על זה‬
  2. 2. Extracted from Leadership Profile:“Addresses conflicts early, and positively manages them…”
  3. 3. Extracted from Leadership Profile: “Makes others successful…”
  4. 4. Extracted from Leadership Profile:v“Confidence to work independently”“Foster collaboration”
  5. 5. Extracted from Leadership Profile:My area of responsibility andjob description are well definedI am able to influence key decisions
  6. 6. Different Needs
  7. 7. Modular solutions
  8. 8. “I can’t believe this! Is there anyonehere who isn’t too chicken to jump?”
  9. 9. Thank You !