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Bord Gais delivers cost savings and reduces carbon footprint with unified communications


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By deploying a high quality visual communications solution, eircom has helped Bord Gais to slash time devoted to travel by 20% and significantly boost staff productivity. For Bord Gais, this has delivered significant cost-savings and supported the company's commitment to reduce its carbon footprint.

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Bord Gais delivers cost savings and reduces carbon footprint with unified communications

  1. 1. Bord GáisCase Study | Uni ed Communications Solutions
  2. 2. 2 Case Study — Bord Gáis Case Study — Bord Gáis 3Overview “We were impressed with eircom’s technical expertise andBy deploying a high qualityvisual communications support capabilities. We feltsolution, eircom has helped that they would provide us withBord Gáis to slash timedevoted to travel by 20% a technology solution, whichand signi cantly boost would deliver commercial andstaff productivity. For BordGáis, this has delivered technical exibility.”signi cant cost-savings andsupported the company’scommitment to reduce its John Mullins,carbon footprint. Chief Executive Of cer at Bord GáisBord Gáis is one of Ireland’sleading energy suppliers,employing approximately90 staff across two mainbusiness areas: Networksand Energy. The structure ofthe Irish energy industry haschanged signi cantly withrecent market liberalisation. Inresponse to this, Bord Gáis hasexpanded into the electricitysupply market, and todayhas over 630,000 gas and customerselectricity customers.
  3. 3. 4 Case Study — Bord Gáis Case Study — Bord Gáis 5Technical exibility “As Bord Gáis continues toIntegrating business functions evolve in the Irish energyTo increase its service levels Bord Gáis hasbecome heavily reliant on technology, market, we’ll be using videowith many members of staff using video. to enable us to stay ahead ofHowever, legacy systems were slow, andaudio and visual communications were the game – driving ef ciencyoften out of sync. throughout our operations, soJohn Mullins, Chief Executive Of cer at Bord that we can deliver a betterGáis explains: “Our people are keen advocatesof video but as the quality was poor, we saw an service to our customers.”upsurge in staff commuting between our twosites in Cork and Dublin to attend meetings. Aroundtrip would take seven hours, whether by John Mullins,road, rail or air. This was not only costly to the Chief Executive Of cer,business but also enormously inef cient in terms Bord Gáis.of staff productivity.”Platform for technical exibilityFollowing a rigorous tender process, BordGáis selected eircom to design and deploy aninnovative, cost-effective video communicationsplatform, based on TANDBERG infrastructure andendpoints.Andrew O’Kelly, Chief Architect, eircomBusiness: “Our approach focuses on deployingpractical, cost-ef cient technology solutionsto real business issues. The TANDBERG brandis synonymous with quality and their solutionsoffer swift return on investment. We knew thattogether we could deliver on Bord Gáis’s visionof bringing people together to share informationand collaborate in a virtual environment.”
  4. 4. 6 Case Study — Bord Gáis Case Study — Bord Gáis 7Greater productivity Watch VideoUsing video to stay ahead John Mullins discusses uni edBord Gáis has seen a real transformation in its business communications in actionoperations, enabling it to cut travel by 20%, be kinderto the environment and allow the company to ploughthe cost-savings into other strategic areas of thebusiness.Mullins says: “The new video conferencing solution was anovernight success and has made a phenomenal differenceto our workforce. With staff spending less time out of theof ce decisions can be made more quickly, while at the sametime we’re backing our commitment to limit our carbonfootprint.”He continues: “We have been struck by the quality of video,particularly the synchronisation of speech and audio, andthe sharpness of images. It really is like the people on ourscreens are in the same room as ourselves.” John MullinsBord Gáis is also capitalising on the bene ts of TANDBERGContent Server, which enables the CEO to develop webcasts Chief Executive Of cer,to communicate with staff over the internet. “Webcasts Bord Gáisare a great medium for delivering important company-widemessages,” adds Mullins. “I’m able to deliver a broadcastfrom my of ce using video, and those staff who miss it canretrieve the recording at a time to suit themselves.”Bord Gáis now plans to arm senior managers with webcams,so they are able to communicate from their desk withtheir peers. This will enable managers to come togetherand bridge the knowledge gap between departments.Furthermore, the company is investigating ways to use videoto facilitate communications with customers and suppliers.Mullins concludes: “As Bord Gáis continues to evolve in theIrish energy market, we’ll be using video to enable us tostay ahead of the game – driving ef ciency throughout ouroperations, so that we can deliver a better service to ourcustomers.”
  5. 5. Overvieweircom solutions at a glance• A network upgrade with a 100 Megabit • 15 TANDBERG endpoints are now shared circuit to the Cork of ce provides bandwidth between the of ces in Cork and Dublin and Quality of Service (QoS) for the new ranging from personal desktops to larger video conferencing solution. units for meeting rooms.• The project implementation phase was • Bord Gáis has plans to roll the solution managed and delivered in just six weeks, by out to Limerick, Galway and Waterford in a joint team consisting of eircom and Bord the future. Gáis engineers.Get In TouchTo nd out how eircom Uni edCommunications Solutions can bene tyour business, please contact your eircomaccount