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business broadband at Hampers & Co


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eircom provides business broadband to Hampers and Co

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business broadband at Hampers & Co

  1. 1. Hampers & Co.Case Study | Broadband
  2. 2. 2 Case Study - Hampers & CoCustomer OverviewBased in Thurles, Hampers & Co. creates andsells luxury food and drink hampers, usingits online store to drive sales globally. Thedevelopment of its customised online storemeans that it now ships 30,000 hampers andhas a turnover of € 2.2 million.The NeedAs it looked to grow its business, Hampers &Co. needed a solid and reliable communicationsinfrastructure on which to base its fullyfunctioning online store.The SolutionHampers & Co. selected eircom broadband forits Thurles and Dublin sites.Benefiteircom broadband has enabled Hampers & drive sales globally through its customisedonline store. With its warehouse located inThurles, Co.Tipperary and an office in Dublin,broadband has facilitated communicationsbetween the two sites through the use of videoconferencing. This has enhanced productivityand customer service.
  3. 3. Case Study - Hampers & Co 3
  4. 4. 4 Case Study - Hampers & CoHampers & Co.taste sweetsuccessFrom humble beginnings in 1993 to asuccessful multimillion euro businessthat exports products around the world,Hampers & Co. has come a long way. Thebusiness was founded by Emer Purcell 20years ago, at which time she was compilingand selling 300 hampers a year. Hampersand co will be celebrating 20 years inbusiness in 2012.Over the years, as the firm grew exponentially, ithas maximised its use of the internet and eircombroadband to enable its expansion.With locations in Thurles and Dublin, Hampers &Co. sources, compiles and sells luxury hampersfor a range of occasions. With an emphasison food, wine and liqueurs, the hampers areprimarily targeted at the corporate market.More recently Hampers & Co. has broadened itsfocus on the consumer market and is making aconcerted effort to raise its profile among thisparticular segment.
  5. 5. Case Study - Hampers & Co 5“The web is key. People want to use the webprimarily due to its convenience. By continuingto making our products available online we cantap into that demand and expand ourglobal reach.“Emer Purcell, MD, Hampers & Co. Moving forward with broadband As Hampers & Co. continues to expand, the internet has become even more important as the firm is keen to use its website to process sales. “Originally we had a brochure-type site where people could view some of our products and send us emails. We have just revamped the site and it has now become the backbone of the business through which we are able to process and send out all our orders, from 1 item up to 99, with no passwords, and no account setup required.” explains Alan Metcalfe, General Manager. The company has progressed its website primarily as a result of user demand but also to drive efficiencies and reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks. “Having a fully customised online store is a huge step forward for us. Previously we used to take phone and fax ordering, then we moved to email ordering; now all orders are processed automatically through the site. Even though we make ourselves available if any problems arise, we are saving a good deal of time and the whole process is streamlined, ultimately improving our customer service.”
  6. 6. 6 Case Study - Hampers & CoBroadband is an essential tool in Hampers &Co.’s arsenal, and the firm enjoys the manybenefits of eircom broadband. The ability toremotely update the website using the newcontent management system, for example,means Hampers & Co. can select images andhamper designs from its product databaseremotely, enabling them to provide timely andrelevant products and information to all clientsand website visitors. One of the firm’s key objectives is to provide a streamlined, efficient website to customers.“We wanted to give people a user-friendly site, which reflects our high-quality products, ” said Metcalfe. “With our new-look site, we can do just that.”Broadband is key to successThe website is not the only aspect of Hampers& Co.’s business that has benefited frombroadband. Internal communications have alsobeen revolutionised by the firm’s high-speedinternet connection.The firm’s Thurles site houses its warehousefacility; while Managing Director Purcell recentlyrelocated to Dublin. By making clever use ofits broadband connection, Hampers & Co. hasbeen able to keep the heart of the business inTipperary, enabling it to avoid the high cost ofmoving the company to Dublin.“We extended our phone system via broadband to Dublin so that when we get a call into Thurles for Emer we can simply transfer the call to Dublin in much the same way as transferring the call to the person sitting next to you,” explains Metcalfe.
  7. 7. Case Study - Hampers & Co 7Effective Remote Managementwith Video ConferencingHampers & Co. also used broadband to setup a video conferencing facility between itstwo locations; this enables Purcell to maintainstrong communication links even though she isbased in Dublin. A camera set up in the Thurleswarehouse which feeds through to Purcell’slaptop means the Managing Director canpreserve a hands-on feel with the warehouse;she regularly uses the camera to check andsupervise display hampers as well as thepresentation and content of sample hampersgoing out to customers. In essence, the videoconferencing and the camera connection hasallowed Purcell to operate with confidenceremotely, according to Metcalfe.Future needsLooking to the future, Hampers & Co. plans tocontinue to expand and market its business. Thefirm aims to make use of emerging media suchas Facebook and other social networking sites toraise its brand profile online.“Essentially, we want to make sure we are competitive in all aspects of our business, and we aim to do that through effective use of technology. We want to carry on meeting our customers’ needs and offer them everything they want from gourmet foods and fine wine, to a user-friendly online store,” concludes Purcell.
  8. 8. Get in touchTo find out how eircom broadband can benefityour business, please contact youreircom Account