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Branding: How to Set Yourself Apart Using Social Media


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An introduction to how to use social media tools, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, for your personal brand. practical tips and advice.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Branding: How to Set Yourself Apart Using Social Media

  1. 1. Branding: How To Set Yourself Apart Using Social Media Eileen O’Brien @eileenobrien •
  2. 2. • Looking for a job Tell everyone you know Know what job you want Guest blog Ask to go to conferences Networking events ‒ Social Media Club Phila Volunteer: it makes you feel good! My Story Image courtesy of Robert Scoble on Flickr
  3. 3. • Looking for a job Use social media • Landed the perfect job at Siren Interactive Found out about me via Twitter and LinkedIn Siren Interactive
  4. 4. • Personal business cards Include social media • Email signature • Leverage content across all platforms • Squat on your name and/or brand on social media platforms  The Basics Image courtesy of Jonny Goldstein on Flickr
  5. 5. • Social media is not a strategy, but a tactic • Start with an objective, create a strategy and determine the best tactics What do you want to accomplish? ‒ Job, traffic, exposure • Listening may give you insights which will lead the strategy Fill a need • Social media has been compared to a cocktail party Social Media is a Tactic
  6. 6. Add Value
  7. 7. • Professional photo • Personalized URL • Link to all sites • Embed blog • Consider linking Twitter Status updates • Personal note with invites • Only link to people you know Leverage LinkedIn
  8. 8. Twitter
  9. 9. • Thought leaders and cause enthusiasts • Search on topics of interest Look at who others follow • Take part in Tweetchats   • Check out • Take your time Twitter: Who to Follow
  10. 10. • Quality over quantity • When you follow someone send a tweet • Search on topic & answer question/respond • Use hashtags • Live tweet conferences • Engage, say thank you • Add yourself to Yellow Pages   Twitter: How To Get Followers Image courtesy of Christopher Carfi on Flickr
  11. 11. YouTube • Set up customized channel • A keyword-tagged video is 50 times more likely to appear on the 1st page of a Google search result compared with a traditional web page Image courtesy of Karl Jonsson on Flickr Source: Forrester Research
  12. 12. Blogs • Comment on other blogs  • SEO is essential • Give fans what they want Be active/add content 70% of all actions on social networks are related to viewing pictures or viewing other people's profiles Source: Understanding Users of Social Networks Image courtesy of Sasha Wolff on Flickr
  13. 13. Search Yourself
  14. 14. Be Social in Real Life • Get involved in your local community Podcamp Wordcamp Barcamp Image courtesy of Todd Huffman on Flickr
  15. 15. Become a Trust Agent
  16. 16. • Social media is all about being human, so have personality • Never say anything you wouldn’t say in front of your mother • It’s all about building relationships • Treat others with respect • Be generous • Add value Golden Rules Image courtesy of Jason on Flickr
  17. 17. Use Your Time Wisely • Measure what you are doing • What gets most comments or pings? • What time of day get most RTs? Image courtesy of Jonny Goldstein on Flickr
  18. 18. Questions? Thanks! Connect via Twitter: @eileenobrien