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business broadband at Cakebox


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eircom delivers business broadband to Cakebox to power its online store, allowing them to be more efficient, save money and expand their market.


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business broadband at Cakebox

  1. 1. CakeboxCase Study | Broadband
  2. 2. 2 Case Study - CakeboxCustomer OverviewCakebox is a family owned bakery with a focuson wedding and birthday cakes. They haveused their online store to expand their market,become more efficient and save money. Withover 50% of all inquiries coming via their onlinestore which displays over 300 images of theircakes, Cakebox have used the site to reach anew national and global customer base.The NeedJennifer McHugh, Manager of Cakebox, had toattend a number of wedding fairs to promotetheir bakery. This, along with the necessity tohave a large selection of the cakes available inthe shop for display purposes and the need tohave the shop opened a couple of nights weeklyto accommodate customers, meant that Jenniferhad less time to focus on her core business ofmaking cakes.The SolutionCakebox choose eircom broadband package topower its online store.BenefitThe development of the site has transformed thebusiness. Time and cost efficiencies can also beattributed to their online store as they only needto attend two wedding fairs annually. Customerscan view the cakes online in the comfort of theirown homes, eliminating the need for Cakeboxto have a large selection of fresh cakes availablein-store for display purposes.
  3. 3. Case Study - Cakebox 3“Quite simply, we would be lost without broadband and our website. The site has allowed us to be more efficient, save money and expand our market – we couldn’t do without it now.“Jennifer McHughManager, Cakebox
  4. 4. 4 Case Study - CakeboxThe Icing on the CakeFounded in 1987, Cakebox is a family run business basedin Dun Laoghaire, Dublin. The bakery currently employsseven fulltime staff and its primary focus is on weddingcakes, as well as birthday cakes. Since its establishment,Cakebox has been quick to adopt new technologies.The site has performed very well and now facilitatesonline ordering.New website goes down a treatThe website features an online ordering facility and a ContactUs section for visitors to get in touch via email directly fromthe website. Cakebox’s website also plays host to almost 300images of the various cakes the bakery offers. This includes190 images of wedding cakes and 100 images of birthday andoccasion cakes.
  5. 5. Case Study - Cakebox 5“The new site has proven to be a greatsuccess so far,” says Jennifer McHugh,manager of Cakebox. “Half of allour inquiries are now coming directlythrough the site and we are even gettinginquiries from the US and UK.”
  6. 6. 6 Case Study - CakeboxRecipe of successJennifer explains that without broadbandCakebox would not have been able to uploadsuch a large number of images to the site.Providing a large selection of images onlinehas meant that Jennifer has been able to cutdown on the number of wedding fairs she hasto attend annually. “I now only need to attendjust two shows per year, which means less timeout of the bakery and more time to focus onmy core business of making cakes,” she says.Cakebox has also been able to save money byhaving so many images of their cakes availableon their website. Previously, the bakery had tohave a large selection of cakes available in-storeso that customers could come in and havea look.“We had to store the cakes, and make themavailable in our shop for people to come andhave a look. We also used to have to open theshop two late nights per week to accommodatecustomers with busy schedules,” says Jennifer.“With the website, people can browse throughthe hundreds of images on our site at their ownconvenience and if they want to see the cakesin a different colour we can send them a photoby email.” Broadband has also helped Jenniferto increase efficiencies at Cakebox. “I can orderproducts online at a time that’s convenient forme. I also use broadband to conduct researchand to make sure I keep myself up to date on allthe latest products and trends in cake-making.”
  7. 7. Case Study - Cakebox 7
  8. 8. 8 Case Study - Cakebox
  9. 9. Case Study - Cakebox 9Full steam aheadfor CakeboxPrior to the launch of the updated Cakeboxwebsite the bakery used to produce cakesfor between 500 and 600 weddings peryear. It now does 900 weddings per year,an increase Jennifer puts down to thesuccess of the website. She explains thatCakebox offers discounts for online servicesto encourage customers to order throughthe website.Looking ahead Cakebox plans to add a feedbackarea to its site to allow customers to provide itwith valuable comments. Jennifer says she iskeen for customers to get in touch and if thereare issues Cakebox will strive to correct themand to improve its business even further.“Quite simply, we would be lost withoutbroadband and our website. The site hasallowed us to be more efficient, save money andexpand our market – we couldn’t do without itnow,” concludes Jennifer.
  10. 10. Get in touchTo find out how eircom broadband can benefityour business, please contact youreircom Account