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Unit 4 - Laundry


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Unit 4 - Laundry

  1. 1. LAUNDRY
  2. 2.  The major responsibilities of the housekeeping department. Guest laundry must be :  Picked up on time  Laundered  Delivered back to the guest on time  Usually guest’s clothes collected in the morning are given back the same evening.
  3. 3.  Every guestroom is provided with laundry bags and laundry lists.  The guest is expected to place the soiled clothes in the laundry       bag. Fill out the laundry form with the necessary details. Place a call the housekeeping department to get the laundry collected Valets should approach the room for guest laundry. The clothes are washed, dry-cleaned, or ironed according to the guest’s request. Items found in the pockets are delivered back to the guest along with the laundry The bills are sent to the front office, where they are added to the master bill.
  4. 4. guest Laundry list Valet/GRA Marking/tagging Examining and sorting Wet cleaning Dry-cleaning tailor pressing Sorting according to room numbers Pressing Valet/GRA Bill sent to Front Office Guest
  5. 5. 1) Washing Symbols
  6. 6.  Visual observations on results should be taken in the clean linen storage area. Any general discolorations or variations in whiteness will be readily apparent and should be noted. Should consider lighting and shadow effect when making evaluation check.  Rating are based on appearance, odour (fresh, musty, greasy, none), feel(towels, diapers soft, sheets smooth. Greasy can mean too much soft), stain removal (check reject pile), Wrinkling (do not judge wrinkling on the top 2 or 3 sheets - they will always have some wrinkles).
  7. 7.  In table linens can often be more unsightly than stains.  Table settings may make small stains almost unnoticeable, but wrinkles will be very obvious.  3 factors wrinkling problem is: temperature  Pressure  time 
  8. 8. a) Linen being extracted too hot b) Too hot linen sitting in a hot dryer wheel-inadequate c) d) e) f) g) h) cool down time Hot linen sitting in linen cart, either waiting to be dried or to be folded Overloading the dryer Under drying Improper folding procedures Inadequate shelf time and storage Quality of linens
  9. 9. Do remove linen from laundry machine immediately after wash cycle 2) Do place linen in dryer immediately after removing from laundry machine 3) Do load dryer to 1/3 dry weight capacity of the dryer 4) Do dry at 1800F 5) Do completely dry the linen 6) Do allow a 3-4 minutes cool down at the end of the ‘hot’ drying cycle of the dryer 7) Do remove the linen from dryer immediatly after ‘cool down’ drying cycle 1)
  10. 10. 8) Do fold linen minimum of 12 inches high, for minimum of 12 hours 9) Do stack linen minimum of 12 inches high, for minimum of 12 hours. 10) Don't allow linen to sit in laundry machine or carts waiting to be dried or folded. 11) Don't overload the dryer. 12) Don't extract linen over 120 0F temperature