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  1. 1. 4.2.3 Control proper records of linen and uniform ordered, received, processed and issued  The purpose of linen is to issued and others items, at established times. It services the food and beverage department (supplying table cloth, napkin, etc) and the house keeping department . Sometimes the linen room will be responsible for supplying items requested by guests, such as bedboards, cots, toothbrushs etc.
  2. 2. Cont..        The definitions areimportant in the linen room administration : Circulating inventory -the amount of linen in service in an establishment Minimum circulating inventory -the minimum amount of linen that is required to service an establishment,taking its laundary schedule into consideration Linen reserve -the new linen which is stored to be issued by requisition to replenish the circulating inventory
  3. 3. Cont..     Par -the amount of linen requiried to meet the needs of an establishment for a 24 hours period at 100% occupancy including the auxiliary linen supply of 10%. For e.g. 10 beds with 2 sheet per bed equals 20 sheets, plus 10 % equal 22 sheets, plus 10% equals 22 sheets Auxiliary linen supply - linen required for late checks-out, rollaway beds, accidents and ususeable linen which may have been delivered to the guest floor. This is normally 10% of par.
  4. 4. Cont..   Laundary work schedule -the number of hours when a laundary operations is fully manned, producing clean linen to maximum output.
  5. 5. Records of linen and uniform should have         1) Stock book -the stock book should contain details of the following: Linen in stock -new, unused linen which is normally locked away in a separated stock room, commonly known as a linen reserve. Linen in circulation -otherwise known as the circulating inventory. Losses -linen which has been lost, stolen or worn out and discarded
  6. 6. Cont..     Remarks -linen which has either been damaged or which is beginning to wear out. A record has to be kept of an item of linen which was purchased for one purposed and now has been remade into something else 2) Laundary book -when laundering is done off permises or where hired linen is used, a laundary book keeps records of linen is sent out, linen received, shorts and stained and damage linen.duplicates should accompany the linen as it travels in and out.
  7. 7. Uniform and protecting clothing     -Uniform are issued to most peoplewho work in the hospitality. Although there are many people who dislike wearing uniform of any kind, they do have their advantages The advantages to the company are : -the staff can easily identified -uniformed staff feel part of the team and their woork improves.
  8. 8. Cont..     The advantages to the staff are : -they save money on working clothes, and perhapes on laundary costs. -some uniform are protective. -some uniforms confer prestige on the water
  9. 9. 4.2.4 perform cleanliness of laundary and linen store      The linen room is as important as the kitchen to a residential establishment, and it should not be tucked away in some odd spot, such as the basement. It should have the following qualities : -situated on the ground floor, within easy reach of a trade entrance where there is parking nearby, especially when laundary is clean off the premises. -large enough to accommodate baskets of laundary and the equipment it will contain. -well ventilated and damp free. -adequately heated and lit
  10. 10. Cont..        -water and drainage facilities and a hand basin -cleaning material storage space, and a cupboard for its own cleaning material and equipment. -light coloured, washable wall and ceiling -smooth floor for easy sweeping, vacumming or washing. -lockable doors and windows. Direct sunlight into the linen store should be avoided because sunlight can fade and rot certain fabrics. -doorways wide enough to allow for easy access of hampers and bundles of laundary. Close to the housekeeper’s office.
  11. 11. Factors required for a good linen room      In order that the work is carried out efficiently the linen room should: -large enough for necessary work to be carried out without overcrowding. -have an easily cleaned floor which will withstand the dragging of basket an which will no be too noisy. -have wall an ceiling of a light colored washable paint. - have windows, if possible, good lighting and free from glare since many of the stores good to be dealt with are white.
  12. 12. Cont..       -have adequate ventilation and heating to prevent mildew from forming on the stored linen and keep it well aired. -have slattered shelves to allow free circlulation of air. -have a counter or a table type of door over which article may be exchange and to prevent to entry of unautorized people. -have a wash basin, soap an towels -should be near the service elevator should have a notice board outside for current notice. -the article most often used for should be put nearest to the service counter.
  13. 13. Cont..   -bulky and heavy articles on the bottom shelve to avoid strain and lighter ones above. -the width and depth and space between the sheets is determined by the size of the folded articles.
  15. 15. WALLS AND CEILING  like any other cleaning project start with the top and work your way down. clean out any cobweys or lint that may be stuck to your ceiling and walls first. any brand name duster will work for this task or if you are looking for simplicity, a slightly damp towel on he top of a broomstick will work also.
  16. 16. WASHER AND DRYER  The heart of the laundry room is naturally what creates most of the mess.
  17. 17. DRYER   the lint trap on the dryer needs to be cleaned out after each use, but can use a good scrub down every now and then for the title lint and dirt that sticks inside even after you scoop out the contens. this will also help your dryer run more efficiently and safely. to clean inside of the dryer use warm soapy water. just a few drops of mild dish soap added to a large mixing bowl of water will do the trick. wet and wring out a cleaning rag to clean the interior of the dryer, the take another rag with just warm water and wipe down the inside to remove any soapy residue.
  18. 18. WASHER    after washing load after load of clothes your machine is bound to get a residue buildup of detergant, fabric softeners, hard water, etc . to keep your clothes there cleanest, at least once a month the inside of the washer needs to be cleaned. to clean the inside of the washing machine, set the machine to a full load on regular wash cycle( warm or hot water) and the second rinse option (if available). fill the washer with water and dump in a gallon of vinegar and let it run. check the inside of the machine when the wash cycle has completed for any remaining residue or spots. if you see any, pour some vinegar on a cleaning cloth and wipe down. run another wash cycle as you did above only don't use vinegar this time. although the vinegar smell won't last long this will help to eliminate some of the smell. you can also wash a load of old towels or rugs before washing your regular laundry.
  19. 19. CONT.. cleaning the outside of the machines: it is a mixture of lint, dust, dirt and whatever else that may have landed on top all mixed together with a little bit of laundry detergent. • use a wash cloth and run it under hot water • take the wash cloth and from the back of the machine wipe to the front of the machine • clean around all knobs getting your rag behind the knobs also. • wipe down the sides of the machine as you did the top of the machine.
  20. 20. CLEANING THE FLOOR After everything else is cleaned sweep or vacuum then mop the floor, concentrating on the dust and lint in between the machines and the wall. once the floor is done, you now have a nice clean laundry room where you won't have to worry about your clean clothes getting dirty right after they come out of the dryer.
  21. 21. CONT.. keeping the laundry room clean: if you don't want to spend a good amount of time cleaning your laundry room, there are title things that you can do to help keep it clean. • put a small garbage can in the laundry room for the used dryer sheets, dryer lint and all of the interesting garbage that you find in pockets and in the machine if you don't find them in the pockets first. this will prevent garbage from piling up on top of the machines and spiling over the sides of the machines, where it will be a lot harder to clean up. • vacuum the floor when on your regular vacuuming day. • clean vents regularly • on the day you wash towels, take a towel and wipe down the washer and dryer then wash the towel with the rest of the load.