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Lesson 20 - Rebuilding of the Ka'bah


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Lesson 20 rebuilding of the ka'bah, makkah, saudi arabia, before prophethood, Muhammed

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Lesson 20 - Rebuilding of the Ka'bah

  1. 1. Rebuilding the Ka‟bah Historians say the House of Allah has been reconstructed 12 times. We will analyze the first five. Surely the first house appointed for mankind was that at Bakkah, a blessed place, and a guidance for the people, wherein there are manifest signs – the station of Ibrahim. Whoever enters in is secure and pilgrimage to the house is a duty of mankind towards Allah, for him who is able to make it. (3:96-97)
  2. 2. REBUILDING OF THE KA‟BAH By Quraysh & the Prophet – Incident mentioned in Abu Dawood Before Prophet hood when the Prophet was 35. Due to floods the foundation was very weak hence they demolished it and built it again. The Prophet‟s Grandmother‟s Brother intructed the Quraysh to build it with Halal money. The cost was devided between the clans. They demolished the Ka‟bah and kept digging till the bottom. When they hit the orginal structure they heard a loud expolsion in the city. So they stopped and started rebuilding from there. They kept on builing till the halal monmey finish. The hateem part was left. So they decided to carry on once halal money comes in. it never got completed. The companions woul tell the prophet after to complete but he would say „the people will get angry‟ so he left it. Placing the Hajra Aswad. All wanted the honour. Suggestion was made that first person to enter the masjid will get the choice. The porphet was given the option. They all were happy at the choice. He told each leader to hold a corner of a sheet and place it on the ka‟bah. Thereafter the prophet placed the hajre aswad himself. By Ibrahim (A.S) After the flood of Nuh the Kaba was destroyed. No trace or foundation. Jibrail retraced the marking for Ibrahim and Ismail (A.S) By Adam (A.S) Allah delegated to Jibril to command Adam to build the Ka‟ba. He was instructed to to tawaf and was told you are the first man and this is the first house devoted to Allah (Fathul Bari)
  3. 3. THE HAJRE-ASWAD • The Messenger of Allah “The Black Stone came down from Paradise.” (Tirmidhi) it was white but due to the sins of this Ummah it has turned black. (Ahmad) • Umar touch the Stone with his hand then he kissed his hand. He Umar - said, I have never ceased to do this since I saw the Messenger of Allah . (Bukhari & Muslim) “By Allah! On the Day of Qiyaamah, Allah will present the Hajar al-Aswad in such a manner that it will have two eyes and a tongue to testify to the Imaan (faith) of all those who kissed it.” (Timirdhi & Ibn Majah) • For homework write the history of the Black Stone and how it has been preserved till today. Mention how cracks and small holes have appeared on the stone.
  4. 4. By Hajjaj Ibn Yusuf He rebuilt it in the smaller shape which is found today took out the Hateem - Walled up the western door (whose signs are still visible today) and left the rest as it was -pulled down the wall in the Hateem area. - Removed the wooden ladder Ibn az-Zubayr had put inside the Kaba. - Reduced the door's height by five cubits By Abdullah Ibn Zubair Put a small window close to the roof of the Kaba to allow for light. - Moved the door of the Kaaba to ground level and added a second door to the Kaaba. - Added nine cubits to the height of the Kaaba, making it twenty cubits high. Its walls were two cubits wide. - Reduced the pillars inside the House to three instead of six as were earlier built by Quraish.
  5. 5. SIGNIFICANT OF KA‟BAH & ITS SURROUNDING • Qiblah • Sacred place – Difference between haram and meeqaat
  6. 6. NEXT FEW LESSONS • We have covered up to the age of approximately 35 Years of the Prophet‟s life. • Period before the Wahi • The status of the Prophet before gaining Prophethood. • The seeing of Dreams. – Reality of dreams – A portion of Prophethood