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Presentacio jbb stevia laboratory_l&b_shintaro_kimura


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Presentacio jbb stevia laboratory_l&b_shintaro_kimura

  1. 1. Applications ofStevia rebaudiana in Agriculture andStockbreedingJBB STEVIALABORATORY/B&LcorporationShintaro Kimura
  2. 2. Overview of Stevia Applications in Japan◇1970:Stevia rebaudiana introduced to Japan → Trial cultivation started Stevioside production◇1975:Mr. N. Sato, JBB President, focused by on big potentials of Stevia rebaudiana for non-sweetener applications Sweetener makers◇1982:He started research on Stevia r. → production of Stevia hot-water fermented extract R&D and commercialization for◇1988:He established JBB Stevia Laboratory B&L JBB → studied effect-efficacy of Stevia r., Agriculture and commercialized Stevia products Stockbreeding Echo for many applications Stevia Extract◇2005:B&L Corporation was Fishery & Powder Pets incorporated for further expansion of Stevia Forestry Health potentialities. Cosmetics
  3. 3. Applications & Effect-efficacy of SteviaQuality & sugar content UP Dioxin dissolution Highly-functional compostLess agrochemical residues Greenery Manufacture of food scrapsNitrate-reducing activity Antioxidizing powerAnti-fungus activityLonger freshness Echo Bactericidal activityMore crop Agri- Anti-virus activityBetter budding culture Health & rooting Anti-diabetes activity Histamine detoxifying Antihelicobacter pylori Stevia Antioxidizing power Stock-Less meat odor breeding B&L Beauty Anti-aging activityMeat quality UP Anti-atopy activityMore egg collectionFaster growth of chicks Fishery Moisturizing effectEstrus & Fish meat quality UP Histamine detoxifying conception rate UP Hypoxia tolerance UP Bioactive & immunizing power UP
  4. 4. Agro. I Products & effects - Stevia farming Stevia agro-products Liquid fertilizer Powder & pellet fertilizers powdered & pelletized from A hot-water fermented extract Stevia stems & leaves from Stevia stems & leaves Stevia compost・Foliar spray in dilution made of Stevia powder & animal・Aspersion into farm soil dung ↓ ・Mixed into farm soil◇Anti-oxidizing products ↓◇Less agro-chemical residues ◇Activates microbes in soil◇Less nitrate content ◇Activates budding & rooting◇Better taste ◇Less agro-chemical & nitrate◇More nutrition ◇More crop Delicious, safe & secure, stay-fresh-longer farm products
  5. 5. Agro. II Effect I - Better product qualityStays fresh longer <Shelf life test on strawberries> Test in Ibaragi From Jan. 11 ~ 17, 2000 ○Edible, △Not edible, ×UnusableStevia strawberries Elapsed number of days Non-stevia Test items 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Color ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ Stevia- Damage ○ ○ ○ ○ △ △ △ applied Turn moldy (%) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Color ○ ○ ○ ○ △ × × Non- Damage ○ ○ △ × × × × Stevia Turn moldy (%) 0 0 0 10 10 30 100Higher sugar content Comparison in sugar content between Stevia-applied & non-Stevia Sugar Content (○Brix) Samples Stevia-applied Non-Stevia Difference Strawberry 12.9 9.5 +3.4 Tomato 6.8 5.9 +0.9 Peach 13.7 12.9 +0.8 Grape 18.2 16.6 +1.6
  6. 6. Shelf life test (by NHK Broadcasting)Test on pears:Image extracted from NHK TV aired on Sep. 29, 2003 After 20 hours Stevia-cultivated pear Non-Stevia pear Pears grated for more exposure to airMuch less change in color for Stevia-cultivated pear which has more resistance against oxidization
  7. 7. Agro. III Effect II - Higher safety Stevia products & agro-chem. AppliedNo agro-chem. residues Dec. 2000 Stevia compost Agro-chemicals Result Organochlorine pesticide ND Agro-chemicalsComparison test on lemons Organophosphorous pesticide ND Mar. 2001 Farm A application in agro-chem residue Carbamate pesticide ND April Agro-chemicals Captan pesticide NDExamination on pesticide performed by May Agro-chemicalsTokyo Metropolitan Clinical Ortho phenyl phenol ND July Agro-chemicalsLaboratory Diphenyl NDDetection limit: 0.01 ppm Farm A application Thiabendazole NDTest samples: Stevia-cultivated lemons August Harvest start Imazalyl ND September Farm A applicationReduction in nitrate 350 Stevia quarter 300 object quarterComparison test on carrots in nitrate content 250 200 ppm Test performed in 2005 150 JA1-1 etc. show test sections. 100 Stevia-cultivated 50 Non-Stevia 0 J 1- 1 J 1- 2 J 2 A A A JA3- 1 JA3- 2 JA4- 1 JA4- 2 Ave.
  8. 8. Agro. IV Effect III-Faster growth・more cropGrowth promoting effect <Comparison in growth of carrots> 30 25 Comparison in length of carrot roots 20 Cultivated in 2005 at Miyazaki( cm ) 15 10 N.B. 1~10: Test section number 5 Stevia quarter 0 Stevia-cultivated carrot object quarter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Ave. More crop < Comparison in weight of carrots > 450 400 350 300 Cultivated in 2005 at Miyazaki 250( g) 200 150 N.B. 1~10: Test section number 100 50 Stevia quarter 0 Non-Stevia carrot object quarter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Ave.
  9. 9. Agro. V Effect IV- Soil improvement / Promotion of budding & rooting Activates useful microbes in farm soil Promotes rooting 50μm 50μm 50μmExhausted soil Stevia application Multiplied useful →Bacterial growth microbes make soil Rice plants into aggregate structure Non-Stevia Stevia-applied Germination rate UP Use of too much Dissolve organic minerals Increase water- Uniform growth agro-chemical & retaining &chemical fertilizer Growth promotion manure-retainingexhausts farm soil. capacity Nutrient absorption ability UP Increase mineral absorption More & longer roots More resistant to disease Farm plants full of nutrients & resistant to diseases
  10. 10. Agro. VI Stevia farm products -Markets in JapanMarket size for Stevia farm products US$100~200 Mil/year Sales channels of high-end farm products◇ Marketed at high prices in high-end fruit specialty stores◇ Stores specializing in Stevia farm products are prevailing. Super-deluxe fruit store Stevia product specialty store Highly-acclaimed in fruit & vegetable markets◇ High evaluation with certification marks in the 2 biggest markets in Japan◇ Permanent corner in the market Certification specializing in sales of Stevia farm mark products Stevia farm product corner in a fruit & vegetable market
  11. 11. Agro. VII Achievements of research & development1998・Published a paper on anti-oxidizing activity of Stevia & its utilization2002・B&L Stevia agricultural products were certified as a farming material conforming to organic cultivation. ・Presented in a congress a paper on the effect of Stevia on germination & rooting2003・Presented in a congress papers on Joint research institutes in agriculture ◇ Department of Applied Microbiology, identification of high-temperature bacteria Fukuoka Junior College of Agriculture & lactic acid bacteria in Stevia powder Research on agro-chem. residues, nitrate2004・Presented in a congress a paper on the content, more crop, etc. the effect of Stevia compost for rooting ◇ Faculty of Engineering, Shizuoka Univ.,2006・Presented in a congress a paper on Research on high-performance compost nitrate-decreasing power & agro-chemical manufacture dissolution by Stevia ◇ Kanagawa Pref. Agriculture Technology2007・A paper on antifungal activity of Stevia Center, Research on farm plant growth
  12. 12. Breeding I Products & effects Stevia stockbreeding products Powder product Liquid extract product powdered from Stevia A hot-water fermented extract stems & leaves from Stevia stems & leaves Mixed into feedstuff Mixed into drinking water ◇ Estrus & conception rate UP ◇ Faster growth ◇ Faster growth ◇ Increase in immunizing◇ Faster growth of chicks power◇ Increase in immunizing power ◇ Healthy growth ◇ Enhanced appetite◇ More egg collection ◇ Increase in immunizing ◇ Better meat quality◇ Less egg breakage power (less dripping of meat juice, ◇ Enhanced appetite less animal odor)
  13. 13. Breeding II Effect I - Growth promotion Growth promoting effect Growth promoting effect of FSEL* on broiler chicken of FSEL* on beef cattle Comparison in weight change trend Comparison in weight change 1000 30 900 control STV 1 STV 2 25 ) 800 growt h rat e (% 20 700 Body weight (g) 600 15 500 10 400 300 5 200 0 100 STV group control group 0 1 2 3 4 STV group: fed with feedstuff Weeks with Stevia powder 0.2% mixedSTV 1 & 2: fed with water with Stevia liquid 0.2% mixed Control group: fed with feedstuff only *Fermented Stevia Extract Liquid Testing period:1 month
  14. 14. Breeding III Effect II - Promotion of estrus & conception Promotion of estrus & conception Length of Days to Cow of Japanese Black Cattle No. infecundity (days) fertilization (days) A 127 11Stevia powder was fed to 15 cows which B 130 16showed no signs of estrus for a certain period C 178 17 D 120 32after delivery. E 138 25How to administer: Stevia powder 30g each F 60 31mixed into feedstuff every morning and G 70 17 H 150 -evening I 74 46 The cows that came into rut and J 118 24 became pregnant within 20 days after K 90 14 start of Stevia administration L 117 35 The cows that came into rut and M 63 12 became pregnant within 50 days after N 88 14 start of Stevia administration O 90 23
  15. 15. Breeding IV Effect III -Enhancement of immunizing power Selective bactericidal activity Bactericidal Activity of a FermentedE. coli bacterium Food-Borne lactic bacterium, Pathogenic Bacteria bifidobacteria Hot-Water Extract from Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni towards Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coil O157:H7 and Other Food-Borne Pathogenic Bacteria, Microbiol. Immunol., 41(12), 1005- 1009, 1997, Toshio Tomita et al. Inhibitory effect of FSEL* on avian influenza infection Inhibit ion rat io (%) Concent rat ion of FSEL × 320 dil × 160 dil *Fermented Stevia × 80 dil Extract Liquid 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 By Kazuo Takahashi, M.D., Dr. Med. Sci., Sep. 2006
  16. 16. Breeding V Marketing - By product branding Features of Stevia-grown pork Pork under the brand of “Momoh”◇ Delicious & juicy ◇ Produced from Stevia-bred pigs◇ Refreshing & rich taste ◇ Contains twice as much calcium as ordinary black pig pork.◇ No unwanted odor ◇ Contains DHA. ↓◇ Stays fresh longer Differentiated marketing◇ No meat juice dripping ◇ Sales channel:mass retailers◇ Internal organs look nice & pinky. Stevia-bred Non-Stevia
  17. 17. Technologies & know-how for Stevia utilization in agriculture & stockbreedingManufacturing technology of Stevia extract PatentsTo condense, extract, ferment and age Stevia Manufacturing know-howplants into extract liquid which produces effects inhuman health, agriculture and stockbreeding Research dataManufacturing technology of Patents Stevia agro-materialsTo mix Stevia extract and powder of Stevia stems Manufacturing know-howand leaves into agricultural materials which Research dataproduce remarkable effects on farm plantsStevia compost manufacturing technologies PatentsTo manufacture high-performance Stevia Manufacturing know-howcompost with Stevia manure materials mixed.Know-how accumulated on site & scientific data Research dataApplication know-how for Cultivating manual Stevia agro-materials Research dataKnow-how to cultivate farm plants with Steviaagro-materials, and scientific data from test Identification systeminstitutions. High-quality certification marks.
  18. 18. Thank you very much.