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The core competence of the Eisele Communications GmbH is the concept design and realization of coherent, emotionalizing corporate events. Paying consistent attention to the company’s core values, its corporate identity and the lived corporate culture, contents are integrated within an intelligent and varied overall story that provides participants with lasting information and motivation. At the heart of the event is the perfect presentation and showcasing of the respective product, service and/or employee. A contemporary design for the whole production as well as integrating the latest event technology, assists in creating an "extraordinary event" and are further guarantors for a successful Corporate Event.

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'Corporate Events' by Eisele Communications GmbH (english)

  1. 1. Eisele Communications GmbH THE AGENCYEisele Communications GmbH has established itself as a full service agency with a reputation for perfectly organized events both in Germany and abroad over many years.Whatever it is the customer desires – we will find out exactly what it is through persistent communication and then make it come true by applying professional concepts, aperfect script and sophisticated performances. To achieve this we leave no stone unturned and no surprise is too outlandish. Great care is being taken to ensure a deepemotional connection with the customer’s company is achieved – as well as a balanced cost-benefit effect. Our aim is to create unforgettable “WOW experiences" in orderto successfully contribute to the positive image of our customers.
  2. 2. CORPORATE EVENTSThe core competence of the Eisele Communications GmbH is the concept design and realization of coherent, emotionalizing corporate events. Paying consistent attention tothe company’s core values, its corporate identity and the lived corporate culture, contents are integrated within an intelligent and varied overall story that provides participantswith lasting information and motivation. At the heart of the event is the perfect presentation and showcasing of the respective product, service and/or employee. A contemporarydesign for the whole production as well as integrating the latest event technology, assists in creating an "extraordinary event" and are further guarantors for a successfulCorporate Event.
  4. 4. Deutsche Lufthansa AGRoll IN A380Lufthansa writes aviation history.On May 19, 2010 Lufthansa wrote aviation history. The first Lufthansa "A380" was handed over in Hamburg and delivered to Frankfurt am Main. Eisele CommunicationsGmbH was in charge of the entire concept and execution of the official Roll In Event at the home hub Frankfurt. After touch down the gigantic airplane taxied into the A380hangar, where it was welcomed under frenetic applause by a 1,800-strong VIP audience. The airline passengers invited to take part in the maiden flight from Hamburg toFrankfurt disembarked the airplane inside the hangar, where they joined the other attending guests and enjoyed a novel and impressive event. Amongst the guests were,among others, Roland Koch, at the time Minister of the State of Hessen, Wolfgang Mayrhuber, then CEO of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, and Airbus CEO, Tom Enders.The plane was christened Frankfurt am Main by the city’s major, Mrs. Petra Roth. Hosts of the spectacular event were Christina Ringer (of n-TV) and Markus Othmer(BR, the Bavarian broadcasting corporation). The Hessen broadcasting service reported this special event live in one of its broadcasts. Customer: Deutsche Lufthansa AG Venue: A380 Maintenance Hangar Frankfurt am Main Date: May 19, 2010 Occasion: A380 Roll In
  5. 5. The Boeing Company & Deutsche Lufthansa AG50 Years Anniversary Boeing Aircraft Jet for LufthansaIn 2010 the successful 50-year long partnership and cooperation between aerospace manufacturer Boeing and Lufthansa was celebrated. For the occasion a spectacular"anniversary celebration" was put together in cooperation with Boeing. The "Jumbo Hangar" at Hamburg airport was divided into three areas: A press conference was heldin the first area, attended by the directorate of both Lufthansa and Boeing and by other top aircraft component suppliers, such as Rolls Royce Motors. In the second spacea spacious social area had been set up, complete with a small stage and a special Boeing exhibition. In the auditorium, designed for 1,000 people, a large stage was erectedfor the official part of the celebrations and the entertainment performances. A jubilee jumbo, specially painted for the occasion, brought some of the guests from Frankfurtto Hamburg and was positioned in front of the event hangar. The core of the official part formed a time travel presentation displayed on an extra-large LED screen takingviewers through the past 5 decades with some musical support provided by a live band in this entertaining stage show. Official speakers, such as Ole van Beust, the thenLord Mayor, contemporaries of the 1950s, bearing witness of the era, dancers, actors, models, DJs and artists, complex Watchout projections and specially produced videos,at times with never before seen archive footage, all combined to create an unforgettable and unique stage show. The final climax of the event was the handshake betweenWolfgang Mayrhuber and James McNerney, CEO Deutsche Lufthansa AG and CEO Boeing respectively, symbolizing continued future cooperation between the two companies. Customer: The Boeing Company & Deutsche Lufthansa AG Venue: Maintenance Hangar Hamburg Date: May 8, 2010 Occasion: 50th Anniversary Boeing Aircraft Jet for Lufthansa
  6. 6. Procter & Gamble Service GmbHSales Conference and Fusion Procter & Gamble – GilletteThe fusion of P&G with Gillette was announced and celebrated within the framework of a large conference. At Frankfurts Palais im Zoo products and strategies wereintroduced in elaborate presentations. In parallel to the presentations the employees of both companies were given comprehensive information within the scope of anextensive in-house exhibition in the foyers and the adjoining rooms of the Palais.The symbolic highlight of the conference was the "fusion" of both company logos on an oversized cinema screen. To the sound of 800 drums, beaten under the guidanceof "Drum Cafe" by attending members of staff, the Gillette and Procter & Gamble logos moved towards one another into the centre, coming from the left and right hand sideof the screen. With the last joint beat of the drums, the two logos formed one unit. A big, symbolic and emotional act and an important moment in the corporate history.A highly energetic "product party" organized in the UNION Hall formed the fitting celebration of this fusion. Customer: Procter & Gamble Service GmbH Venue: Palais im Zoo / Union Hall Frankfurt Date: March 1-3, 2006 Occasion: Sales Conference and Fusion Meeting 2006
  7. 7. Paulaner Brauerei GmbH & Co. KGPaulaner Annual Sales ConferenceAt the start of every year the Paulaner Brauerei Gruppe invites the entire sales team, the marketing teams and the management of the Schörghuber Gruppe to attend theirAnnual Sales Conference. The actual conference takes place during the day in the halls of the Paulaner am Nockherberg. There, approx. 350 guests receive the latestinformation about relevant areas, such as sales, marketing, gastronomy, trade activities, the basic market situation and the Brauerei Groups direction for the forthcomingyear. Parts of this event are presented by well-known TV host, Waldemar "Waldi" Hartmann. A modern stage provides the ideal platform for all items on the programagenda. An external speaker motivated the participants during the conference. Christian Gansch, famous conductor and coach, compared the perfect and harmoniousinterplay of an orchestra to optimal cooperation within a company. The evening event took place in Munichs historic Wappenhalle. A varied entertainment program, includingfor example the famous comedian Chris Boettcher and the cover band Funky Vibes, ensured a fun atmosphere and an appropriate conclusion to the Annual Sales Conference. Customer: Paulaner Brauerei GmbH & Co. KG Venue: Paulaner am Nockherberg / Wappenhalle Munich Date: April 14, 2011 Occasion: Annual Sales Conference 2011
  8. 8. TaunusSparkasseTaunusSparkasse Manager Conference – WorkshopsThe managers of the TaunusSparkasse got together at a conference in order to work through, experience and analyze institution-specific "cultures" and to determine a strategybased on their findings. Four cultures were worked out and experienced by the managers in a rotating system within the framework of workshops. The results were presentedin a plenary session after each workshop. The workshop stations were arranged in a semi circle around a central meeting area. The other half of the space was taken upby a communicative and open-layout auditorium. The highlight of the conference was the construction of a special ball made from acrylic, which was put together and filledwith contents in a team effort, and was later rolled off stage with the assistance of Eventtechnik. In a final climax the "strategy ball" was presented on stage by each team.All "strategy balls" combined to form one integral unit: the essence of a joint strategy and a metaphor of unity for the entire management team. Customer: TaunusSparkasse Venue: Hall K39 Offenbach Date: December 4, 2010 Occasion: Manager Conference
  9. 9. Lufthansa Cargo AGInternational Cargo Congress (ICC) LeipzigThe location for the international Manager Conference of the Lufthansa Cargo AG was Leipzig.The historic train "Rhein-Gold-Express" which had been reserved exclusively took the rather surprised participants straight from Frankfurts airport railway station to Leipzig.The train served as an unusual get-together venue. The departments were made pro-active use of as workshops. The conference took place at the 5-star Hotel WestinGrand in Leipzig, whose largest conference room was specially converted to suit the event. The room was draped entirely in white and was lit with LED spot lights. Highlightof the conference was a so-called Commitment Act. The strategy presented by the CEO was "made up" of 300 small cubes that appeared on a huge projection screen.Every manager was actively engaged in the construction of the "strategy" and contributed their personal commitment to the company into the joint artwork. The activity wasa bonding exercise that promoted team spirit and emotionalized participants. At the end of the conference everyone and everything connected to form one cohesive whole.The performances of individual international teams were honored as part of a festive and elegant Oscar Night. To this end a huge warehouse was converted into a galalocation. Another highlight of the evening was the impressive illumination of the MD11 freighter aircraft, which was positioned immediately next to the hall on the runway. Customer: Lufthansa Cargo AG Venue: Westin Hotel / World Cargo Center Leipzig Date: September 10-12, 2008 Occasion: International Cargo Congress (ICC) 2008
  10. 10. Procter & Gamble Service GmbHThe Procter & Gamble Fragrant Summer Fairy TaleAs part of a 1 1/2 day-long motivation event the new all-purpose laundry detergent from Lenor was introduced to managers, product managers and key account managers ofProcter & Gamble under the slogan: "A fragrant summer fairy tale".Reminiscent of the title of Sönke Wortmanns film "Ein Sommermärchen" [A summer fairy tale] football was the key element of this event. Without much ado the rathersurprised participants were flown off to Munich, where team busses took them straight to Munichs stadium Allianz Arena, where they were welcomed in the VIP Mixed Zoneas football stars. In various parts of this stadium, some of which are not open to the public (team rooms, press club, players entrance ....., etc.), the new product was presentedin impressive style, providing the team with further information as to future measures in terms of sales and marketing and committing the team to the product. One of the manyhighlights of this event was the address by Mr. Procter, CEO Europe, delivered from a stage "suspended" in the VIP stand section. The memorable event ended in a mock-upof the "Aktuelles Sportstudio" [Sports Program on German TV], where, hosted by Marcus Othmer, campaigns of other successful Procter & Gamble products were introducedthe following day. Customer: Procter & Gamble Service GmbH Venue: Allianz Arena Munich Date: March 17-18, 2011 Occasion: Sales Meeting
  11. 11. Accenture AGAccenture Night – Zürich & GenfAn invitation was made to business partners and customers of Accenture to see the "legends" of rock, jazz and swing in the concert halls of Geneva and Zurich.World-renowned artists such as Herbie Hancock, Marianne Faithfull, Randy Crawford & The Joe Sample Trio, and the Buena Vista Social Club stand for exceptional musicalexperiences and guarantee a memorable evening. The guests were invited to a separate location before and after the concerts. This location has been suitably and authenticallydecorated to reflect the music or era of the respective musician. There the management welcomes not only the guests after the concert, but also the artist performing onthe night. In addition, the catering also reflects the motto of the extraordinary event on the night, thereby rounding off the overall concept of an unforgettable concert event. Customer: Accenture AG Venue: Kongresshaus Zürich / Victoria Hall Genf Date: November 16 and 23, 2010 Occasion: Customer Reception
  12. 12. Hogan Lovells LLPHogan Lovells Client Summer PartyEvery year, the law firm Hogan Lovells International LLP based in Frankfurt invites its clients to a summer party. The Liebighaus with its museum and large park was selectedas a venue because of its impressive architecture. The Liebighaus is situated in a central position at the Frankfurt Museumsufer, and has been sponsored by Hogan Lovellsfor several years. As the buildings do not have a big enough events room, special event tents were erected underneath the garden trees and were equipped with seating andambient lighting. The catering area was also arranged in these tents.The entire park and the main building, more reminiscent of a castle, were illuminated to create a beautiful atmosphere and backdrop. Artists entertained guests strolling around.Guided tours of the museum were also offered. A mild summers night, the enchanting ambience of the estate, the impressive view of the banking towers of the city, excellentcatering as well as the entertainment highlights ensured a client party that was second to none. Customer: Hogan Lovells LLP Venue: Liebieghaus Frankfurt Date: June 28, 2010 Occasion: Client Summer Party
  13. 13. Patek Philippe SA & Beyer Chronometrie AG250 Years Beyer ChronometrieThe Zurich jewelry and watch company Beyer Chronometrie celebrated, together with the premium brand Patek Philippe, a rather special anniversary: 250 years inbusiness. To celebrate this special event the Zurich Kongresshaus, complete with the "Tonhalle" [concert hall], was converted into a particularly festive venue for two eventdays. 1,000 "floating candles" illuminated the foyers roof. In an oversized picture frame the journey through the 250 year history was projected onto screen - consisting ofphotographs and documents from the archives of Beyer and Patek. The event was accompanied by a group of artists that provided high-end entertainment to a stylishaudience by playing music from the respective epochs dressed in the respective costumes of the time. Customer: Patek Philippe SA & Beyer Chronometrie AG Venue: Kongresshaus Zürich Date: October 7-8, 2010 Occasion: 250 Years Beyer Chronometrie
  14. 14. Trodat GmbHTrodat’s Alp Hut MagicA riding stable in the north of Frankfurt was transformed into a wintry mountain village. Wooden barn, ice rinks, mountains of snow and various Après Ski bars provided anauthentic backdrop for a highly entertaining alp hut party. Music to suit, a performance by a Schuhplattler dance group made up of Trodat employees and a real "hut catering"served up an unforgettable evening to the guests of Frankfurts "high mountains". Customer: Trodat GmbH Venue: Reithalle Bad Homburg Date: January 22, 2008 Occasion: Trodat’s Alp Hut Magic
  15. 15. Barclays CapitalBarclays Capital "Global Markets Night"Every year the successful investment bank Barclays Capital invites business partners and customers to a classy and entertaining Club Night. The event was staged in theglamorous, classical villa of the Kingka Suite in the heart of Frankfurt. Artistic highlights were for example a Tissue Performance by Cirque du Soleil and a memorableunplugged concert by top musician and entertainer Sasha, which were extremely popular with the guests and made the night a great success. Customer: Barclays Capital Venue: King Kamehameha-Suite, Frankfurt am Main Date: May 27, 2010 Occasion: Customer Event "Global Markets Night"
  16. 16. Slot machine manufacturersProduct PresentationThe occasion for this event in Düsseldorfs Maritim Hotel was the launch of a new slot machine. The concept for the event realization was in this case based on a playfulmagic product presentation, performed on a large stage by American illusionist Marco Tempest to great effect, complete with indoor fireworks and Kabuki systems to providean entertainment extravaganza. Host for the evening was Nina Eichinger, who welcomed Otto, one of Germanys most successful comedians, to the stage. The event endedwith an absolute entertainment highlight: a sensational concert by top act Ich & Ich, who brought the audience to their feet and made them play an active part in the show.Customer: Slot machine manufacturers Venue: Maritim Hotel DüsseldorfDate: November 6, 2010 Occasion: Product Presentation / Gala Evening
  17. 17. SEB Asset Management AGSEB Cross SellerSEB Asset Management invited 130 top salespeople to attend a special event: The results of the past business year and the targets for the coming year were to be presentedsomewhere in the mountains of the Zugspitze. The central theme of the event was nature. The presentation by the executive boards was made on the terrace of the alp hut- without the support of any event technology. The "tables" and diagrams were made of natural materials. Eagle feathers symbolized the highest possible result. The unusual"presentation items" achieved a clear and immediate understanding and ensured that the information was retained well. After the presentation the participants experienced aspecial "Four Elements Nature Workshop", bringing together different "finds" collected from nature at the entrance to the Partnachklamm [a gorge walk]; there a campfire withhearty dishes brought the day to a close. An additional highlight was then the enjoyable social evening at the alp hut, where alp horn players and other attractions from theregion rounded off the event. The Nature Incentive found its harmonious conclusion by visiting the Zugspitze, Germanys highest mountain the next morning. Customer: SEB Asset Management AG Venue: Garmisch-Partenkirchen / Zugspitze Date: June 10-11, 2005 Occasion: Cross Seller
  18. 18. Barclays CapitalBarclays Capital Kick Off ZugspitzeAn investment bank at the peak of its success and with plenty more ambitious strategic plans wants a lasting "team-building" Kick Off event. The Panoromasaal at theZugspitze is the highest location possible in Germany. Under bright sunshine and directly next to the cross of the mountains summit, the team was informed about thecompanys success and was introduced to next years objectives. A very special and fascinating location made this a highly memorable and motivating event."Were right on top!" Customer: Barclays Capital Venue: Garmisch-Partenkirchen / Zugspitze Date: January 13-15, 2005 Occasion: Kick Off 2005
  19. 19. IMS Messsysteme GmbHIMS Messsysteme – Customer ReceptionOn the occasion of the most important trade fair for the steel industry globally, IMS Messesysteme GmbH based in Heiligenhaus (leading global manufacturer of measuringsystems for steel production) organized an international customer reception. The extraordinary location SIGN - a totally glazed event location in a skyscraper situated rightby Düsseldorfs harbor - offered spectacular views, an elegant cosmopolitan flair and most of all, the ideal setting for this international event. An absolute highlight was theperformance of a 22-strong swing orchestra, which was able to play against the backdrop of a rather atmospheric sunset. Customer: IMS Messsysteme GmbH Venue: Sign Düsseldorf Date: June 29, 2011 Customer: Reception
  20. 20. IMS Messsysteme GmbHIMS Trade Fair Stand METEC 2011In the summer of 2011 the worlds largest and most important trade fair for the steel industry took place at the trade show centre Düsseldorf. Eisele Communications GmbHwas contracted to design, plan, realize and manage the trade fair stand of IMS. The trade fair stand featured a contemporary "look". The openness of the space also contributedto drawing interested visitors to the stand and inviting them to request information. The entire design was based on the consistent adherence and integration of thecompanys corporate identity. Both the check-in counter and the bar area were integrated in an understated and harmonious way. The company’s diversity and its productswere presented to the viewers on flat screens. A modern lounge on the first floor of the stand and a range of small seating areas provided ideal conditions for talks andensured a successful trade fair attendance. Customer: IMS Messsysteme GmbH Venue: Messe Düsseldorf Date: June 28 to July 2, 2011 Occasion: Trade Fair Stand METEC Trade Fair
  21. 21. Lufthansa Technik AGInauguration of the A380 Maintenance HangarAt the beginning of 2008 Europes largest maintenance hangar to service the A380 was completed. Eisele Communications GmbH was contracted with the design andrealization of this event. The hangar was divided lengthways in the middle by a curtain that was suspended off cross beams and measured approx. 1,320 m2. In front of thiscurtain and facing the offices, were the social meeting area and the auditorium with a low-level stage on which the official part of the inauguration was staged. Behind thecurtain, facing the hangar gate and the runway, two airplanes were positioned centrally. Between the "aircrafts noses" artists from the Helmnot Theatre ("Windrider") took uptheir positions.The highest ranking representatives from politics and from the aviation industry pressed a "buzzer" in a symbolic act that raised the curtain, clearing the view onto the entirehangar. This festive climax was accompanied by a spectacular performance from the artists, who performed a choreographed dance on top of the wind machines that sawpanels of fabric of up to 25 m lengths rise up to the sky through the power of the wind. The inauguration became an unforgettable emotionally charged experience. Customer: Lufthansa Technik AG Venue: A380 Maintenance Hangar Frankfurt Date: January 11, 2008 Occasion: Inauguration of the A380 Maintenance Hangar
  22. 22. Deutsche Lufthansa AGFarewell Event CEO Wolfgang MayrhuberWolfgang Mayrhuber - 40 years in businessIn December 2010 the Deutsche Lufthansa AG said farewell to its CEO, Wolfgang Mayrhuber, with a very festive and atmospheric event. In the space of just a few hours ahuge LED screen, a complete event infrastructure (set up, catering, etc.) and a large stage complete with all necessary technology were set up in a Frankfurt airport hangar.A film, specially produced to showcase Mr. Mayrhubers lifetime achievements spanning forty years, showed the CEO as a "true Lufthanseat". Well-wishing messages, e.g.from the CEO of aircraft manufacturer Airbus, underlined the high esteem in which Mr. Mayrhuber is held. A "serenade" from the Berliner Philharmonic ensured a festiveatmosphere. During the event Mr. Mayrhuber was presented with a range of rather personal presents from the Lufthansa subsidiaries (Technik, Cargo, LSG, to name but a few)and from various airline partners, such as Austrian Airlines, Swiss, Eurowings, etc. by persons wearing the uniforms of the respective company. Another highlight of thisfarewell-do was the official handing over of the baton to his successor, new CEO Dr. Christoph Franz. 3,000 employees experienced this highly "emotional" event live, whileall other employees had the chance to watch the event via live streaming. Customer: Deutsche Lufthansa AG Venue: Maintenance Hangar, Frankfurt Date: December 17, 2010 Occasion: Farewell Event CEO Wolfgang Mayrhuber
  23. 23. Deutsche Lufthansa AGDeutsche Lufthansa AG Quality DayInnovations, new products, quality, current developments and sustainability - all these aspects were at the core of this years annual Deutsche Lufthansa Quality Day, attendedby international media representatives of importance. The exceptional setting of this event in form of a nuclear molecule emphasized the up-to-date modernity of the airlineand ensured that the event left an unforgettable impression. In the centre of the setting was the auditorium, where the official press conference was held, among other things.In addition, working stations for journalists and the catering section were also located in this area. The outer circle, i.e. the so-called "satellites", individual topics / themeswere raised and presented by the management against a suitable backdrop. Customer: Deutsche Lufthansa AG Venue: A380 Maintenance Hangar Frankfurt Date: June 16, 2010 Occasion: Quality Day 2008
  24. 24. Lufthansa Technik AGGround-breaking Ceremony Lufthansa Technik Maintenance Hangar BerlinBerlins new airport, Berlin Brandenburg International (BBI) will be officially opened in 2012. Lufthansa Technik is building a hangar in the immediate vicinity of the new airportbuilding, which is to be inaugurated next year. Hence, the start of construction was celebrated in fitting style with an official ground-breaking ceremony. On the occasion ofthe festivities, politicians, such as Matthias Platzeck (Minister of the State Brandenburg), Jan Mücke (Parliamentary Secretary of State to the Federal Minister for Transport,Construction and Urban Development) and Klaus Wowereit (Governing Major of Berlin) welcomed the economic involvement of Lufthansas subsidiaries and wished theprincipal the best of luck with the construction. Eisele Communications GmbH was contracted with the design and realization of the ground-breaking ceremony. Customer: Lufthansa Technik AG Venue: Construction Site BBI Berlin Date: June 21, 2011 Occasion: Ground-breaking Ceremony Lufthansa Technik Maintenance Hangar Berlin
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